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What Zentraedi vechicles and ships are based of (fan site)

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  • Invid99 changed the title to What Zentraedi vechicles and ships are based of
2 hours ago, JB0 said:

Oh no... that's Brofessor's site.

Ugh, Brofessor.
So, the idea that Zentraedi ships are based on sea creatures, whales especially, isn't that crazy an idea.  Even the Croc example could be where the inspiration for the ship's overall shapes came from.  Where it goes off the rails is with the Power Armors.  Sure, they have some decidedly "masculine" and "feminine" features, but that is likely more due to their need to quickly differentiate them on a small screen.  This theory also does not account for the Meltrandi Ships seen in DYRL and onwards, which had a decidedly more burtalist, hard lines and edges, appearance to them.  

Brofessor likes to look at things from a particular angle, a particularly modern angle, that doesn't necessarily represent the reality of the time in which the series was created.  It is a failing of many young academics, in that they cannot remove themselves from the modern way of thinking to look at a subject from the time period in which was created.  So much societal change has occurred between the inception of Macross and today, that adjusting ones thinking to fit the time and understanding the thinking of the time is almost akin to looking back 100 years or more.  I say that, and I grew up in that time.,

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7 hours ago, Invid99 said:

Found a great site that analyzed vehicles and events from SDFM. Here are some screenshot mostly of Zentraedis.


Here is the site:


Ah, no... what you found there is Brofessor's site, and it's pretty damned far from "great".

To be brutally frank, it's incredibly pretentious and almost entirely unresearched faux-academic garbage that would have to improve considerably before I could call it a travesty.

Its author knows precious little about Macross and even less about film theory, but is desperate to make himself out to be an expert on both.  Since he can't read Japanese and do actual research on the subject matter, he instead tries to add a superficial appearance of depth to his "analysis" by throwing around film analysis terminology willy-nilly without any actual knowledge of what the terms he's using mean and ascribing deep, hidden meanings to ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING.

He seems to have taken W.C. Fields to heart: "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullsh*t."

When it comes to his "analysis" of what Zentradi designs were based on, not only is he wrong but his analysis was nothing more than taking the knowledge that Zentradi designs had a basis in the organic and then attributing it to the first living thing he could think of that bore a vague resemblance.

The Regult, for instance, is actually based on an earlier reverse-jointed walker design from an unrealized hard sci-fi series concept with the working title Genocidas.  The design that was done for Genocidas was not organically inspired, but was an attempt to make what they felt would be a more practical and realistic ambulatory design for a giant robot.  It was built on in Macross both as the VF-1's GERWALK mode and the basis for Zentradi pods, the latter of which started out as a sort of walking gun turret before taking on more organic aesthetics.


5 hours ago, Sgt Nate V said:

I read through that page a few days ago, you have to be like high on weed to understand it

It reminds me of nothing so much as a college student throwing a bunch of random garbage on an essay an hour before it's due in the hopes that the professor will grade it without actually reading it at any point.

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