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  1. badboy00z

    A Quiet Place

    I know right!! I literally laughed out loud when he got snatched.
  2. badboy00z

    Star Wars Rebels - animated series

    We already saw Ahsoka walk into the dark cave after the battle with Vader before this last episode.
  3. badboy00z

    DC CW Television Universe

    I stopped watching Flash and Arrow after S2 and S4 respectively but now I'm catching up. Just finished the crossover episodes but now I have to start Legends to find out what happens. Kind of annoying because I never followed Legends.
  4. I wish Bandai would use the new DBZ style hips on the JL Superman. It would improve articulation over the normal design.
  5. badboy00z

    Netflix Marvel Universe

    I didn't like Iron Fist as much as I did with the other 3. It reminds me too much of Arrow with the whole billionaire kid back from "the dead" and fights evil.
  6. badboy00z


    What kind of moron do you have to be to touch an alien life form and not expect something bad is going to happen?
  7. badboy00z

    DX VF-25 Renewal Series (Part III)

    Anyone want to buy my 1st release Ozuma VF-25?
  8. badboy00z

    Weapons Banter Thread

    If the firearms community comes together and start a Repeal the NFA campaign I believe that can happen with Trump and a Republican controlled Congress.
  9. I missed out on the re release on the 1/6 one but I pre ordered the new 1/12 one.