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  1. Storm would make incredible buff and bulky renditions of classic Superman and Batman. I really hope they do since they are making DC figures from Injustice.
  2. Lucas Film stepped in and got the claim dropped.
  3. Nobody is commenting on Hemsworth throwing that hammer like Mjolnir?? lol
  4. I have a question and possible answer to that question. Lol How do the Symbiotes know English? Do they become instantly well versed in whatever language the host speaks because they bond to them?
  5. I know right!! I literally laughed out loud when he got snatched.
  6. We already saw Ahsoka walk into the dark cave after the battle with Vader before this last episode.
  7. I stopped watching Flash and Arrow after S2 and S4 respectively but now I'm catching up. Just finished the crossover episodes but now I have to start Legends to find out what happens. Kind of annoying because I never followed Legends.
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