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  1. Afternoon all The following are up for sale as I'm having a bit of a cull [hopefully 1/48 VF1 to follow]. They have been displayed and hardly transformed---I have tons of pics and can take more so please ask away before committing/paying [saw the last Kairos seller end up in a prolonged blacklist back and forth]. The items are all in the UK; happy to ship internationally but do note it'll only be registered+signed for shipping and any customs forms will be filled out in full. Payment by paypal only. VF31S Arad with DX Armour pack---both opened and transformed/combined, but split and have been in storage since last year. Would be looking for around 700 USD for the set [shipping separate and at cost]. Going by sold ebay listings. Arad VF31 has minor paint chips at the gray swivel panel for the shoulder [you've handled a VF31 DX, you know the joint]. VF31A Kairos---Opened and transformed twice. Took extreme care with it so tiny blemishes if at all---see pics. Looking for around 500 USD for this before shipping. Has been packed away since last year. Both figures have got tight joints and come from a non-smoking household. I've been a member here for years [see straight shooter list and prev sales] and on tfw2005 following the macross community for over a decade. Will upload pics asap. Thanks for looking!
  2. Gosh it sounds like NY have really messed folks up. I was lucky with my SSP order and 1A Kakizaki---possibly because when they got the SSP, the UK still had all available shipping options up. I didn't even have to chase them to ship them. Their prioritisation order appears to me to be... 1) Customers with fewer quantities in their orders 2)In countries they could ship with no issue 3) Customers with fewer quantities in their orders, from countries with issues in shipping, that chased them 4) Everybody else While I've come out unscratched from all NY fiascos [31A, SSP packs] I don't think I'll be in any hurry to place any large orders with them. This also coincides rather sadly but nicely with a pause in my macross collecting.
  3. Received my Super/Strike parts from NY today. Ordered and paid over a year ago lol. Put them on the DX Max just to try the fit, then put them back in the box to wait for Kakizaki. Much like the missile set, bit underwhelming. Amazing tampo and finish. Bit lacking in display options [gap on the turbine/jolly rogers part?] and the bar that the strike parts slip on to connect to the valkyrie is veeeery thin. I do appreciate how you can change the jolly rogers signs without needing to peel off stickers.
  4. Nippon Yasan did send me an email yesterday saying they are preparing my SSP for shipment.
  5. Interesting comments on higher education/online teaching etc. There's a massive appetite for online teaching provision in the UK, and a lot of Universities are either expanding their online courses portfolio or partnering up with companies/providers that will allow them to do so. The reasoning and pros/cons of online teaching in lieu of on-campus teaching are multiple and very different between individuals and even countries. My Bachelor degree is taught fully online. I am doing it part-time so that adds +3 years overall, which is a shame, but as an adult in full-time employment without any financial support from family, I could not [back then] in my late 20ies drop work or downgrade my salary/job to do a full-time, on campus degree. In my near mid 30ies, I would definitely not be willing to put my job on hold for a year [say for a Masters degree] and re-locate somewhere else for a Masters or start commuting to a different city for lectures on a daily basis. I'd argue that the appetite for online degrees grows with age, so to speak, even looking at the profiles of applicants for our online degrees. A great case can be made about the actual University life; it's a coming of age for a lot of people, new friendships, coming out of your comfort zone, etc etc. But that does come at an actual monetary cost of travel, accommodation etc. Add in moving to another country for a lot of cases and factoring in visa costs etc, combined with the duration of the degree, and that amounts to quite a monetary dedication for a family/individual. Now combine that with the complexities of immigration system per different country and geopolitical relations [try navigating immigration controls if you are from a country listed as a risk country, even if you tick all the boxes] and online degrees are starting to look more and more invaluable. On-topic...the UK is not yet on EMS list of countries that aren't serviced, but I've cut down all overseas purchases as a precaution. Nippon Yasan were kind enough to change my shipping address for one order to accommodate this, but other than that I'll just sit tight
  6. Quoted, as it seems even the ratchets on the legs are not that safe. My DX 31 Messer is not ragdoll loose, but substantially looser than when bought new. It's the most frequently transformed one, but not really played with or doing any extreme weight-bearing poses. My Kairos has been in fighter mode for, what, 3 years now? No idea how its joints are. My Arad 31S has noticeably tighter joints than Messer's, but is not handled much. I had the armour parts on for a while but took them off because of all the weight they add, especially to his arms. However, saying that, my Yamato VF19S and 19Kai have developed looseness over time by doing nothing more than chilling in a museum-style pose in battroid for years. They usually get transformed once every few months and have never stayed in gerwalk. I guess it's the Macross high end figures curse...
  7. Is that a HT 1/4 MK III? I was toying with the idea of getting a couple of 1/4 figures, but where on earth would I keep them?
  8. Maybe as somebody said it's just an auto message to all NY customers with an open order on this, but I do think all their stock is an april stock. Even if I wanted to cancel to order elsewhere I am outside the 6 month window lol. Won't like, my overall NY experience ain't bad but my 1/48 experience is far from ideal. Based on higher prices and a different exchange rate I paid about 90 GBP more for my 1A Max and missiles than if I bought them today and waited for the reissue of the missile packs. Almost as if Bandai and NY are trying to scare me away from these haha.
  9. Grrrr. Ordered and paid on the 7th of June, yet my order has been moved to April as well. It could be Bandai messing around with their allocation but honestly, WTF. I would have felt better about it had I not paid money for something I won't essentially get until 10 months down the line.
  10. Been a busy week in terms of purchases... Think I now have at least one of each of the "big" action figures in the market. Got a few NECAs, one Diamond Select, a Black Series SW, a Figuarts and some Marvel Legends. I got the set for Magneto and frankly, I am glad I got this 3 pack on sale. Quicksilver is by far the nicest and Magneto is just awful. I just bent his knees enough so he balances on the cape and left him on a shelf. A friend at another forum did say that they are not the epitome of MLs so I'll reserve full judgement. In terms of quality they are just one up from NECA and Diamond Select, but look worse. Figuarts Brolly is still easily the best action figurine I own. MMC Fraudo is just incredible. Used to be very into MMC a few years ago but sold all of them when I moved away from 3P. You can just about see one of my only two other 3P figures, Peru Kill, in the background. Fraudo just hits all the right notes.
  11. Think so far I've been very lucky with NY, but it does seems like luck of the draw. I am certain I PO'd my VF31A CF after some people, yet got it on release. I've used them for transformers and Macross items and they haven't let me down yet. Yet being the keyword. I am not a fan of how they ban you from cancelling a purchase----they sell at a freaking 100%+ markup, I am certain that with few exceptions they always fill those orders anyway, and at even more inflated prices anyway.
  12. BLEH, want that Zaku but just used my PP credit card for a big UK order. Would not want to add 150+ GBP to it now. Anyway...new stuff I got this last week. Got these 3 bad boys and some manga + comics. Got more Marvel stuff and 1 3P TF incoming and I think it's a wrap up for 2019. If I do get that Zaku I'll get the 1/48 Strike parts in March instead
  13. Wait is the DX missile set being re-issued? I did get mine in September for a grossly inflated price but may look into getting more sets next summer if that's so!
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