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  1. Shawn

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    For the Arms, I am scared to death about pushing them into the fully open position I really have to just push and have it go over that little detent? Having flashbacks of Yamato pins cracking open. I can't get the chest cavity fillers in unless I get the arm hinges fully into position. This picture is the correct position right?. Mine are currently flapping at 45 degrees, and I see a few others as well.
  2. Shawn

    Shawn's Macross Collection

    Testing out the Gallery<br />We still need to add Categories, and fix some link buttons.
  3. No clue, stumbled over this ad only today. Wonder if Graham might remember anything.
  4. So found this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8GHpVu3QPQ What is the history on this? Anyone remember details? Never seen it before, but seems crazily authentic.
  5. Friendly reminder, please do not rip and upload and link any copyrighted material here, we've been 'mostly' good for almost 20 years now. Thank you! Shawn
  6. Shawn

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    Stupid question-at 29s into the toho.seesaa.net video, on the left shoulder there is a light gray marking on the hinge. That wouldn't/couldn't be a stress mark or anything right? Probably not since it is a test/early release version, just wondering. Probably a casting line. S
  7. Good info, will try an replicate You are using phone/tablet/or desktop when encountering the long post issue? Thanks!! S
  8. Could you please check your Theme? (link at the bottom of the page) Currently 100% functional is MWDark_Current, others are a bit wonky. Every release breaks functionality in previous versions, quite frustrating, I'm sorry. Looked at the server logs for the last few days and nothing seems out of place, but can continue to monitor. Please Let me know!
  9. Shawn

    testing upgrade

    testing BOLD color
  10. Shawn

    testing upgrade

  11. Shawn

    testing upgrade

    can you refresh now? With the upgrade some of the older themes stopped working (and now the white background versions are all wonky) arghhh I removed all the dark themes except for the 4.3 version, your profile should have migrated
  12. Took us to the latest forum software, any issues please list em out and I'll do my best to resolve. Thank you!! Shawn
  13. Shawn

    testing upgrade

    can i upload pics
  14. Hi,

    Are you having any problems logging in? I received a request from a user dax009 saying they were you

    Just trying to verify identity here..


  15. Shawn

    Obscure valk drawing (VF-G1A?)

    man, drawing a blank right now, but swear I've seen the companion vf-4 before arghhh where???!!!