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  • 3 weeks later...

Udon's page has shown 'sold out' for at least 2 months, when I first checked it there. Suspect they haven't updated it.

I see no immediate difference between the comic con one/early bird specials that they sold at otakon vs the one shown there on ebay.

Sure hope something is different. If not maybe there was a new agreement for the release between the publisher/licensor, or perhaps there never was an issue and its just weird production problems/internet drama/rumors.

I'd love to see the index

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The "rumor" was that somehow HG protested the inclusion of art that was too close to their licensed mechs and characters...but looks like that was either not the case or some deal was hammered out to finally get the book released...

Based on cover of the non-SDCC edition...it appears to be the same book...looking forward to finding out...

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On 12/19/2023 at 11:41 AM, Mommar said:

Anybody had their Amazon order ship yet?

Mine just arrived a few minutes ago.

EDIT: The only thing I can see in the book that might potentially be of issue to HG is the VF-1EX... so I doubt it was any holdup from their side.

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If the VF-1EX is in the book, it seems unlikely anything would differ between the general release and the SDCC release...perhaps the holdup was due to receiving more POs than anticipated?

Still waiting for actual confirmation from someone with both versions....

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