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  1. I'm not sure if I'm buying it. I'm kinda tired of LOTR DVDs coming out in six trillion versions. We'll see.
  2. Damn. Those are just too cool. I'm getting both, for sure. Probably two Convoys.
  3. Two 1/48 Focker VF-1S.
  4. Is this unreasonable to expect? Boards are great for sharing information, but kinda clunky to socialize with, know what I mean? Had to ask.
  5. I'm still the same. Just a different avatar.
  6. The VF-1D has always seemed kind of boring, to me. Just slightly more interesting than a standard brown VF-1A. But then again, I'm a VF-1S fan. It'd be nice to see a set of Max and Milia VF-1Js in 1/48 scale, though. Now THOSE I'd be up for!
  7. Drad

    Meeting with yamato

    It's settled, I guess. Still.. I prefer the black heatshield on a VF-1S. I bought extras, so I'll be using one of those. Does this mean that Max's VF-1S heatshield was supposed to be blue?
  8. Did you buy it from a website or a private individual?
  9. Everything's looking good so far... very nice!
  10. Drad

    Meeting with yamato

    Yeah, probably.. but it doesn't hurt to put the request out.
  11. Drad

    Meeting with yamato

    Hey Graham... Any chance you'd be able to ask Yamato to fix the head seam for the 1/48 Hikaru VF-1S?
  12. Does anyone know a good place to get these online besides eBay or HLJ? The prices for some trading figures/gashapon on eBay are insane.. and that's before they charge you $20 shipping for 5-6 little figures. Damn Hong Kong toymongers. No thanks.
  13. Who cares what you think. yes ma'am. Vostok 7 Wise man, Vostok. Personally, I'll just be happy if Yamato continues the 1/48 line at all. I know what I'm wishing for. Now.. if they'd just make them.
  14. Exactly, If they want to come back they'll find a way ban or no ban Hybridchild Unfortunately, that's probably true.
  15. This one's a buy. I doubt I'll get it from HLJ, though. I passed on the Hikaru VF-1A, hoping for this one. Excellent!!
  16. Drad

    Meeting with yamato

    I'm wondering if they'll release Max and Milia VF-IJ's in 1/48 scale. I'd be all over those.
  17. Good job so far. It's good to be back "home".
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