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  1. I remember the concept art and perhaps another teaser was better than that released teaser. I didn't like the look of the team. Remembering that, I recall the comic from back then was really bad. Aside from the Alex Ross and covers from other artists. I only read the first few issues and didn't like the story at all.
  2. If you like Rogue One, you'll probably want a Jyn figure. And if you get a Jedi Luke, you'll probably want a version of Leia. I'm 100% sure of that when you see Luke.
  3. Thanks for that. I didn't know about any of those books. I guess I really checked out on Star Trek. I do agree about Seven of Nine. I never watched all of Voyager. I got into Voyager late right before Seven of Nine showed up. I thought that costume was silly. But I kind of want to watch those early seasons I missed to see how the show started. I still haven't seen the last movie. After the first two reboot movies, I'm not sure I really want to. I think I kind of spoiled a bit of the story a while back because I was curious about Idris Elba's character.
  4. I forgot about it myself. It was just when HappyConsoleGamer posted a pick up video with stuff from the shop, that I remembered someone posted about it here in the Megazone toy topic.
  5. The Robin is like the biggest joke figure I've seen from Hot Toys. One of those, we'll put it on display just for the hell of it. You know that's not making it out. I would be shocked if it does. If they do make Robin, they need to go back and make Shaw from Prometheus, the TV Batmobile and Batgirl. Also, any other potentially better figures.
  6. Hot Toys needs to do a redo on Dutch from Predator and make Harrigan while they are at it too. And I know Hot Toys isn't able to, but I wish some company made a custom Mara to go with Jedi Luke.
  7. I'm hoping for weapon props too. I always called the show G-Force or Battle of the Planets. I can't remember. It was one of those shows that came on early. Like somewhere between 6AM and 7:30AM. And I wasn't up at that time when I was a kid. I tried taping episodes and was only able to get a few. I just knew that the Phoenix was one of the coolest things. Similar to how the veritech could transform, I just couldn't believe someone could come up with something that cool. Add in the fact that the Phoenix could go underwater and hold vehicles. It was a plane I would always draw in class. You guys have to know the background of the bad guy. I doubt that the movie will stick with the original background from Gatchaman. And for Jun / Princess, I'm hoping that they cast perhaps a cool looking and stylish Asian type actress. No more Scarlett Ghost in the Shell or Olivia Munn Psylocke nonsense.
  8. I was ok and curious about the show until I saw the Borg and thought them again? But I'll still check out the first episode or so. But I think it might turn out that they should have ended TNG with the TV show. I might stick with the new show until they reveal the mystery of that girl. That new crew is not getting me excited at all. What are these Star Trek relaunch novels?
  9. Max's VF-1S needs to have battle damage.
  10. I thought he might get a real F-14 but that was before I realized the costs of maintaining a plane with a jet engine. Add in that the F-14 is a twin engine military aircraft and even an actor like Tom Cruise would probably pass on that. The costs of keeping the Mustang flying are relatively cheap in comparison. I wouldn't be surprised if he owned a decommissioned F-14 though. Even if it's just a shell. I remember seeing a youtube video where some people stumbled across the ruins of a decommissioned F-14 I think. And if Top Gun 2, is all about love letter to aviation or however he put it in that interview. And since Maverick is flying Tom Cruise's plane which I don't think was a Navy plane. And going from the trailer, Maverick seems to have Tom Cruise's interests with bikes everywhere and flying at least three planes. It might be possible that Maverick is flying the Blackbird as that's another notable aviation plane that a lot of people love.
  11. It's a very tempting car. Just like the Mustang is a more European design so is the Corvette now. I lean towards the Mustang though since it's more usable as a daily driver. The Corvette seems like a weekend / track car. And if they gave just a little more thought to those buttons. It's bothering me because it could be so awesome with buttons that did more than control air conditioning.
  12. I have a Hot Toys Jedi Luke as well. Awesome figure. I hate the Last Jedi as well. Garbage movie. I guess you know Hot Toys has an Endor Jedi Luke coming out that you can pre-order if you already haven't. And there is always the possibility of a quarter scale Jedi Luke since Hot Toys has quarter scale Darth Vader and Boba Fett figures. But I must warn you. You can never get only one Hot Toys figure. Once you get one, you'll be so amazed with the likeness that you are bound to get other favorite characters.
  13. I think someone posted about this in the toy topic. But someone in Japan made a video tour of this Megazone 23 pop up shop.
  14. For some reason the new Corvette's interior reminds me of KITT. It's probably just how closed off the driver is from the passenger. It really comes off like an 80s or 90s driver focused interior. Too bad all the switches just seem to be air and heating controls.
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