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1/2700 SDF Macross papercraft


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  • 3 weeks later...

Looking good! That tree did not die in vain! ;) - MT

Tree??!! u mean trees xD

nice project....for a minute i thought it was one of those origami fold up paper projects....but this one is way way better....

i thank u so much.... origami is impressive in its own rights... but... :huh:

If you need some red ink I can donate a bit of blood. hehehehe :lol:

Very impressive papercraft! :)

thx xD... well if that blood is along the line of rusty red'ish for the keel of Prometheus n' Daedalus ill gladly accept ;)

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  • 2 weeks later...

yay! i have another update...

managed to get some work done on this...

added magnet to the rail cannons.


here it is with prometheus attached wich is almost ready for base coat of paint..


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Wait, you can prime, paint and seal papercraft??

Coming out great, if I didn't knew it was papercraft I would not believe it.

yup, many people just dont realize that xD

just like i did with this:


cant believe i forgot the keel fins.... so made some changes late last night!


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MY oldest is getting into papercraft by way of Oragami Yodas. I showed him this thread and he about lost his mind.

tell your oldest to keep it up =^_^=

this is what happens when theres no decent SDF-1 TV kits out there >_<

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  • 4 weeks later...

dunno why... but i sense an update is overdue!? xD

have been on a vacation for a week, however i do have a update! :D

the Daedalus is pretty much done, might still need a couple of tweaks 'n touchups...

post-14728-0-45152400-1398026087_thumb.jpg post-14728-0-90385600-1398026089_thumb.jpg

sumone asked if it would be able to transform.... YES it will (well not exactly transform, more like "partsform")

some progress has been made on the "mid" section of the ship


i will make it parts form via magnets...


i will elaborate more when i get all the required magnets i need for this,

so far only have magnets in the rail cannons and the "main gun" mount.

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