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Scale Model Link Thread for Non Macross builds


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I believe its a 2kit box, so I'm guessing its the re-issued molds but there are two planes so $30/plane isn't bad, especially when its the Hasegawa F-14 - which is considered the definitive 1/72 kit (the later recessed panel version) - albeit a bit tougher to put together. However the newer FineMolds 1/72 F-14B may have dethroned this kit, but it was never a general release, only a special magazine release item. I have the Hasegawa F-14B and it is amazing for a 1/72 kit (I have the FineMolds too and its seems even better, but that's 20yrs of molding technology later!).

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I thk hase looked at how popular the fine molds version was and decided to have another go at it. Their 2 kit version in 2014 seems to be also sold out so probably they are riding on the demand.

Wish fine molds would release their kit without need to buy the mag. That was a hassle although I understand the sales mechanics behind buying each copy...

Will see if hase's kit is still calling to me when it's out...heh

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7 hours ago, wm cheng said:

Hmm, seems in all these years of technological advancement in molding technology that Revell hasn't up their game from the 80's

Considering I can buy majority of their kits for like 40% everytime Hobby lobby (US chainstore) has a coupon and it costs under 15 dollars I'm not expecting a Tamiya 1:48 f-16 (they are so easy build themselves) or even a Hasegawa.

Gotta say though their good-old 1:48 F-15E is still a pretty good kit after you drop in a resin Tub (or at least pop in some eduards color photo etch stickers if you're feeling really lazy)

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