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  1. That's a good looking lego set. I still haven't seen this show yet but I hear it's old school fun.
  2. I think Star Trek The Next Generation ended at the TV show for me. I really don't like any of the movies. They just felt like longer and not as good TV episodes. And from what I remember of the last movie, it was really bad.
  3. People who are getting the Max VF-1A might be interested in this Max cel auction this week. https://www.rinkya.com/en/auction-r325334772 I have a feeling that winning will be difficult. Sometimes cels are posted in the cel topic here: But there isn't as much conversation compared to this topic and others.
  4. Let's try to be a bit more open. I'm going to try for this Max TV cel. https://www.rinkya.com/en/auction-r325334772 It's one of the better TV cels that I've seen. Easily in the top 10 or maybe 5. I'm not sure of what it should go for. But it should be interesting to watch how people bid. I'll post it in the toys section too. Perhaps more people will come over here. I guess I should have picked up this Minmay cel on the right when it was by itself years ago. I remember posting about it a few times here. I don't think it was more than $500 back then. https://www.rinkya.com/en/auction-p684884773 These are way out of my range. But someone has bid on the group. I wonder why they aren't just using the buyout option since there is barely a difference in price? A lot of other high priced Macross cels and some low starting priced sketches. I might see if I can win a sketch but those posted sketches from a few posts above were going for a lot too. Besides with Comic Con and other anime conventions coming up, I'll need to plan for possible statues and figures.
  5. That was one of the twists just to have a twist that I didn't like at the end. You are making me remember how disappointed I was at the end of Season 2 again. Actually Season 1 is awesome. I'm pretty sure I don't want to watch Season 2 again. The soundtrack was good though.
  6. Yeah and I thought the Genesis version of Earthworm Jim was the best version anyway. I still have the Sega CD version to check out as well. I wouldn't go for re-releases of old carts so much as I would go for complete editions. Which I've seen very few versions. I'm not picking on Sega even though I think they are barely competent these days. But why not release complete versions of a series of their classic games? I'm still playing Super Hang-On on 3DS. And the 3D is cool. But if they released Hang-On and Super Hang-On on disc. Limited or not. With all the soundtracks. I'm still surprised that they didn't include the remixes on Super Hang-On 3DS as those are some great tracks. That would be something I'm interested in. Not these mini systems with 90% or so of games that I already own and just the ability to play them on modern TVs.
  7. They tried to do too much and have too many twists in the second season. The second season is worth a watch. It's well made and will keep your interest. But it's not as good as the first season. And at the end of the second season, you probably won't be that excited about a third season. At least I'm not. And I was excited for the second season after the first season. This is hilarious and reminded me of that under the influence of drugs while driving scene in Goodfellas.
  8. I can't remember seeing this video before. Or perhaps I didn't watch the whole thing. Thanks. Another case of not everyone knowing what's out there. I guess I missed it yet again. Do you have links to the cels that you are talking about? Or do you want to mention the series if it's not Macross? And what do you mean you bid a high price on cels that previously sold? It's always possible that there are what are called shill bidders out there. People who bid not to own but just to raise the final price because they know the seller. But that is illegal and I'm sure if Rinkya noted your max bid and had someone at Rinkya or not bid up to your max and stop and they do this sort of thing a lot they would get caught. As enough Rinkya users would notice something like that. Besides, Rinkya would have to know the sellers to really benefit since at the amounts you are talking about Rinkya has a flat fee percentage and a discount over $1000 according to their fee page. https://www.rinkya.com/en/page/fees So if they don't know the seller they wouldn't see much of that extra money anyway.
  9. There are things to take the acid out of paper and control it. Museums have 1000+ year old paper. I think paper from the 80s isn't that big a deal. I have comics from the 60s that are fine.
  10. I think a friend of mine found the cure for vinegar syndrome. He wasn't keeping track of it. But he said that one day he checked the cel and the smell was gone. I remember smelling the cel when he got it and it was so potent that it was like putting your nose in a vinegar bottle. It was unmistakable. One of those you know it when you smell it things. That was the first time I came across vinegar syndrome. But I'm going to check it out the next time I visit.
  11. I didn't know or I just don't remember that version of Sega Rally either. I just have the Saturn version as well and Part 2 on I think Dreamcast. I would go for the music but I'm not sure I want another Shinobi game the way Sega is going. Sure Streets of Rage looks good. But the last Shinobi games weren't that great to me. I played I think the PS2 game and I remember never finishing it because you had to use the combination attack to beat the final boss. And to get to him you pretty much had to run the level perfectly before the time ran out. The sequel with the female ninja seemed to be the same. I think I rented both of those games. The three Shinobi games on Genesis are great though. I still want to play the arcade version of Shadow Master as I believe they are a bit different. I only remember playing arcade Shadow Master in Las Vegas once. But the Genesis version has good music too. Especially that Statue of Liberty stage. I remember some talk about Battle Garegga here. Limited Run just put this up for pre-order. I missed it myself. I need to keep an eye on their releases more.
  12. If you win a one of a kind Mikimoto, the last concern is probably archival paper. In fact, it's probably not a concern at all.
  13. JetJockey

    Macross figures

    Thanks for the review and pictures. I don't know about this one. Good thing I was slow in deciding to order. Usually I have zero doubts about figures that I order. I know companies can do better and larger scale versions. Perhaps a company will see this and do a Macross the movie version now.
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