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  1. Saw this just before the long weekend last week, whelming movie. Loved the 1st one (even broke my no-Macross toy collecting rule to get DX Chogokin Gypsy Danger), found this one enjoyable. Wonder how they'll jump the shark in the 3rd one if it pushes through.
  2. Mine (N-Y preorder, paid since last year) finally left Japan after the long weekend.
  3. barurutor

    Hi-Metal R

    easy peasy preorder, quite surprised since i've been OOTL the past few weeks.
  4. bring on the PO!
  5. I think all Filipino chogokin/super robot collectors collectively creamed their pants at this.
  6. NY just emailed me, Milia premium finish release pushed back to end of March. More time to save!
  7. Actually the RX480/RX580 should be around R9 290x/390x level performance for less power draw, which makes it competitive with the GTX970 and a fair bit more powerful than the GTX960.
  8. Nice progress, now i have to re-buy a fold booster for my 25g.
  9. Positive for @Stampeed Valkyrie, prompt payment, good communication, and remarkably chill attitude despite the longer-than-expected shipping for the items he bought from me.
  10. http://jungle-scs.co.jp/sale_en/?page_id=121&id=2192840 renewal luca super parts+ghost set
  11. I couldn't find a thread for the Sentinel Ride Armors but N-Y pushed back release dates for both Stick and Rey by a month.
  12. Yup, got confirmation that the photographer was paid for the photo.
  13. Just out of curiosity's sake i contacted the photographer (http://www.jaytablantephotography.com/) who did that SDF-1 bridge photo asking if titan comics paid him to use the work. will post if he replies.
  14. Sure, why not. You'd just have to navigate the Arcadia website to order the the thing.
  15. barurutor

    Hi-Metal R

    This happened to me twice. A dab of blu-tack keeps them secure.
  16. NY price up to 22k now, can't decide whether to pass on this Max since I pre-ordered premium finish Max and Miria already.
  17. Look, they copied the Yamato priest collar, plus the backpack is sitting too high. Arm articulation looks like it's copied directly from Yamato v2 VF-1.
  18. barurutor

    Hi-Metal R

    man i just get the regular japanese newspaper for my amiami and n-y packages.
  19. So essentially this 1/48 VF-1J and the 1/60 YF-19?
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