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  1. I think I did. I can't remember clearly. But I know Gradius III was the difficult one for me. At least I own the arcade version I think on the PS2 collection. And I was like what is this?! On the SNES Gradius III is easy and fun. But Gradius III in that collection, I couldn't get past that blue bubble stage. I think that is stage 3 or 4. The game slows down, my lasers don't cut through the bubbles fast enough, no where to move, and the ship's hit box is big. I gave up on that for a while and that was years ago. I always loved Gradius II since it didn't come out on NES and I reme
  2. This is probably the first time I'm not really excited for a new Ghost in the Shell series. But we do have a new Westworld season which has a bit of Ghost in the Shell in the 3rd season's opening.
  3. Seems like the look of Motoko or just overall Ghost in the Shell keeps taking a step down with these releases after Stand Alone Complex. I guess it was too much to make this look like that Blade Runner anime short. Hopefully if there is a new Mospeada it doesn't go the same route.
  4. This Iron Studios diorama is the best we are probably likely to get. I have small issues with it but overall I like it. The Thundercats releases from just about every other company go the too realistic route and not the cartoon / anime look. I wouldn't wait on Prototypez to make one since they can't even get a good run of Street Fighter II characters going. But they did tease a really good Lion-O a while back when Sideshow showed their forgettable version.
  5. I hope these issues are addressed when Rook comes out.
  6. I just posted this news about the Mikimoto artwork goal on the Megazone 23 Kickstarter needing to be fulfilled by the end of this month. Cross post here just in case. It would be nice to see some new artwork for this Blu-ray release.
  7. Seems like this place is dead. I haven't posted in a while but I remember Megazone 23 Blu-ray Kickstarter talk and some maybe going after the Mikimoto drawing. Animeigo just posted this update: "Next Stretch Goal - Mikimoto Art! The next stretch goal is at $200k, and if we make it, Mr. Mikimoto will create some new artwork for the packaging. However, due to scheduling constraints, we will have to reach this goal by the end of February in order to implement it. If we reach the $200k goal after that, we'll come up with an alternate add-on for the project."
  8. I haven't posted in a while. But I think some might want to be aware of this news. The Mikimoto new art goal for the Megazone 23 Kickstarter is the next funding goal. However they have to reach the goal by the end of this month. I believe that's somewhere around $25,000 give or take since they just reached the $175,000 goal for the manga extra. Here is the post: "Next Stretch Goal - Mikimoto Art! The next stretch goal is at $200k, and if we make it, Mr. Mikimoto will create some new artwork for the packaging. However, due to scheduling constraints, we will have to reach this g
  9. I don't think there is anyway I will have the same feeling at the end of Rise of Skywalker as I did at the end of Return of the Jedi. Questions answered or not. Especially if they are bringing stuff from the prequels back. Few people want to even remember those movies.
  10. I guess it's ok. I'm still looking for the hovertank or cycle. And that Dana figure that was shown a while back.
  11. There is a difference between making "demands" and giving input / creative direction via showing them your favorite drawings and scenes from an anime project. And just simply talking to the artist about what you like about their work. So everyone is pleased with the final outcome. I found these in a quick search. I don't think these are worth $2500 to me. But of course when it comes to art, everyone is different. But if he could remake something like this. Perhaps with more Megazone stuff in the background like a Garland or some environmen
  12. I think that might be the site. It looks different. I kind of remember that the other one had some convention photos too. But still good to see another site track convention attendance. I'm all for artist style evolution. But for something like this, I would want an evolution of that older style. Modern with some of the same feel. I've seen some artists redo and improve some of their popular works. But when I saw that new Mikimoto Eve painting. At first I didn't even know who the character was supposed to be. Most of the comments I've seen around the Internet seem to prefer the old
  13. She's on my list as well. Very expensive now. I didn't consider getting her when she was released. I wish they would do a re-release and make more real style figures like this.
  14. One of those outdoor hiking / adventure type clothing outfits had Original Trilogy winter jackets a few years ago. They sold out quickly. I remember checking the news story and then the link and they were gone.
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