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  1. Where did you preorder from? I think I'll preorder on the P-Bandai site when it comes up. They'll have the limited Unicorn mode box art.
  2. I wish Bandai (or 3rd party) would sell the beam magnum beam effect.
  3. I have/ had plans to add LEDs to my Unicorn build but that might not happen anymore depending on how the MGEX will be. I for one am excited and happy about this reveal.
  4. Does anyone else think it's lame that Homelander isn't strong enough to lift a plane?
  5. Nothing more than a line art of the head so far. It's supposed to be a culmination of all the Gunpla Evolution Project "points" from other kits.
  6. If you're a fan of the RX-78-2, I would wait for the Perfect Grade Unleashed /2.0 that's coming out.
  7. I would say so based on the Nu. The Ver. Ka is leaps beyond the original.
  8. Definitely not what I was expecting to be announced but I did kind of wish there was a WZC 2.0 after building the RG so I guess I got my wish? lol Also the HiRM was all janky in the looks and quality from what I've heard. I hope it is going to be an all new kit because the part separation of the head in the 1.0 (which is still in my backlog after 10+ years) is bad.
  9. Here's my latest work. Full LED HG Unicorn Phenex. More pictures.
  10. The RG Tallgeese is a solid kit. No floppiness like the earlier ones. RG Tallgeese
  11. It would be cool if they made a cockpit for people to sit in. A cockpit in the Unicorn would be freaking awesome.
  12. One down side to spray cans is it is less efficient than airbrushing so there's a lot of "wasted" paint especially with small parts. Tamiya just released a line of bottled lacquer in all the spray can colors.
  13. I like to do my painting with Tamiya lacquer spray cans. It's fast drying and durable. Very convenient if you don't want to setup an airbrush and spray booth.
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