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  2. I’m with you on the education thing. But it’s kinda one of those things that should include preventative measures as well as what to do if you end up infected as well. There’s so much about not getting something like the average flu, but rarely how to avoid getting others sick. Either way we will have people that don’t follow those precautions and this will possibly turn into another illness we just have to live with.
  3. This seems like exactly the kind of pandemic that should be countered with educational campaigns about how to not spread germs.... but it is instead being treating like World War Z.
  4. What about the new aoz kits. I didn’t see any of those on that list, unless the page cutoff. I already preordered that kehaar 2 from overseas, but cutting the overseas shipping would make getting these kits a bit easier to afford
  5. It is way overblown for sure, but I’m not really gonna fault them over this. Their just trying to protect themselves and their families. It’s not something that would effect the young and healthy much, but with their families having young infants or the worry of passing it to a grandparent is a concern for them. Being much closer to the source and having business contacts that may have come from somewhere that may have had a few cases in a convention type atmosphere is an iffy thing as well. Overall it’s mostly for peace of mind. We’re gonna find out what products that would’ve been shown off one way or the other.
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  7. Japanese society is heavily influenced by the media, and rampant paranoia is their bread and butter (terrorist attacks, missile strikes from North Korea, deadly Chinese viruses), but as an English teacher here, this irrational panic is hurting my business. Schools are closed, community centers are closed, and many of my classes have been canceled as a result. Damned fear-mongering is hitting me where it counts!
  8. https://kotaku.com/its-almost-like-the-akira-manga-predicted-the-coronavir-1841739361
  9. https://gisanddata.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6
  10. Is this because of the coronavirus? I hear they're considering canceling the Olympics over it too. Really overblown and overreacting.
  11. DX VF-25 Prophecy for 21,480 yen (Item A, Box B) https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=FIGURE-004931-R Edit: Price correction and newer posts below DX VF-25s Renewal for 33,080 yen (Item A, Box B) https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=TOY-RBT-1891-R Renewal Armoured Parts for Renewal VF-25s for 35k yen (Item A, Box B) https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=TOY-RBT-02718-R
  12. No problem! I went through the worst time of my life losing my girlfriend, grandma and mom all within a couple years...three of the most important women to me. I completely quit collecting at that time and that's how I missed a lot of Macross and other things I would have today but spending that time with my Grandma and Mom was priceless. You can always get back into collecting and go full retard on it later.
  13. borgified

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Chuck's 31e for 21k yen (Item A, Box B) on Amiami https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=FIGURE-045897-R Edit: Who snagged it??
  14. Thanks for your kind words @Slave IV and @Lolicon. I really appreciate it.
  15. Oh crap! Hope your mom pulls through! Don't worry about silly things like toys or helping weirdos like us PO stuff. Focus on your schooling and helping your mom make it through this tough time!
  16. Thanks for the warning! I think I'll switch to Mr. Hobby premium later
  17. Welp, since I took Kakizaki out of the Detolf, I guess I should reshoot some pics now that I've upgraded past a phone camera.
  18. Best of luck to you and your family. I lost my mother to cancer and the best thing about it was the time I spent with her and taking care of her before she passed.
  19. Hello, I just wanted to peek into MWF and see if there are any Macross toy releases coming on the horizon? I have been out of the loop as of late, as my mother was diagnosed with cancer, so I have been away from home/school to help care for her the past several weeks. And with her upcoming surgery next week, I will likely continue to be caring for her for the next few months... or longer. Truth be told, I worry that my mom might not get to see me earn my PhD. I apologize in advance that I will probably not be available to help out with pre-order madness... at least not for quite some time. I will try to pop into MWF when I can. Thanks, Eleanor // Shizuka the Cat
  20. If you haven't had any damage, then great. I used the lacquer-based stuff for a long time without incident, until something did get damaged. Then I stopped because with such expensive toys you do not want even one incident. The Tamiya sprays even say right on the label not to use on decals. So whatever coats you guys want to use is up to you. Just be aware of the risks if you go the lacquer route.
  21. They were talking about the TV VF-1S, which was flown by both Roy and Hikaru, so the name on the cockpit would have to be different. I just went and got two of them and decaled a different name on each.
  22. I've got some armor sets on pre-order for the April release. As far as an HMR Monster, I wouldn't mind one if i could find one at a reasonable price, but there's also the issue of space. I'm a long-time LEGO guy and I've been picking up Star Wars Hot Toys for a while now...so a Monster might be a bit much.
  23. Thanks I've used them all (except Gunze's latest premium acrylic). Personally, I didn't experience paint or decal damage from the Tamiya, they are quite stable. Tamiya (lacquer‐based) Pros: Stable, easy to use, good flat Cons: toxic, cost Gunze Mr. Hobby (lacquer‐based) Pros: Probably has the strongest flat, cost‐volume effective Cons: Easy whiting build up makes this product tricky to use, toxic Gunze Mr. Hobby (acrylic‐based) Pro: Toxic free Cons: Somewhat weaker flat when comparing to lacquer, cost Gunze Mr. Hobby Premium (acrylic‐based, I've not use this before but heard good things) Pro: Good flat effect, non‐toxic, easy to use Cons: Cost
  24. You're going to need the DX SSP set soon @Draykov. Edit: Maybe your not a HMR Monster fan after all based on your previous posts.
  25. Love that Petite Sharon Apple Figure hiding behind Isamu. I've got my Macross figures still stashed in their corresponding boxes and will bring it all someday. Maybe squeeze the Spirits Kuji Sheryl with the Blue cape with Alto's DX VF-171EX in one shelf.
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