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  1. I see you have the Daiki Tama-chan, the cowgirl, and Chino+ stuff as well.
  2. Tell me about it. Most of the toys I bought are still minty in the box since I don't enough shelf space to display them properly. Guess I should have saved up for a new apartment instead of buying toys instead.
  3. マクロス 1/60 完全変形 VF-1S ロービジビリティー仕様 Time for a little Mandarin lesson (pronunciation in brackets): 完全 = Complete (Wan Quan) 変形 = Transformation (Bian Xing) 仕様 = Type (Shi Yang) Cheers
  4. Well, if my sources are correct, it's gonna be Lehman part 2. CIT's in trouble already. And this time, the commercial property sector is being hit hard. BTW, commercial property > residential property (round 1). So your guess's as good as mine when things will actually recover.
  5. In order of my preference: YF21/VF22s, VF11b, YF19, VE1, VT1, VF1s Roy's LV, VF1d M&M Virgin Road. p.s. I had an overdose of VF1 back during my 1/48 collector days. So, I will just get those VF1 that never came out during those days. I make an exception for the VF1s LV Roy. I like that color scheme.
  6. Well, most webshops did state the VF22s is a limited item. (The number varies though...) Finally got mine today. Delayed at the local post office for almost a week because their computer system didn't capture my delivery advices twice. Got to do the manual way and speak to a human. Yeah, getting a functioning computer tracking and delivery system will bankrupt the local post office... Still in the box as I'm working today. Will perform a close inspection tomorrow.
  7. Hey, I'll buy a few of those Sparta tanks to pose with the Destroids. VF2SS huh? KIV till my wallet's refilled and I got my Macross SDF-1 first. The Quarter's already pre-ordered. So are a number of new Valks (VT, VE, M&M 1D, Roy's LV).
  8. About 30cm (1 foot) in robot form. 45cm (16 inches) long in cruiser mode. To: Lonely Soldier Boy: So far so good. My Aquarions, Gunbuster and Getter Robos from Bandai's Chogokin series are still standing tall after years of posing.
  9. I think it's sold by another company as an optional accessory pack for 3000yen. See the link in the blog to http://www.t-rextoys.co.jp/index.html So I don't know if Yamato will release it under a partnership scheme. I can always hope. Correction: I think T-rextoys is the sub-contractor for Yamato that does the CAD design for the Valks See the link: http://www.t-rextoys.co.jp/contents.html Getting interesting. Hmm...
  10. The kanji just means "Type". So kata+kanji = low visibility Type. Anyway, I just consider this a special VF-1S (maybe the first?) that's issued to the Ace pilot, Roy. Just like the Red Baron Manfred Freiherr von Richthofen.
  11. I guess I will buy the Nyan Nyan Ranka Lee to accompany my cheong-sam dressed Miss China (Spirit of Wonder). But with so many other hot stuff coming along down the pipeline (VFs galore, Queens Blade galore), I have to pass on the petite ones.
  12. From the name of the products, I believe so. They're either SD (petite) or kiddie (harf "half" age) version. No problems ruskiiVFaussie. I was also looking for the pics. Hobbysearch sometimes post the pics a day later after the pre-order listing.
  13. Thanks. I guess I have to avoid letting direct sunlight shining on them too.
  14. Goto www.amiami.com for the Megahouse product pictures. No pictures yet for the Bandai stuff though... http://www.amiami.com/shop/?vgform=SearchP...evious=Previous http://www.amiami.com/shop/ProductInfo/product_id/129277 http://www.amiami.com/shop/ProductInfo/product_id/129274 (Warning: Avoid this link if you are prudish and wants to avoid seeing a naked breast bun.)
  15. Definitely getting this. I like the dark tones. And this will make it the 4th non-white Valk in my new 1/60 collection. So far, I've not bought any whites in 1/60 scale yet. At least, there's no worry of the yellowing problem of white plastics, right?
  16. Thank you for a GREAT idea. Practical and CHEAP. I'm definitely raiding IKEA for a dozen Detolfs soon. I have the tools to modify the wooden shelves too. (Bought a number of power tools for my PC case modding hobby last time around)
  17. Thank you for the lead to a very informative post.
  18. All of a sudden, all those kicka$$ mecha anime with strong women character leads come to mind...
  19. That's a prototype. It's meant to be perfect to "con" us into pre-ordering. Let's just hope the actual product Yamato sells to us is 80% close to the prototype and fault free. Anyway, I've already pre-ordered mine, and the VT as well. Soon to add Roy's dark grey VF-1S to the list once it's open for pre-order.
  20. Hmm...thanks, I thought having late guests for wedding dinners are just a Chinese tradition. I didn't know other races practise this too. Anyway, I guess the delay is inevitable due to this economic crisis we're having. Factories are still laying off workers and cutting overtime costs in China. As an example, the toy figures I pre-ordered to be released in June have already been been delayed to late July.
  21. Because Kakizaki's more Japanese than Max? You know, Japanese tend to dislike being standouts in a crowd. Max definitely stands out in a crowd as a blue-hair genius. Kakizaki's just your average big, food-loving cuddly bear - just like sumo wrestlers. Anyway, I'm only looking forward to the grey Roy Focker version. At least no more obvious yellowed white plastic. And recently, all the valks I got to replaced my sold/given-away 1/48 white valks are in blacks and greys. (YF-19 25th anni, VF11b, VF22s) Soon to add some yellow and orange to the mix. (VT)
  22. Especially at wedding dinners. Sort of like VIPs being always the last to show up. Anyway, I'll have the VF22s and VF25s-armored to tie me over. I'm growing more fond of these grey and black valks I bought recently compared to the white ones I had the last time around.
  23. Sure. As long as I get my SDF-1, Monster, Regults and Glaugs first.
  24. Woah...Thanks for the info. I have a MG Sazabi 1/100 kit still in the box. Guess it's time for me to do some minor mod to my VF-22S. Let's see if it'll fit the 1/60 toy.
  25. Wow! Good price. Cheaper than most if not all online shops I frequent. Looks like this Gamlin model is a limited run. Then again, Hobbysearch put the figure as limited to 1000 pcs. So I don't know if the 500 is limited to HK and 1000 is limited to Japan or are the limited number for 1 production run. Anyway, don't bother with the limited thing. Just buy it if you like it.
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