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  1. Not sure it quite fits in here, but maybe. Over the decades have been collecting discount movie coupons and tickets. They are usually found pretty darn cheap, so it is fun finding all the variations!!
  2. My most prized art piece, an original Takani of Milia's VF-1J in Gerwalk mode. I'm just in awe at how much detail he put into his art, he is my #1 favorite artist, then Tenjin of course! Got it back in 2011 for the most I've ever spent on a single Macross item, $800! (I"m not a crazy cel collector like some of you, where that would be a drop in the bucket) If you did not remember, he had a lot of his work up for sale. This was the cheapest valkyrie, so did pooled all the pennies together. http://www.macrossworld.com/the-ultimate-yoshiyuki-takani-macross-collection/ Again, have posted this before, but this is the first HQ pic I've uploaded of it. This REEEEEEAAAALLLYY makes me want a Macross Box art BOOK. Maybe I could do an unauthorized one like the Transformers ones or something and not get into too much trouble. Something something fair use right? From the Imai 1/72 Variable kit.
  3. Miyatake's SDF-1 art for the Gold Book (note the date...AFTER the release of the movie...so a bit ret-conned!) May have posted this before, but I borrowed my daughter's camera for some better quality. Got this way back in 2001 or something when I went to Japan with Graham and Seiichi. We stopped at Mandarake and saw them in the display. The ARMD was 13000 yen and the SDF-1 was 15000 yen...I know, a real rip-off, LOL :P
  4. My hikaru puzzle was all in pieces in the bag, so opened the staples and put it back together today. Even though these things are small, doing Macross art is actually pretty darn hard (I also had to re-assemble my sdf-1, it came loose in the bag) Also picked up the last of the 3 puzzles, so I got that going for me, yay. Just missing one of the shitajikis (this same pic of the valk in front of the sdf). I think I have an extra loose hikaru/misa if anyone has a dup of the sdf-1 version they want to trade to complete their own collection.
  5. The book is out! https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/b493584303 https://www.amazon.co.jp/エンターテインメントアーカイブα-機甲創世記モスピーダ-FILE-NEKO-MOOK/dp/4777024814
  6. Gwyn- From your pics https://www.decultureshock.com/genesis-climber-mospeada-popup-shop Was there any info on the source or those drawings? Were those drawings from someone's collection?
  7. Thanks for the pics Gwyn! I just saw this video (thanks xstoys!), and said 'hey that looks like Adrian'...and now I can confirm it Next time someone is there, can they flip over the legioss cutout in front of the TV? geez!
  8. thank you, missed that!
  9. Really...Geo IP lockout after all these years? ughhhhhhhh
  10. Akim, HLJ ships to Europe, but if you have any problems, I'll happily ship to you once I get mine (you've been a great help in the past) https://support.hlj.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001861474-Shipping-Methods-Overview Shawn
  11. Thanks for the link! Those builds indeed are awesome. A few of them in our own aggregate thread Nice to see my personal 2 favorites have taken first place! (the strike with silver accents and cel shaded vf)
  12. Please tone down the HG hate/bashing or we'll need to lock this up. Understand you might have feelings about it, many of us do, but nothing new could be said here that hasn't been said for over 35 years now...ad nauseam. No more F@## this type language please, keep the discussions above the belt. S
  13. Did I miss this - is this a re-release of the last book, or a new one? https://www.hlj.com/entertainment-archive-genesis-climber-mospeada-nkp02481
  14. THANK YOU for putting on the stickers-they make SUCH a difference in these toys. That GPB looks TOUGH as hell....great display!! That GPB looks TOUGH
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