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  1. The Nintendo Switch

    The opposite for me, when picking up a few quick items at Target I checked out of curiosity and they had Switch but no SNES Classic. Honestly I hate going to Target for toys and games anyway. I guess I'm used to the old days of Toys R Us and the games being at the front of the store. At the Target and Walmart stores I've been to the games are always at the back. And it's always messy.

    Well after watching the Anymoon review, I went from possibly getting all of them to maybe just getting the red version. And I'll wait on a discount for the red version too since they are too cheap to release it with Rook's cyclone. Seriously, I can't believe they just made some dark colored cyclones. If they can't make a tiny version of Rook's cyclone, I'm not sure they will fix the issues with the Alpha. That bending in fighter mode is upsetting. Also other small issues that shouldn't be there on a toy this high priced. I'm not even a expert toy designer and would have fixed some of those issues before release. Yes this still seems like the best version but it just needed a few more tweaks to be really good. It comes off as passable until the next company tries in the future. Here's hoping that the bikes turn out ok next month and they can confirm a Rook version. That would be a good start to the year.
  3. I hope you guys or Anymoon get a verdict on the best out of all these versions. That should be enough time for me to find it online and get the Blu-ray if it's good.
  4. I never read the book but I heard about it. No one told me of all the videogame and other characters though. I only saw a news story today that captured images from the trailer of Gundam, Chun Li, and many others. I think I'll watch the movie first and if it's good check out the book.

    Bump. I can't remember if these videos of the Studio Half Eye Dangaio were posted. I remember posting or someone posting that it was delicate. I was looking for reviews and to make for sure I didn't want it. I knew it was too expensive anyway. But after seeing the size and look of the ships. It's way too much for what you get. I know I posted about the lack of actual landing gear. But I guess this version is for collectors of this particular line. I'm waiting for the Soul of Chogokin version. Hopefully we'll get one next year. This is of the black version. In another one of his assembly videos, he breaks a piece by accident.
  6. All things Voltron

    You can go to something like that, mock up or not after the Chogokin version. Best to wait for a possible anime accurate Voltron. That's probably the final version of a lion Voltron that we need.

    This is worrying especially that bit about the bowing in fighter mode. I thought from the previous picture that we were in the clear. Perhaps it will just be the red version after all for me. Still looking forward to the review. Perhaps current interest will make Bandai or Arcadia give a try in the future?
  8. Macross VR

    My Christmas present would be VR DYRL and a 1/6 Minmay figure. It could just be the few VF-1 scenes from DYRL too in a larger Macross VR game but I would be crazy happy. They could do the opening, Minmay singing in the back seat which would be awesome in VR with good surround sound, Max battle, and final battle. Anything else would be a bonus.
  9. Soul of Chogokin - part II

    And some people think Voltron is too expensive these days.

    That's awesome. It's time to watch my New Generation VHS tapes again. Now for that Rook cyclone.
  11. Bandai DX VF-31

    I'm out on those. Perhaps next time they will pack it all together on the first release.
  12. FigInStock To Be Shutdown

    I only heard about that site recently and never used it. I know there are Twitter things like that too where you can get updates for in stock items. I guess I'm old school though and just check the store sites myself. All this bots checking sites would end if companies decided to make enough for demand. So would the recent thing of running to Twitter and other so called social media sites to post how fast items sold out. I hate that.

    Tekering - Thanks for the pictures and review. Especially that side profile in Fighter mode photo. It might not be perfect but this is the best Alpha that I've seen. If there is another option someone let me know. That picture with the old version really tells the story. I got rid of that old version. I hated the beached whale look in Fighter mode and a few other issues. But I love the proportions on the new version. It is expensive though. They are asking for too much compared to the Bandai VF-31. And I don't know why we are getting stickers for the Alpha at that price. But this might be that saying beggars can't be choosers or something like that. We are getting Alphas and Cyclones. I'm getting the red version. And most likely the green and blue too. Maybe by the time the red and green versions are released they can get the stickers on the fighter so we don't have to place them. And perhaps fix some of those other issues.
  14. Your most recent Macross or toy purchase! General thread.

    I'm waiting on Khan and the Captain's chair. I can't wait to order those.
  15. Macross/Animation Cel Collection Thread

    Of course I did. I passed on getting one of UrbanTreasureHunter's cels. Another Rook one. I decided to get the VF-31C, some other stuff, and wait for the Mospeada items next year. But UrbanTreasureHunter has yet to get a cel that I really want. I did meet another collector that purchased from UrbanTreasureHunter that's why I know some stuff about their auctions. And triple is nothing compared to what that Viviere Rook cel is priced at. And they don't seem open to offers going by their auction setup. But perhaps I will ask and see. The price is so insulting to start that I doubt they will offer down to $100 which is where it should be maximum.