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  1. Funny. I alway thought Gamlin reaches Phisica's wife and child and "imagines" his late comrade (the guy who greets his family) going back to his loved ones. Only he knows it will never happen, so Gamlin doesn't find the courage to give them the carillon.
  2. Oh, the beauty of conclusions drawn by just seeing a 2 minute teaser with absolutely no information on anything!
  3. Thanks a lot! I hope they reprint most of it in Chronicle, as it seems really hard to find on the market.
  4. I think I just found my new avatar! Other images here MF Chronicle preview
  5. I think they look fantastic. I'll buy the whole bunch (as a matter of fact, despite my initial dislike, I've found that the GNU M+ valkyries are lovely)
  6. How many pages does the book have? Any more lineart than the Laser Discs covers?
  7. I'm afraid not. I don't like the hinge to be locked unless the super pack is on
  8. thanks for the advice, I'll try that way with the surviving pegs
  9. VF1 Hikaru generations Yamato 1/60 v2 with 1/48 gunpod and TV hands Yamato 1/48 with side covers (nothing can beat this valk!) Yamato Hikaru 1S with strike pack Bandai 1/55 anniversary reissue with heatshield Yamato 1/60 v1 with Armor
  10. I like variety and I hope the 1J stays the same, but.. I must confess I like the 1A color better, too
  11. This picture is a modified skull squadron picture, as there is no official color lineart for the DYRL standard VF1A (the one in Entertainment Bible 52 sports a TV head, so...). Looking at the movie, in one scene the 1A battroid can be clearly seen and has the black stripes as shown above (but is also white and not brown around the leg intakes...)
  12. There's a previous case of CFs having two different shades of brown. The original v1 1/60 1A had a regular (light) version and the TOYSrU limited edition (darker). Quite frankly, I wouldn't mind two different colors, I like my walks to have some difference or else I found out I'm not inclined to buy them (see DYRL Hikaru VF1S and 1A).
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