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  2. No. You know someone really screwed up when Macross 7 is a better story.
  3. HobbyLink Japan is showing similar per-orders. I wonder if its stuff they held back to sell or give away during special events . I would think that CF VF-1s would be an easy sell if quick income is what they are looking for.
  4. I always simply removed it from the VF-31F prior to transformation since those fins scare me. I was always worried about breaking it on the YF-29.
  5. It's not any retailers fault for extending the release date. Arcadia stated they don't have a scheduled date due to the coronavirus causing a significant delay at the factory. Until Arcadia update's their info, It's gonna keep getting pushed back.
  6. Modern Wonder Woman is now available, gents. Not up at Dorkside yet. Her cape doesn't look very good... The team pic is cool but it's too bad I skipped on The Flash and that Supes is so terrible. Otherwise it's a great team-up look. https://www.mezcotoyz.com/one-12-collective-wonder-woman https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/126062
  7. Mine doesn't come loose easily but I'm glad they made it this way since it took a huge fall and the only thing that happened was the floor ate it forever. Good thing there was an extra.
  8. I'm with @jenius on this...I think they probably got extra warehouse stock from Arcadia but the main thing is this is most likely not a new production run. If it was, all the other shops would be listing them too.
  9. Another change Of date, one month more!!!!
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  11. jenius

    Hi-Metal R

    Leave your VF-1A in fighter more and use that filler for you 1S. Solved!
  12. MG xamel ver KA...lol joking... I wouldn’t mind something from Gundam IBO as a ver KA actually. Seeing as how the MG barbatos was just released tho, maybe another series Gundam would be picked. hmm...
  13. My copy of Metallic Caelus must've been an unfortunate coincidence. No matter. As noted, I'm content with the original. Speaking to this version of Jupiter, I'm thinking for a first timer it's better to have tight joints than loose out of the box. It should be easier to adjust screws or quiet squeaks if they're a nuisance, no?
  14. They are copying/taking inspiration from Bandai Perfect Grade RX-178 inner frame.
  15. So...............kaki vf-1 in Aug, vf-29 full pack in Oct. That leaves only a november/december slot left it seems... Not sure if i want a yf-21 or a VF-1 GBP set for christmas... or is a Christmas release even on the cards. hmmm why not just save new macross releases for next year, bandai. Just leave the remaining of this year as repaint/rehash releases.
  16. I assumed that after the SV-51 leg issue we might see some "easy" releases to get them some capital. Not basing it on anything, just making the assumption that "small business" + "unexpected costs" + "other planned releases" = "need to generate some cashflow". I'd be surprised if they did another Max / Milia run though. HLJ still has them in stock and puts them on sale regularly, so making more of them would just be adding to the pile that hasn't sold yet. There was some speculation in the grey market thread that the KO company's recent talk of an Angel Bird and Mass Prod 1A could be ahead of Arcadia also announcing those (the KO company seemed to be sticking pretty close to what Arcadia had released recently, hence the speculation). It seems to me that if Arcadia needed cash flow, both of those would be good choices since there haven't been any reissues of the Angel Bird and only two releases of the Mass Prod 1A. The VF-1D would also be an easy seller for them I think. None of them require the SSP to be included, either, so production cost could be lower.
  17. i had an inkling getting that Ultimetal Optimus would come back to bite me. now i have to sell my MAS-01 and MAS-02 so the Ultimetals will be my definitive display pair
  18. Yeah Im a little heated over that myself.
  19. My PO for that blue Destiny was also cancelled. I didn’t know it came with the Wings of Light though. That’s a damn shame cause Bandai WoL is expensive.
  20. Thanks! Glad to know I could have used these photos as a "Next Release Announced" hoax haha Maybe I will on the Robotech Italy page
  21. Well part of the idea with a Weathering Special is that we know Bandai will NEVER do that haha, so no need to hold your breath. When I saw Kakizaki was next I figured the over/under on a DX Roy was 2 years. I am not sure if the artist would be as comfortable working with the Yamato, cause it has that reputation for fragility (at least compared to the DX). But I can see if he would be open to it.
  22. They cancelled my Amatsu and Zaku, which were $2 and $8 deposit. I have a couple more on preorder. I'm waiting to see if they cancel anything else and then I guess I have to contact them for the deposit...which they'll probably transfer to credit, which I'm fine with.
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