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  1. I don't know if you guys get stuff from Sideshow Collectibles. But they do have a rewards points program. https://www.sideshowtoy.com/why-sideshow/sideshow-rewards/ Plus, during events like Comic Con and their October and Christmas events, they give out free points towards the rewards program. It used to be a lot with some people getting $50 if not more during one of those events alone. So by the time June 2020 comes around and if he isn't delayed, that $799 price could be lower or the rewards used towards the possible next team member. These big statues are getting more and more expensive though. They are getting more detailed and prices in China are rising. But I remember getting some older statues from Sideshow Collectibles in the $300 range.
  2. Yeah as much as I want a hovertank, I wanted it to look like this in hover mode. Not like what they are showing so far. I can only hope this is a prototype and not finished. But why would they show this first? They have to know people will compare it to the show. And also that transforming toys are a lot closer to the shows now compared to back in the 80s. Also, I really don't like this quote on their page: "At this time we are uncertain of the demand for Southern Cross figures. We will be reaching out further to the community to see exactly how much of a demand there is for this piece and other possible pieces in the Southern Cross universe." Shouldn't they know the market before they get into this project? And which community are the talking to? Here and the Robotech.com forum? There are only two posts about this on the Robotech forums. Perhaps there are Facebook groups or other forums. And I could swear I read a quote about a Kickstarter type deal and almost a put up or shut up type line. Maybe that was here or they edited it out. But I'm not putting money up until I see a prototype I'm pleased with. And I'm not pleased with the legs on what they are showing right now.
  3. JetJockey

    Ace Combat 7

    Some possible bad news about the digital versions of Ace Combat 5 and 6 being pulled. https://www.resetera.com/threads/rumor-namco-bandai-cant-sell-the-ps4-port-of-ace-combat-5-maybe-ac6-too-tomorrow-could-be-the-last-day-to-get-them-digital-offer-ends-2-18-19.93992/ Ace Combat 5 looks sharper too.
  4. JetJockey

    Macross Books

    I love that book. I went on a treasure hunt for it before the days of ebay.
  5. JetJockey

    Why SD Valkyries? WHY?

    I don't think when I purchased the original toy they were called SD or even joke machines. I'm sure there was a similar topic or I posted something about these small figures before as I was attempting to remember the old toy store where I purchased them. But the only thing I knew back then was it was a Robotech veritech and it could transform. I didn't own the bigger toy and I didn't like the look of it. It's possible that I owned Jetfire but I didn't like the colors on it and thought it was a ripoff and not the Robotech veritech. The SD toy did everything I wanted and it was kind of cute even though it wasn't accurate. And my favorite thing about it was that it had the rotating heat shield. I thought that was the coolest thing as a kid. I still own one of the original toys. I think I had two of them but I could only find Milia's I believe and some extra parts. It's packed away somewhere.
  6. I was hoping you would make a big review. If you are still thinking about getting the Transform Element version, I'm curious what you'll think about that one in person. And if there will be additional changes to the second release. But that Magic Square one does look good. I can't remember what I did with the trailer when I had the original toy. So I really don't need the trailer myself. That's why I'm pretty much out on the official version now. Even though it's clever that they figured out a way to get figures in the truck. Perhaps that's why the backpack is so big on that one though.
  7. I thought after looking at all the pictures that the Magic Square Optimus was the one I was going with. I preferred the look, paint job, and battle damaged parts. I believe it was mikeszekely that pointed out the grey bits on the waist of the Transform Element Optimus and I can't stop seeing them. But I'm thinking that these companies look at what each other is doing and change things just to be different. It's like the 3rd Party Jazz versions. They all have both good and odd design elements. The Transform Element version has the best Matrix chamber out of all of them. So much that I'm leaning that version now over the Magic Square. It's like Magic Square cheapened out on that bit. I see some people on the Transformer forum using paper to cover the glass on the Magic Square. But still you shouldn't have to do that. Maybe if there are second versions, there will be more design improvements. I saw on one youtube review an MP-10 with anime style glass that looked really cool.
  8. I decided to get the 2040 DVD eventually. I don't enjoy shows as much when I stream a low quality version. I'll probably wait till Black Friday though. No real rush as I have so much to watch. I might wait till when the Figma is released to watch the whole series.
  9. JetJockey

    Riobots by Sentinel

    Was it at recent convention? I searched that Robot Japan forum and didn't see anything yet. And we are talking original Dangaio right? This is good news if so. I was only hoping to get Dangaio in that Chogokin Action line. Dangaio and Iczer Robo.
  10. I started a topic for the Prime 1 Studio figure when it was at a convention. I guess not that many Gatchaman fans here. Priced at $799 for the normal release and $849 for the exclusive face. It will be expensive if and when they make all of them. I'll save the $50 as I'll never display the exclusive face.
  11. If the official Optimus isn't that good and I can't make it work, then at least there are other options that look really good. I've been listening to this song attempting to figure out which version of Optimus and Jazz I'm getting.
  12. JetJockey

    The Transformers Thread (licensed) Next

    They are really selling it with these pictures. Is it possible this is going to be a surprise large scale figure? That new valkyrie just surprised me by being 1/48. If this Optimus is going to be that big then maybe the price is justified.
  13. I want that hovertank. It can't get here soon enough. I had the original Matchbox toy and was always upset that it was only two modes.
  14. JetJockey

    Riobots by Sentinel

    I clicked on this topic by accident. Now I might have something else to get. When I saw that image I thought isn't that Keith Courage in Alpha Zones? I started researching and sure enough it is. But the mech isn't the same color. Do you know if there is a good release with the version from the game? I found this one from Bandai in a quick search that looks the closest so far. https://www.ebay.com/itm/ROBOT-SPIRITS-Side-Mashin-Hero-Wataru-RYUJINMARU-Ver-2-Action-Figure-BANDAI/163368758174?epid=1461965732&hash=item2609896b9e:g:NRUAAOSwcJ1a-7z3:rk:3:pf:0
  15. I forgot all about this one. But with the Prime 1 statues, that's the focus now. The old version does seem better unless you just want a bigger version.