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  1. I don't think there is anyway I will have the same feeling at the end of Rise of Skywalker as I did at the end of Return of the Jedi. Questions answered or not. Especially if they are bringing stuff from the prequels back. Few people want to even remember those movies.
  2. I guess it's ok. I'm still looking for the hovertank or cycle. And that Dana figure that was shown a while back.
  3. There is a difference between making "demands" and giving input / creative direction via showing them your favorite drawings and scenes from an anime project. And just simply talking to the artist about what you like about their work. So everyone is pleased with the final outcome. I found these in a quick search. I don't think these are worth $2500 to me. But of course when it comes to art, everyone is different. But if he could remake something like this. Perhaps with more Megazone stuff in the background like a Garland or some environment detail. Then yes, $2500 would be ok.
  4. I think that might be the site. It looks different. I kind of remember that the other one had some convention photos too. But still good to see another site track convention attendance. I'm all for artist style evolution. But for something like this, I would want an evolution of that older style. Modern with some of the same feel. I've seen some artists redo and improve some of their popular works. But when I saw that new Mikimoto Eve painting. At first I didn't even know who the character was supposed to be. Most of the comments I've seen around the Internet seem to prefer the older style to the new one as well. For $2500 he should at least be curious or knowledgeable about what people will receive. I've said before that I find the Animeigo guy's sense of humor very odd. It's not the most professional thing to get an artist to draw something without any sort of direction or input and to just be happy with what you get. As I mentioned in the Megazone 23 Kickstarter topic, I've seen some bad comic artist commissions too. And of course, some pay less for commissions where they can at least have some input in the end result. You could start a good cel, sketch, poster, or any other type of original art collection with $2500. Honestly, a lot of these Kickstarters, at least for Animeigo seem to be for people to pad their ego and be happy that they are named on the disc, talked to a producer, or put in an idea. So that could effect if these sell. We'll see how fast those 10 Mikimoto artwork slots go in the coming days.
  5. She's on my list as well. Very expensive now. I didn't consider getting her when she was released. I wish they would do a re-release and make more real style figures like this.
  6. One of those outdoor hiking / adventure type clothing outfits had Original Trilogy winter jackets a few years ago. They sold out quickly. I remember checking the news story and then the link and they were gone.
  7. You know it's strange. As a kid, I just saw that old hovertank toy and just labeled it a Southern Cross toy. I don't think I noticed the branding on the box back then. But I know I got that at a Circus World. It was always about the toy unless something was off like that Transformers Jetfire that looked like a veritech but wasn't. But with the Cyclone and mini veritech with the rotating heat shields. I know I got them at a smaller mall toy store that perhaps sold some imports as well. Because I know I had Scott's big Cyclone, the Gakken I believe. But also the small ones for Rook and Lancer. And I don't believe those were United States domestic releases. At least I don't remember the boxes saying Robotech. I checked Anymoon and he says there was a Robotech release. This is the small version I'm talking about, I think I posted about it before. http://anymoon.com/blog/?p=1424 I can't remember where I purchased the Gakken Alpha Fighter. I would bet it was that same mall store where I purchased the Cyclones. I guess I have more of a memory of the Cyclones and veritechs because I was surprised to see them. They were at the front of the store on the right as soon as you walked in and I think it was near Christmas time and snowing. The store had aisles but the Cyclones were on tables across from the register.
  8. I don't remember seeing that Beta toy either. Although I don't know if I would have purchased it as I wasn't the biggest fan of that ship or design. But I was lucky when I found the Cyclone along with mini veritechs back then. I was searching for the toy store where I purchased them. I kind of put it off for a while but I was close as I found a few old mall sites. But I don't think the store was a Kay Bee. As this was a smaller store with more odd toys. It wasn't designed like a Kay Bee which I think all had the same design. And I know it wasn't a Toys R Us or Circus World as those were big stores. And I'm pretty sure I purchased my Southern Cross toys back then at a Circus World.
  9. I was reading the possible spoiler about that Sith Trooper and someone reminded me of that terrible JJ Abrams tie into Alias in the Star Trek reboot with the giant red ball. That was another thing I hated about the Star Trek reboot. It shouldn't be part of some Bad Robot Universe. Even though Alias was great for the first couple of seasons. I seriously hope that we won't get more stuff like that in this next Star Wars movie.
  10. That's it. I have a few Artist Editions from IDW and they started sending new product emails to me. Perhaps I'll give it a try in my next comic order.
  11. Has Mikimoto even shown up at conventions in the United States recently? I remember there was a site that tracked anime creator attendance at conventions that I found. But that was a while ago and I forgot the name of it. I only remember mention of Mikimoto attending older conventions in the California area. I did post an update to the Megazone 23 Kickstarter that's coming up. Mikimoto will have some custom art rewards for that project but they are high priced. And people seem to be mixed on his new art style from what I've read. I'm in the camp of liking the older stuff more myself. But the Kickstarter art reward doesn't require the artwork to be Megazone 23. Still if I were to get Misa or someone, I would want a classic looking Mikimoto style drawing.
  12. Anyone read the recent Star Trek comics? I just remembered I received an email from IDW a while ago about the original series crew on their mission I believe between the TV show and the first movie. I kind of dismissed it as I've never really read Star Trek comics. I think I only have barely a handful. The X-Men & Star Trek crossover, a Ro Laren cover, perhaps a Deep Space Nine first issue, and I think that's it.
  13. I forgot those came out and I still need to get them. And play Part 4. I want that ship from Part 5. That's probably my favorite design. I want Part 2 as well.
  14. JetJockey

    Macross figures

    That Sheryl figure is nothing compared to the stuff I've seen on Moeyo. And I just check that site on occasion to see the updated and new figures in Japan. I need to find a better site without all that stuff. I don't know how that sort of interest started over there.
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