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  1. Hey, don't worry about it. I am 38 this year and I still get excited whenever there's a package on the way for me from the webshops.
  2. HLJ and most of the Japanese webshops are on holiday till 5th Jan 2010. So they should be back today (Asia time). It's 7:50am now in Tokyo Japan. So, be patient and wait about another 24hours. HLJ and other webshops probably have tonnes of backlogged emails/stocks to clear/ship out. Cheers. p.s. I waiting for my MacQuarter and a few other items to ship as well.
  3. Good buy. Too bad I never see the white version in Singapore. Looks great. I hope Singapore's Ikea will have a sales too on Detolfs. The last time there was a sale in 2006, it was going for S$49 (usual price is S$99). I snagged a couple only as I didn't know how good it was then. Now I know.
  4. Unless there's some BIG FSS fans who're also great screenwriters and directors. (e.g. Phillipa Boyens, Fran Walsh and Peter Jackson who re-wrote and did a fantastic job on bringing LoTR to us on film).
  5. Hey, no bad-mouthing my favourite city mech - the Urbie. To me, this little fella is like the classic Beetle car of the Battlemech world. Make that "Most of the 3025 mechs are pretty silly looking. The only good looking and functional looking ones were those designs "stolen" from the Japanese "cartoons". Luckily, these didn't include the Logan, else my statement won't be true.
  6. You can order the whole lot of MF merchandise at about US$800 per lot from certain online webshops (e.g. HLJ, Hobbysearch, amiami, etc). This includes all the stuff (plates, figures, SD valks, etc), including multiples of figures, if you're lucky. That's how it works in the 1st release from Bandai for its MF Gashapon collectibles. Or if you just want that sexy Sheryl figure in the black bunny suit, you can bid on evilbay/auction sites when it's out. Probably costs about US$100 and more, if you're lucky to win the bid. /rant on/ p.s. IMO, I hate evilbay and the problematic paypal (a subsidiary of evilbay). I try to avoid anymore business with them if at all possible, after all the hassles and useless automated email replies I get from them whenever I encounter payment problems. NOTE: I'm a buyer, and yet I cannot pay for my stuff most of the time. And I get a bad rep from the sellers because of Paypal's internal problems. /rant off/ Anyway, good luck hunting for the hot Sheryl SM bunny.
  7. If I were you and if the VE-1 is still on a 30% discount from HLJ, I'll get the VE-1 first. Anyway, all my funds tied up for education, and a 1/4 scale Cobra-Kai sculpted Saber (of Fate/Stay Night). So, no giant robots for me this Xmas. But, I'll enjoy looking at beautiful Saber for the next 12 months.
  8. Thanks for the heads up. Wow! So this is the guy who wrote the B-17 segment in the 1981 Heavy Metal movie. That segment has ever since flashed into my head every time I see or hear the word Zombie. Finally I get to see his face. Too late to meet him though. sigh...maybe later on...
  9. Nope. BSG 1980 is the one with the flying bikes and kids to protect right? Remember, 30 years ago in 1980, I was a little kid too. So yeah, since I never had an elder bro (eldest grandson/son in the family), I kinda envy those kids with a big bro to protect them. Yeah...something to do with Freud... Back on track, getting my blu-rays of BSG2009 series soon. Or would you guys/gals recommend I wait till the blu-ray specs is really completely finalised? I heard they are still working on the 3D blu-ray specs...
  10. I'm a person who loves Battlestar Galactica 1980. Why? Simple. Without BSG 1980, there won't be a BSG2K for us to use it to claim that BSG1980 taste like poo. So it that sense, I love all the great (but now looks cheesy in year 2009) sci-fi TV shows of the 80s and yesteryears. (Buck Rogers, BSG1980, V, etc) After all, when compared to BSG1980, Buck Rogers and V, Star Trek looks like poo too. But I love them all. p.s. I just finished watching BSG1980 yesterday on Sunday morning, just to get a short break from playing Master of Orion 2 for 16 hours straight.
  11. Argh...this looks bad...I wonder if I can straighten them myself with a hairdryer? sigh...SDF-1 is a no-go, and now this happens to the quarter...
  12. Thanks Pete. The problem's not with Citibank. I've checked with them. So I don't think it's fair to make them jump through the hoop. Anyway, I still want my current credit card as it's been used successfully for years in online purchases from webshops that accept credit cards. And no, I'm not blaming amiami. They've been very patient and kind while I get my problem with Paypal sorted out. As it is, I've already feedback to amiami that because of this issue, they might be losing sales from other people that encounter this problem with their Paypal partner. I know I'm not the only one who have this issue with Paypal. I tried to get 2 of my close friends with existing working Paypal accounts to help me pay amiami. They have the same issue as well. So I don't know. Is it Paypal making a mess of their online competitors' businesses? After all, Paypal is owned by Ebay, an online "webshop". Update: I have just transfer enough COLD HARD cash to pay amiami into my Paypal account through a friend. And guess what, the transaction failed again. This time, Paypal asked me to have a valid credit card to pay amiami. I'm about to give up. I will try again over the next few days, and if all else fails, apologise profusely to amiami. amiami cannot wait forever and will cancel my orders soon. sigh...
  13. Paypal CS is pointless. The reply is the standard reply they give to everyone who encountered this issue. Google it. http://getsatisfaction.com/paypal/topics/y...or_credit_card2 http://forums.ebay.com.my/thread.jspa?threadID=500002127 Eek, sorry about the double posting...
  14. Paypal CS is pointless. The reply is the standard reply they give to everyone who encountered this issue. Google it. http://getsatisfaction.com/paypal/topics/y...or_credit_card2
  15. Problem's either with Paypal or my credit card issuing bank (Citibank). I don't know. Maybe when Paypal tried to verify my card with Citibank, the response never got back, and hence my Paypal account is suspended. But since Paypal is so opaque, I really don't know what to do now. Paypal's advice is to try again in a few days time. I already tried that waiting game...payment didn't go through again today...sigh...
  16. Thanks. I suspect this might be an issue. Unfortunately, I'm using those mobile broadband connections through the 3G network with DNS IP address. (no affordable fixed IP address for consumers in my country). And I'm not using a router. Is there anyway for me to get a new IP address? Thanks for any help rendered. sigh...I getting blacklisted by amiami as we speak...
  17. Thanks for the correction. I knew I spelt Freudian wrongly in my post. Just to lazy to google and correct it. Don't worry. I had the same reaction when my Caucasian male friends go gaga over my Asian female friends. Since I grew up Asian, I really don't know see the attraction of thin, bamboo shaped ladies.
  18. Same sentiments here. But I can't blame him. He create the FSS. He has every right to stop anytime he wants, especially if he is sick of it. After all, there's more to life than a drawing manga, especially if one has tonnes of cash to spend. After all, one doesn't want to end up like Crayon Shinchan's creator. We Chinese have a common saying "Got plenty of money but no life to spend it"
  19. Wow! Good news. Hopefully, the prices are reasonable. I might pick up a couple of Blackies to go head to head with my 3 KOGs. Thanks for the info.
  20. Fraudian Slip perhaps? Ok, I got to admit it to myself, although Melanie Griffith and Pam Gidley are sexy kittens, sometimes what a man really wants is a cougar. And yes, Meryl Streep in "An Officer and his Woman" is plenty hot with that Eastern European accent of hers. I admit that I especially like women with those accents.
  21. "Thank you for purchasing our Acme Cherry 2000 android model. We hope she will give you years of pleasure" Warning!!! DO NOT, we repeat, DO NOT attempt hot sex in a wet environment. Examples: kitchen, bathroom, swimming pool, etc)
  22. Then the Snow White VFs are perfect for you (and me). Looking forward to its release, provided amiami hasn't ban me yet...sigh...paypal issue...sigh...
  23. Actually, I only really want those 3 SD mechas in set E. SuperDeformed MONSTER and ARMORED VF25S! WOOT!
  24. I think of them as nipple tapes, for modesty reasons, of course. Anyway, you are right. Since the N.A. Ranka release, I've come to expect it. Anyway, if I really want to see nipples, I can always rely on my Queen's Blade figure collection.
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