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Paid for my Beskar Armor Mando and The Child at Hobby Search and HLJ, just waiting on the invoice from AmiAmi.

I truly hope that the tolerances are better on the Mandalorian than they were on the first release. Trying to fit the peg from the rifle onto his back was true PITA.


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Hmm, is Gamora up for pre-order yet?  Well, I'll answer my own question.  Up at NY and Nin-Nin so far.  Bubble gun should have come with IW Starlord but, Bandai...

Also, Robo got his copy of IG-11 damn fast.


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20 hours ago, Mommar said:

Bandai sucks at keeping scale.

Their last MCU release, Loki, made that abundantly clear... but that looks to be the least of the problems with the "Birth of Iron Man" Tony, who doesn't even look Caucasian (much less anything like Robert Downey, Jr.)!  :blink:

Despite the awkward English captions, this reviewer has truly mastered snarky sarcasm...  <_<


...or else he's the worst reviewer I've ever seen on YouTube.  :unsure:

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2 hours ago, sh9000 said:

Preparation in progress for the Birth of Iron Man Tony Stark and MK 3.

Prepare for disappointment! :unsure:


I still can't figure out how the hell that happened... :huh:

SH Figurarts used to have the best likenesses at that scale. :(

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On 11/27/2020 at 2:46 PM, Mommar said:

When do the Avengers go up for pre-order?

It looks like on Dec 2 based on Tamashii site.




2020.12.01 【12/2(水)予約解禁】2021年4~5月発売の一般店頭新商品13アイテム&再販2アイテムの詳細を公開!

2020.12.01 [Reservation lifted on 12/2 (Wed.)] Details of 13 new general store items and 2 resale items released from April to May 2021 have been released!


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