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actually when that happens it means someone already added to their cart and is in the middle of the payment section.

it's their way of preventing cart jacking, but it just seem to piss everyone off because now it's like a carrot dangling in front of them but they can't eat it. 

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4 minutes ago, Sandman said:

No that is not what is happening. Trust me. I know what that looks like. This is something else. It's like it thinks i ordered but i haven't ordered. Loop's suggestion seems like there may be some merit to it.

ah, so it's similar to "no3Ljm" with HLj preorder before.  

wait a minute did "no3Ljm" overslept another preoder? 

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Honestly it could be both, because I thought there was some sort of cart jacking protection at CDJ. I'd still try to clear my cart and clear the browser cache though.

Oh no, I hope Noel was not looking to get this one.

Edited by Loop
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18 minutes ago, Loop said:

Heads up, I finally got my HLJ order confirmation. I will be canceling my 3rd order with CDJ now...

And Done.

Dont do it!!!  I know Benson was looking for one!!!

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