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  1. I read through that page a few days ago, you have to be like high on weed to understand it
  2. At this point for SDFM-specific products, I kinda expect to see Bandai DX VF-1s with HG (and maybe Toynami too) stickers slapped on the box like with those MegaHouse Ride Armors
  3. That Spartas looks pretty sick, I hope it gets off the ground unlike the MAAS Toys one (and it seems like it'll be at least a little bit lower-priced too)
  4. I heard plans for Origin of Valkyrie involved US distribution by Toynami, and apparently, Big West didn't like that idea On another note, when jenius said "recreated the molds", he meant the VF-1 figure in general
  5. I'm honestly getting sick of all these attempts to look *exactly* like the animation, especially in Masterpiece, because the character artists cheated with the designs to make it easier to animate, resulting in things like weird proportion changing that you can't do with a physical transforming figure like this
  6. Yeah, and HG was clearly able to get the master audio tracks without voices, as seen in their Boobytrap dub tape and their Mospeada test dub
  7. I was kinda gonna argue about how this might be seen as "retconning", but I don't think the actual "true" events of Space War I have really been seen anyways
  8. Haven't heard that before, is there a source? On another note, I feel like there's some wasted talent in RT (such as at least most of the background music, and I definitely like some of the English voices over the ADV dub, I feel like they'd do even better with a script closer to SDFM)
  9. That kinda *is* what they planned before the whole thing with Revell happened...
  10. A bootleg? A photoshop? A weird fake in general?
  11. On another note, I found this a day or two ago on BBTS, like how @jvmacross found the Klan model: https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/135252
  12. Despite the fact that it'd be highly inaccurate, considering the color scheme (although they encouraged customization anyways)
  13. Y'know, I wonder why Takatoku associated Misa with the 1A Was she ever planned to fly one in the series itself at some point (or did that actually happen and I forgot because I had a two-year hiatus between the fourteenth and fifteen episodes)?
  14. That video used the wrong track for the Transformers part, it's even more of a direct rip than it seems
  15. I think the main reason why I'm confused as to why these are still pretty expensive is because KOs of Masterpiece Transformers are usually way less expensive than the official ones (example: a KO of MP Hound being $45 on eBay in comparison to the official one being $200 on BBTS)
  16. Hey, I just rememebered One of my most favorite games ever, Turrican 2, has the protagonist look like this: Look familiar?
  17. Specifically at a price around at most $50 for me and being available on websites like Amazon and BBTS with that new deal, along with fulfilling the promise that the Origin of Valkyrie line had (such as reissuing stuff like the VE-1 and doing stuff like the VF-1D)
  18. It pains me that despite being KOs, they're still incredibly expensive
  19. Huh, I don't think I've ever seen an upscaled KO of the Takatoku 1/100 mixed with some 1/55 parts before
  20. I just want to be able to get a 1/55 at a reasonable price, that's all
  21. Am I the only one who thinks the YF-21 kinda looks like the Q-Rau?
  22. That makes me really jealous, especially after hearing about Bandai's (and by extension, Toynami's) plans for the Origin of Valkyrie line that Big West squashed
  23. Here's to hoping this coincides with a possible 1/55 reissue next year for the 40th so I can get a 1/55 for less than $100
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