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  1. I've made all kinds of Macross stuff in lego: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?m=VenomMacbeth I changed the names around for some of em, as while they resembled actual mechs from Macross, I couldn't make them close enough to warrant having the same names. The last one I ever made, not featured there, was a (poor) attempt at a transforming VF-25. If I can find pics of it, I'll post them.
  2. Updated my collection: (that picture of the SDF-1 in the background is a painting I did in high school) Also, pics of the Q-Rau and Monster as requested
  3. I know it's April fools, butttt... This toy costs twice as much as my car did. Pass.
  4. They're gashapon figures. I'll get some pics for you.
  5. Go ahead and laugh. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=330541082872&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT
  6. So I plan on purchasing a resin kit; the tatsuhobby recast of the Dimension Diver Samus. (look up Dimension Diver Samus for pics.) As I have never put together a resin kit, some pointers for getting started would be helpful. However, what I may end up doing is just paying someone to assemble the kit as this will probably be the only resin kit I EVER get, so the knowledge is kinda pointless. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Whoa! Didn't expect that big a tally Most guys around where I live are metalheads (not that there's anything wrong with metal...) I like lush, I have a friend named Rupert & I frequently refer to him as "the bear." lol anyway, I agree that Cocteau Twins is hit or miss. Good to see some people know Airiel, too (and yes, they do have a song called Sharron Apple. I suppose at least one of their members is a Macross fan, perhaps?) I also just bought an Ambulance LTD album yesterday. Anyone here heard of em?
  8. Anyone on here listen to Shoegaze/Nugaze/Dream pop? IE bands like Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Chapterhouse, Cocteau Twins, etc. Lately I've been listening to Airiel, an awesome indie/nugaze band from Chicago. So yeah, any shoegazers?
  9. Well, most of the discussion here seems to be about exotic new luxury & sports cars, rather than classic cars like I'm into. I don't plan on doing TOO much to it. It's got the original 221 V8, nothing too special. I'm going to try to find a replacement rear bumper because it's pretty warped. One of the tail light lenses is broken, but it stays on. I was considering modding the rocketship taillights from a '59 caddy to fit my car, but I think I am gonna try to keep it mostly original & just get a replacement fairlane lense. However, it didn't have the original radio or stereo system when I got it, just a POS Sparkomatic radio & "Mitsubishi Audio" speakers lol. I'm gonna replace those, and hopefully get a new Classic Autosound radio. I'm going to get lap & shoulder seatbelts in the front seat and lap belts in the back seat. I'm also thinking about maybe installing a power brake booster just to make it easier to drive, as well as some after-market AC if I get the extra cash. As for the transmission, I think I'm gonna keep it as-is. You can find a stock 3-speed automatic, but I think they're rare, and I can't drive stick so the 4-speed is out... I might get some chrome valve covers and air cleaner, though.
  10. This may be a bit out of place here,seeing as most of the discussion is on "tuner" or sports cars, but I just got my first car about a month and a half ago. It's a 1963 Ford Fairlane. It's got the original V8 engine, but it has a 2-speed automatic transmission (and it's 47 years old) so it doesn't have too terribly much "get-up-n'-go." Both the steering and brakes are manual, but the play in the steering makes it fun to drive.
  11. The sculpt is decent, but it just feels so cheap & the articulation is inexcusably minimalist. Waste of $25. Oh well, at least it'll display nice next to my 1/100 valks.
  12. That is a very broad generalization. I would love to get my hands on a Q-rau, or even a Vajra (if I had a VF-25 for it to interract with.) And I'm sure there are many others that would agree with me.
  13. I remember watching Gundam Wing, G Gundam, and Zoids when I was around that age.
  14. Queadluun-Rau / Female Powered Armor, please. And the Monster MK/MAC-II!
  15. Well, considering the "battle pod" is from Robotech: The MACROSS Saga, which is just a bastardization of the SDF Macross anime, I say it's Macross. You can call it a "Regult," or a "Battle Pod," but it's the exact same design regardless of what you call it.
  16. Hmm...I'm questioning how well they can do a live-action EVA. It isn't like an Imperial Walker from Star Wars; it has dynamic, human motion that would be hard to translate into a giant, live-action mecha.
  17. "Beefaroni." "Beefaghetti." "Beefaroni." "Beeeefaghetti." "Beefaroni!" "Beefaghett!!" "BEEFARONI!!" "BEEFAGETTI!!!" "BEEFARONI!!!!!"
  18. I mean, there are so many things Kaiyodo could consider. I would love to have a Big O, perhaps a Nirvash from Eureka 7, a movie-version Optimus Prime, perhaps some figures from Tokusou Kihei Dorvack (like the Caliber or the Gazette.) I suppose this is going to turn into a general Revoltech thread rather than a Nintendo Revoltech thread, now.
  19. I recently had an idea. I came about this idea when I was scouring evilbay for a Samus action figure (from Nintendo's Metroid series.) With Super Smash Brothers: Brawl recently released, as well as the long line of classic Nintendo series being rekindled by new Wii titles, it occured to me that Nintendo action figures would be a lot of fun. In fact, there are quite a few Nintendo characters that have been immortalized in PVC and ABS plastic. However, acquiring these toys has proved to be not only difficult, but extremely straining on one's wallet. After my failure to unearth the elusive Joyride Samus Aran action figure for a decent price, I decided to start a new pursuit & put that one aside for later. I eventually came upon Kaiyodo's Revoltech website. I spent some time browsing their veritable cornucopia of figures from countless series, from Alien to Getter Robo, Evangelion to Transformers, Street Fighter, etc. It occured to me, if Kaiyodo can make revoltech figures from fandoms as obscure as, say, Kerberus Panzer Cops, then why couldn't they cash in on a bigger enterprise...for example, Nintendo characters? The gears in my head began to turn as I pieced together a Revoltech Samus Aran action figure in my head. Could you imagine the plethora of epic poses one could make with such a figure? The Samus figure could include extra hands (a fist, a gun-holding hand, and an open/action hand. Anyone who owns a Revo VF-1 knows the hand I'm talking about,) an extra gun attachment for the missile-firing mode, a metroid, and of course, interchangeable heads (a helmet & an unmasked Samus.) As I am a huge Metroid fan, Samus was the obvious first-choice in my mind of all the Nintendo characters. However, my thoughts soon turned to the game Super Smash Brothers Brawl, which I had recently played. My mind moved on in the Nintendo Revoltech Series to include such famous characters as Captain Falcon from F-Zero (he could come with a transparent falcon-shaped fireball to attach to his fist for a FALCON-PUNCH,) Pit from Kid Icarus (A bow-and arrow, poseable wings, dual swords, and a lyre,) Link from Legend of Zelda (you could imagine the accessories he could include,) and of course Mario and Luigi! There are many characters I didn't list; I'll let your imagination do that for you. Anyway, my point here is that Nintendo is a huge company with many characters. You would think there would be way more merch coming from them, especially in the toy department. So what do you guys think? Is such an idea practical? Is such an idea possible? Profitable? I would write in to Kaiyodo and request this for myself, but I don't know Japanese. XP
  20. *sigh* I'm cruel to this figure, but it is fun to fiddle with. I put some clear nail polish on the loose joints & that upped the fun factor a lot. Still not as dynamic as the smaller, non-variable revoltech, but I guess that's the trade-off.
  21. The battroid is a little shorter than the toynami, but the fighter's about the same size as the banpresto valk.
  22. I went to an anime convention awhile ago, they had the Super VF-25 Ozma for $95 (which is a pretty good price, if I am to understand correctly.) I just never have that much money to spend on one thing... I might go for the Robot Damashii version, if it isn't too expensive.
  23. They're definitely more poseable & sturdy than the toynami, but not as accurate & model-like.
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