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  1. Thank you, kids generations of today doesn't seem to see the beauty in it only us old teenagers
  2. Some more with the hikky chunky
  3. My hikaru KO has landed, again there are a couple of flaws if you compare it with the yammie. Joints are stiff, no cracks no exploding plastics, paint apps is good no smudging. I wouldn't say its like the real thing but it brings me joy and happiness that's all it matters as a vf1s only collector
  4. As i would like to engage in KO to originals debates.. Why buy that, why buy this etc,. To me i just enjoy what i can afford. Im just happy to live in this era and enjoy the fruits of my labor without stepping on anyone and being a happy collector.
  5. Head comparison Yamato v2 on the left, white Valkyrie Factory
  6. its a bit on the darker shade as compared to my yamato v2. doesnt bother me though.
  7. Presenting KO strike ehem SPACE parts.. Nice paint apps, no bleeding. Roy skull black is prepainted on the booster. Attaches well. Kinda hard to remove the upper cover of the booster though. Again there are a few faults with this KO, but as a non playing / fiddling like a kid toy collector and just admiring the looks at every angle.. Im good with this KO eventhough the price. The logo on the sticker skull sheets seems different though. Like toynami lols
  8. does it come with decal sheet for the space parts?
  9. Yep, best example of this IT-01 Megatron (MP megatron KO) all solid 101% better than takaras.
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