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  2. Thanks. I do have that topcoat as I used it before on my Gundam models. But I'm having a professional do the weathering and stickering up for me. Hopefully it comes out well so I can have my own custom premium finish version. Who knows, maybe my mess up might actually turn into a blessing? Will have to wait and see.
  3. Looks like the reviewer's copy has the wrong side hinge. Now I have to check my 1J when I get home because the shoulder on it doesn't move all the way forward properly. Looks like Arcadia isn't the only one using the incorrect side joints.
  4. He is the first of the DS9 cast to pass through the worm hole, Quiaff?
  5. Anyone know what the complaints are on the amazon japan low star reviews?
  6. Today
  7. Great, now I’ve got “Mah-ku-ross” repeating over and over and over in my head...ahhhh
  8. From KC rep: "We are preparing for the Toysoul in Dec and there will be more action Figure prototype at that time." I was asking about Dana and if there would be any other new figures to show any time soon.
  9. Oh, haha I see what you mean now. I thought you were going to try white background shots. Yes, panel lines would make the 1A Max look even better, I look forward to seeing your panel lined 1A.
  10. ^^^ that’s just awesome looking
  11. Oh your shot looks great! I meant all those white spaces are begging for a panel wash.
  12. Thanks @Lolicon, I wanted to try out the iPhone 11 Pro camera and this was perfect test subject. Plain white shots are nice, but they can be tricky. I look forward to seeing your shots.
  13. Saburo

    Bandai DX VF-31

    o·ver·kill The amount by which destruction or the capacity for destruction exceeds what is necessary
  14. A little late with the PF VT-1, Arcadia. Maybe they'll use a less tangerine color to make it more movie accurate than Yamato? Wishful thinking but a man can dream...
  15. Looks good. Mine should be arriving tomorrow. Gonna have to do something about all that plain white surface area...
  16. If you're going to put a clear coating on your valkyries, either use your own airbrush mix or a high quality spray like Mr Hobby Topcoat.
  17. Very cool dude! Wow! You really lucked out! CHEERS
  18. Yesterday
  19. He's sweet looking. But compared to the SOC it feels a bit cheap. I'm 50/50 on if I regret getting it at an inflated/current price. Oh well, at least he looks cool!
  20. I had never looked on there. There was one for a very fair price. This madman needs to slow down!
  21. Hi everyone! Here is my short film animation of Legioss transformation. Enjoy friends and thanks!
  22. Oh, and the Cat power loader didn't come with a light up rotating warning light, so I looked to the RC community for one and found this LED version. I'm not yet sure if it actually rotates or just flashes as there weren't any directions or specs, but it looks like it has LEDs all the way around in a circle inside. This was made by Integy and is the yellow 10mm version. It's almost exactly the same size.
  23. They will kinda, but probably will fall off.
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