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WIP Miria figure


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WOW. Good thing I decided to check out this forum...

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Now I'm waiting to get enough pre orders to decide if this figure worth to produce and finish. <_<

She only received 2 pre orders :huh: ( I will not make the mold just to sell 2 copies :angry: )

I will wait until Sunday - if don't receive more pre order (at least 8) I will just abandom this prototype and cancel the orders. <_<

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Actually I'm considering this figure as failed/ dead project... <_<

I was planning to build a polyester resin version for myself and made the mold but failed in some parts :unsure: - that was OK because that version was not for sale. Then I cast the parts and started to build and pin, but I made the pin holes wrong and damaged the parts. :angry:

When lots of things starts to go wrong in a project, it's time to abandom <_< so, the kit is abandonded for months...

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