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Hello once again!

Following on the success of my previous releases, I'd like to propose a re-issue of my 1/48 resin kit BABY CRAB (Mospeada Inbit Eager doppleganger) as my next project. The kit would consist of:

-2 Baby crabs: one with legs & beam guns, one space version equipped with flight booster (no beam guns.). Base price $134 CAD

-Price: $163 CAD shipped in the US or Canada for 1 set, $302 CAD for 2 sets. 

-Overseas: $186 CAD shipped for airmail. If you require a shipping method w/tracking, please contact me for specific rates but be warned: the fees are heart attack-inducing!

I'd need 10 committed orders to go ahead, with payment due up-front. Who's with me? :ph34r:

baby crab poster copy.jpg






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On 11/10/2017 at 12:36 PM, Convectuoso said:

I'll wait for you to build it first so you tell me what colors to use

You might be waiting a while...  I can't find anything off the shelf to match these colors:


The closest I can find are Gundam Color Spray SG10 "MS Char Pink," and SG11 "MS Char Red."


Designed for Char's Zak II, they're awfully close...


...but I think I'll be mixing my own paints and airbrushing the primary colors for an exact match.

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9 hours ago, captain america said:

Most people paint the Eagers a rusty brown, but your screen grabs clearly show a more vivid color.

Well, my images are taken directly from the remastered Blu-rays, with much better contrast ratios and more accurate color reproduction than others may have seen.  The old 16mm prints Harmony Gold used for Robotech were fairly accurate (if muted), but the DVDs released by ADV (both as Mospeada and Robotech Remastered) have a heavy bluish tint that seriously compromises the color accuracy.  Thus, most people are probably working from inferior reference material.

Here are some more screen captures from the Blu-rays:


Apart from getting scans of actual cels, I think this is the best color reference we're gonna get.

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For those of you in Asia or South-America: I've noticed a lot of interest from the latter sector, but shipping a single kit can be ridiculously expensive, so here's an idea. Have you considered group-buys to offset high shipping costs? Better yet, for those who love the building/painting process, you can get one or two extra kits, build/paint them, and then sell them for a profit as works of art/collectibles. It's not like there's anyone else muscling-in on the Inbit market, it's yours for the taking.

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