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Macross Frontier Episode 4 Talkback Thread *READ 1st Post*


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Welcome to the Macross Frontier Episode 4 Talkback Thread

Previous Episode threads:

Episode 3: "On Your Marks"

Episode 2: "Hard Chase"

Episode 1: "Close Encounter"

Deculture Edition/25th Anniversary special


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Last Update: 080424, 25:59 JST

By Planet Eden,惑星伊甸

You can use KeyHole TV watch MBS~~~



第04話:ミス・マクロス(Miss Macross),2008.04.24



Krun Krun???












「私の彼はパイロット」(My boyfriend is pilot,第04話)

Words:阿佐 茜



Vocal:Ranka lee, starring 中島 愛

「SMS小隊の歌〜あの娘はエイリアン」(That girl is an Alien,第04話)






the end.

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Miss Macross again.... oh no... Who's going to be kidnapped inside the enemy's fleet and who is the close friend of Saotome (Vermillion squad) who's going to die? Who is going to sing the song that is deculture?

And most importantly, who's gonna hook up with their cousin?

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Look, is it really a spoiler to say that Alto makes a good-looking girl...? We've all seen the OP.

Not really a spoiler, no. But the pic itself gives away quite a bit (in more ways than one).

And thank you for that awesome gif. I give it ohh... maybe 15 minutes before we have a leekspin rave version on youtube. :lol:

Edited by Chronocidal
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