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  1. Is anyone else upset that Punisher didn't end with Frank going back to see Beth? I was really expecting that to happen instead we get a scene of him just killing some more people. It should have ended with Frank walking into the bar and their eyes lock. 3 months time jump with them in bed. Madani calls asking him to work for the CIA. He refuses and says "I'm right where I need to be."
  2. How is the flaming halo "attached" to Hellboy??
  3. Man I hope they make comic versions of Batman and Superman. Both classic and New 52.
  4. At the end of the movie we see John walking down an alley towards a main street. At the opposite side of the street is a telephone booth. As John gets closer the phone rings. He walks over and picks up the phone and says "Hello?" Movie ends. The end credits scene picks it right up and Trinity answers "it's over Neo...". Or something to that effect. lol
  5. Storm would make incredible buff and bulky renditions of classic Superman and Batman. I really hope they do since they are making DC figures from Injustice.
  6. Lucas Film stepped in and got the claim dropped.
  7. Nobody is commenting on Hemsworth throwing that hammer like Mjolnir?? lol
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