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  1. Here's my latest work. Full LED HG Unicorn Phenex. More pictures.
  2. The RG Tallgeese is a solid kit. No floppiness like the earlier ones. RG Tallgeese
  3. It would be cool if they made a cockpit for people to sit in. A cockpit in the Unicorn would be freaking awesome.
  4. One down side to spray cans is it is less efficient than airbrushing so there's a lot of "wasted" paint especially with small parts. Tamiya just released a line of bottled lacquer in all the spray can colors.
  5. I like to do my painting with Tamiya lacquer spray cans. It's fast drying and durable. Very convenient if you don't want to setup an airbrush and spray booth.
  6. I haven't watched any episodes yet but what is the origin of this "baby Yoda"? Obviously it's NOT Yoda but another of his species right?
  7. The cape attachment on Superman is perfect! Lets hope it carries over to production units.
  8. F**k YES on the Superman! This is THE Superman I've been waiting for. It could very well be the End All Be All 6 inch scale highly articulated Classic Superman.
  9. Recently finished Iron Blooded Orphans and thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn't even look into it when it was announced / released and it wasn't until I saw pictures of the up coming MG and that sexy sexy frame that the design grew on me. I needed something to hold me over until its release and discovered the Full Mechanics line. With the full inner frame and pretty decent color separation, I would say it is on par with early master grades. More pictures in the link. Gundam Frame Barbatos Lupus Rex
  10. I recently discovered the existence of "chip" LEDs that are pre wired from Evan's Design so I decided to give it a shot with the RG Tallgeese. The head design was simple and allowed for easy modding to fit the LED. I didn't take into account for the light bleeding through the plastic but it does give it a pretty cool "transcendence" effect that I'm alright with.
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