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  1. Sorry if it's considered off-topic here, but I have been trying for the past 2 weeks to send money through Paypal to amiami for my Macross items. (Cheapest prices I can find online, but amiami only accept payment through Paypal for international shoppers) Problem is that I have already linked and verified 2 credit cards, and even linked a bank account and transferred COLD HARD cash to my Paypal account. But I still encounter the dreaded "Unable to send Cash" Paypal problem. I've called the my local Paypal support services. In Singapore, they are Filipinos and China workers. And they are of NO help at all. All they can reply is their standard "There is no problem with my Paypal account and credit cards and bank account. This issue occurs because of Paypal's (FANTASTIC) secure transactions measures. Please try to pay again in 2-3 days time." Anyone here encountered this issue before, and is there are way to resolve it? Thank you.
  2. Well, if you have the spare cash now and still interested in those RESIN kits, there will be a re-release soon of quite a number of kits listed at HobbySearch webshop. Happy shopping. As for me, I'm still contented with my 2006 purchases of 1/100 mold-injection re-released KOG Volks kits from HLJ I got at 50% of the price of their initial 1997 releases.
  3. Hey! Cherry 2000 is one of my favourite movies, and also what I hope the future will be like. Also, Meryl Streep isn't in it. (Thank God). The 2 hot actresses in the movie are Pam Gidley (Cherry 2000) and Melanie Griffith. p.s. I collect dollies too. Too many of them in fact. I think it's an addiction now...
  4. She's a growing teenager. Probably turn out sexier than Sheryl in a couple of years' too. If I ever wanna moe-blob figures, I'll get K-On or Lucky Star stuff.
  5. That's Cyndi Lauper. Man, she's actually become respectable with age now. But I still love her music. PUNK ON, Cyndi.
  6. The good news: All these new PVC figures of Sheryl and Ranka are meant for general release, and not stupidly limited to events or specific online webshops. The bad news: My wallet's gonna continue to bleed come the new year. Already pre-ordered Bandai's pair of Sheryl and Ranka. p.s. The poseable Dolly versions of Sheryl and Ranka might be limited to certain online shops only. Can anyone confirm? p.p.s. Luckily, I don't collect Dollies anymore.
  7. Sorry Pete. Gotta disagree about that not THAT expensive part. Pre-2007 Lehman Bros collapse, yeah, I agree with you. Post 2012-type financial disaster, I beg to differ. I'm definitely cutting down on my toy purchases by at least 50%, and I still have the same job with the same pay. My toy collecting/Macross-crazy buddies have all literally send their toy-collecting habits into a long term hiatus. Once, they used to burn US$2K and more per month on toys. Now, it's ZERO.
  8. Count me in if they'll cheap enough. I wanna build up my squadrons of CF VF1s for a miniature wargaming session. Let's hope the Destroids and Zen pods get some love too.
  9. That's kinda true. Today's otaku seems to be targeting tweeners (12-14). I got this impression from the latest remake of Cutie Honey and Gunbuster 2 - Diebuster. The main female characters there are 14 years old, definitely younger than the original versions. I don't know, I actually find her hot. And she's a virtual idol. And I'm into CGI babes.
  10. This is the only anime I know of that has a anime character that stayed in Singapore as a child. I'm talking about Faye Valentine who saw her childhood recorded on a Sony Beta tape. In one scene, there's a half-lion, half-fish statue. That's our Singapore Tourism Symbol, the Merlion, lock, stock and barrel. And the riverside walkway that she was walking along with her grandma is Victoria Walk, a well-known scenic spot in Singapore. I was laughing and at the same time feeling kinda proud that a Singapore symbol made it into a top-rated anime.
  11. Come on mate, as far as I know, Minmay is the 1st loli star of this new genre called Japanese anime. (From the 80s perspective) As for not busty enough, well, that's true. That'll have to wait till Sharon Apple in Mac+. But I've never seen a figure of Sharon Apple made. (Maybe as events only Garage kits)
  12. Hmm...good question. And if it does, I don't know, I might just swallow the bait and spit out the 2k+.
  13. They will never ever make a rabbit costume Nome. The correct term is BUNNY (バニー) costume. It has always a bunny costume, ever since the presence of Playboy Men's clubs in Japan. And yes, I'm waiting for this version too.
  14. Ok. Thanks for the hope. I prefer an all white unpainted VF1S myself. But if they come with some grey parts like cockpit frames and thrusters, I wouldn't mind. It may be that these parts are molded in grey plastics, and wouldn't make any sense for Yammie to paint them white and call it an "Unpainted version"
  15. Actually, I'm ready to pay $2K for a completed toy. But to make it online Japan-only exclusive, and then only a unfinished, resin kit is really pushing me to hate Yamato. (They're becoming a Sony, imo) Anyway, my tiny Yamato boycott is officially over. I pre-ordered 2 snow-white VF1S in place of my cancelled VF22Ss & 1C. And I'm still buying their "overprice" girlie figures. I didn't cancel my orders of those... What to do, once an otaku... p.s. Having the song "DYRL" playing out of the SDF1 is a good idea. Maybe some fans will be able to install a MP3 player and speakers into their $2000 SDF1...ARGH!!! I just had the image of BOMMBAA flashed into my head...
  16. WOW!!! Thanks to Tober and you. I haven't notice that Amiami now has ENGLISH webpages and WILL SELL to foreign devils like ME now. THANKS AGAIN!!! You've made my day.
  17. Er...the picture here shows the cockpit, intake covers and feet/thrusters in standard grey colour. http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10102594a3/20/3 Still, for the price, I don't mind getting a pair to paint in Misa/Minmay Guard schemes. I guess my Yamato boycott is over.
  18. Well, Bandai is getting another order for the Quarter from me. I've just clicked "Buy" on a 2nd Quarter based on the picture of the finished minis. After all, that's the money meant for the Yammie SDF1, which Yammie won't be getting from me. And for that matter, I've cancelled my orders for the M&M VF-22Ss and VF11C as well. I doubt Yamato cared. Too bad.
  19. err...for US$2000+ shipping + VA-tax + commission to be paid for us fans outside Japan to buy + lots of paint to complete this kit, I can get myself a top end gaming PC with the works. I will pass on this DIY resin kit.
  20. Well, that does it. I'm ordering a 2nd Quarter just for an extra set of minis and its reasonable price. After all, the fund's already there for the Yammie SDF1 which I won't be buying since it's a resin kit, and not a completed, painted toy.
  21. She's a beauty, ain't she? Of all the Valks I've bought all these years, I still love the VF22S the most because of the colour scheme and the advanced stealth mode look, which ironically is no longer in active production in real life (B2s and F-22s)
  22. Yup. Same here. Since this is the advanced resin kit release, I'll hold judgment until an official announcement of a completed version next year. In the meantime, I'll enjoy my Macross Quarter for this Xmas. The SDF-1 can wait for next year.
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