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  1. Pre-ordered my VT1 and VE1 as well. Gonna burn a hole in my wallet for the next few months though... 1)VT1 2)VE1 3)LV VF1S 5)Max 1D + 1J 4)Macross Quarter + side orders like the Bandai armored Ozma VF25S that I bought after Graham's positive review.
  2. A Thousand Thanks, Graham. You just made me poorer by US$200. I ordered mine after reading your reviews. Didn't pre-ordered as I was afraid of loose armor falling all over the place.
  3. Huh? I thought they're about the same size, VF1 being a little shorter as it doesn't have turbine engines. I guess I mixed up with the VF0. Definitely not as small as a F16 compared to a F15 right? The F16 is absolutely petite when placed side by side with the Eagle.
  4. Japan's celebrating Bon Holidays from 12 to 16 Aug 2009. So you won't hear from sites based in Japan for a while as they're all on a long, well-deserved holiday.
  5. Are these final mass production models or are these just prototypes? Because if they're just prototypes, I won't trust the tampos and decals to be present in the final product. Probably more stickers for us instead.
  6. Yeah. Please request Graham to ask Yamato about this. I definitely prefer the mecha hands. I guess I'll wait till the GBP sells in a separate package. I want to use it with my pre-ordered Roy's LV 1S. Maybe Yamato will release them later in an alternate colour scheme, preferably something stealthy. Maybe Yamato will decide to do a limited Minmay guard scheme too. One can dream.
  7. a 1/32 scale VF1 would be similar to a Tamiya's 1/32 F14 in size (since the VF1 is modelled after a F14 Tomcat). About 50cm (18") in length. SWEET!
  8. My order of preference wrt the plus models in terms of toy QC: YF21, YF19 black version (because I got this on 30% discount sale from HLJ), YF22 (lovely grey-purple color, but the 21 comes with more stuff at only 3000yen more (a stand and the fast packs), VF11B (small compared to the 19/21, same size as the VF1 but priced like the 19/21. But it comes with the fast pack...could be cheaper though...) QC wise, I'm lucky. All are alright. There are minor issues but nothing I could not correct with a little bit of touch up with acrylic paint. I would love to show some pictures. But I don't have a digicam. No budget for them after buying the Macross stuff.
  9. Thanks for your photos and review. I'm waiting eagerly for my LV Roy 1S. It'll be the 1st VF1 I have in 1/60. So far, all I have are the more advanced models (22, 21, 19, 11)
  10. Damn...I don't like the bubble hands. Couldn't they have included a set of mechanical hands too? ...sigh...
  11. "Oh, Snap!" Isn't that a card game we used to play before the Atari/PC age? Anyway, I never did like Stig. Rey is ok. But my favourite characters are still Houquet and Yellow. If that Beagle guy is a fan, he would know better than to release 2 so-so characters instead of the really popular characters like Houquet and Yellow. IMO, Houquet should have followed Stig in the release sequence. Rey is so much like Stig (toy wise), that buying him is like buying a version 1.1 Stig.
  12. There's a chick fight? WHOA! Ok, that settles it. I'm watching it tomorrow.
  13. Yup. Same here. That's why nowadays, I only buy these blind box collection if I don't mind having extra copies of any figure. This means I buy only those Queen's Blade blind box sets as I can display the extra copies in all their glory, Queen's Blade style.
  14. Are you a Singaporean? I'm surprised someone actually linked to Channel News Asia. Nothing wrong. Just surprised. I didn't think CNA was popular outside Singapore. Back on topic: I'm glad Noriko's alright. Still looking radiant I see. I still don't understand why she'll hook up with a loser like her husband. With her talents and looks, she can get any better man she wants. Then again, who am I to judge about love? Sorry I spoke my mind. BTW, on 7th Aug 2009, nobody bothered that Michael Douglas's son Cameron, was arrested for being a drug dealer. Michael Douglas' son charged with drug dealing: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/ent.../447551/1/.html
  15. That's one of the reasons why I kept my old Pentium 4 machine with a 9800 radeon around running winXP/98se: To play old games.
  16. Thanks. I guess I will do that too. I need a change of scenery after gawking at Megan Fox's baywatch-like running scene in sand wearing only tees and shorts.
  17. I do like Nori-P's songs and concerts. I actually flew to see her Farewell concert in year 2000(?) in Hong Kong. I need to check my passport to confirm the year. My memory's ain;t as good as it once was. I still have a Laser Disc of her 1995(?) Stellar concert. She was immersely popular in Singapore after acting as a mute in Heaven's Coins. She actually herald the 2nd wave of the J-drama craze in Singapore. The 1st wave was during the early 80s with the drama called Oshin. I do hope she doesn't do anything silly (like committing suicide). All those signs about leaving her son under the care of an acquaintance doesn't sound good...
  18. No news from my regular webshops Amiami, Hobbysearch nor HLJ. Guess they're all preping for the long vacation. I know I would too. Guess I'll wait patiently till the holidays are over. Luckily, neither Amiami, Hobbysearch nor HLJ needs to be paid in advance for pre-orders.
  19. Definitely interested in Mechwarrior (5). It's been a while since I've played a good MW game. Which is why I'm even more interested in the generosity of the developers to give away MW4 free for download soon. Hmm, coupled with the fact that I finally have a macro capable mouse and keyboard, I think these MW games will be even more fun than the last time.
  20. Yeah, the CM prototypes actually looks good. And they have Houquet and Yellow Belmont, the 2 characters I definitely want, especially when the secret figure is Yellow disguised as his female persona/alter ego. Sorry, I like Stig and Rand. But I love Houquet and Yellow as they are more interesting and multi-facet as characters. Also, I prefer them Red and Blue ride-armours. At least they looked like customised ones, unlike the generic pale blue of Stick's and Rand's.
  21. Nice photos. BTW, chicks....sorry, women will be more interested in you if you bring the latest Hermes or LV bag to show them, not a US$200 plastic toy, which they'll think it's just another GI Joe figure. You can try explaining Mospeada ain't GI Joe, but from my experience, it just doesn't register in their heads. God...kinda regretted not grabbing the Beagle Stig ride armour when it was on a 30 percent sale at HLJ. But then again, I was holding out for Houquet, and since my job's ain't safe, and my pay's ain't a banker's pay, I didn't do so. Oh well, at least the money I save on getting Houquet can go to the Macross Quarter instead.
  22. Your answers are found in this post from Jenius who just posted yesterday, a page away from your post: It's a misconception that Toynami marked up the toy from $79.99. Here's what happened: 1) Toynami developed a kinda crappy Cyclone toy they were going to call an MPC and charge $79.99 for it. 2) Right before Toynami was to begin production on this toy they saw what Beagle was cooking and realized they'd look retarded selling their toy as a "masterpiece" when a Japanese company was putting out such an obviously superior product. 3) Toynami scrapped their idea to make their own crappy toy (for $79.99) and instead offered to buy several thousand units from Beagle of the toy they had designed. 4) Beagle's toy, being absolutely amazing in comparison to the crappy Toynami design, was ALWAYS going to be a $200+ toy. Never, ever, not once, did Beagle imagine their toy would be under $100 and never ever did they say so. 5) Toynami notified retellers that they would be supplying an MPC Cyclone, but not the $79.99 one but an improved $200 one. A better way to think of it is that Toynami notified retailers that the $79.99 MPC Cyclone was CANCELED. Then, they announced that a new vastly superior toy, going by the same name, would be made and cost quite a bit more. Anyone who handles the Beagle/Toynami Cyclone that eventually was released and thinks "This toy should only cost $80" is straight up insane. This post has been edited by jenius: Yesterday, 12:38 PM So in actual fact, you paid for a superior Beagle ride-armour sold in a Toynami packaging.
  23. On a slightly happier note, CM is coming out with a series of 6 Mospeada figures. And Yellow's on his ride armor, as a civilian though. But still looking cool and beautiful. http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10095681 http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10095681b/30/1 ( I will miss having a Beagle Houquet ride armour always...so near and yet so far... )
  24. Well, I got a 2 for 1 offer - I watch RotF and the trailer happened to be GI Joe - RoC. And I actually liked the trailer more than the RotF movie, well, except for the Megan Fox bit, and the BigFoot RC Decepticon. I guess the same caution applies to both movies: Leave your brain at the door, and enjoy the CGI fireworks.
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