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    Macross Revoltech

    Oh wow. The Regult and the YF-19 and YF-21 all look great! I'll have to get them all. Not too concerned abut Max 'n Millia, though...
  2. Wow. Incredible. When's the release, now? When do we see the VF-1J?
  3. Ooooh. Awesome. I just picked up my first 1/60 VF-1 a week or so ag and I love the size of it. Have a perfect transformation version is just... oh yeah. When and how much? I'd rather Hikaru's VF-1J, or his VF-1S over Roy, but still... when and how much?
  4. Boo

    F*ckin BP8...

    Sorry to hear about your break, MoP. I've been lucky to never have any problems with the BP8s on my Valks... defintiely going ot make sure I'm more careful from now on!
  5. The YF-19 is a much larger plane "in real life." So, when made into 1/60 scale, it ended up being roughly the same size as the 1/48 scale VF-1.
  6. Wow, never realized how much of a size difference there was. The 1/60 does look pretty nice in Fighter mode, though...
  7. Very cool. I love the Stealth VF-1J, have 3 of them. I'd so buy at least one Stealth Revoltech to go with them!
  8. WOW. Good thing I decided to check out this forum...
  9. I know this is probably a bit of a longshot, but I really need an entire left wing for my Stealth Valk. Parts L-W1 and L-W2. Stupid flap broke off, then the wing broke when I was trying to reattach it... a little too forceful I suppose. Then I figured I can just glue it in place perminantly and kind of made a mess of things. I suck. But just becuasse i suck at repairs and such doesn't mean I don't love my Valks!
  10. Oh dear. That thing is a beauty! I want it so badly, but I must wait...
  11. *sigh* I guess I'll just have to track down and pick up a 1/60 version, then. *goes back to RBTL again*
  12. More pictures just make me want it more! *wonders if we'll ever get a GERWALK version...*
  13. Whoa, that Strike-1S looks very nice. I think I'd rather have the Hikaru version, though. Not touching the 1A, at least in those colours. Still, those knees are a bit annoying...
  14. Nice work. Way to work the boobies into the picture.
  15. I love the look of the figure in all white! Hope something like that is eventually officially released...
  16. The only problem I've ever had with my Stealth is that one of the wing flaps falls off if I even look a it harshly. I could probably just glue it back on, it's not like I ever bend them anyway. Other than that, yeah, no QC problems with the Stealth that I've heard of.
  17. That's beautiful. Wish Yamato would make an official one.
  18. Wow. This is pathetic on either/or/both HLJ and Yamato's part.
  19. Thanks a lot! I reallyneed to start making more money both to save and to pick up a few more Valks... As for the shelves... well, they've been there forever.
  20. I've been watching my new Animeigo set... God, it's amazing how much better Macross is than Robotech. Thanks for the heads up on the $40 set!
  21. Not much of a Macross collection compared to many of you, but I'm happy with it. I just started, and I hope to continue adding... slowly. Saving up for my wedding comes first... I guess. My 1/48s and 1/100s. Love them, the 1/48s, that is. NEED Max and Kakizaki... My single lonely VF-0A... poor little guy with a broken shoulder. I'm eye-balling a couple M+ figures to join him... The meat of my collection is Transformers. I've sold a lot off, and what I have left (my favourites) is Beast Wars. NEO in particular... I have a complete set of BW NEO, minus any exclusives. My full NEO collection. Man, I do wish that NEO Unicron was finished and released. He'd look great along with the Blentrons... He's the rest, basically. The rest of what I have pictures of at least. Primals and Megatrons on top, my Alt Smokescreen (anniversary gift from GF a few years back) and the few other BW figs i kept. I have some stuff that I don't have pictures of, though. MP5 Megatron, re-Megs, and a few others...
  22. Boo

    Please Read

    Recasts, official... I don't care. Just something to fix my poor 0!
  23. I'm still a noobie, but I bought the VF-0A right around the end of January... the second series of Toynami 1/100s, and 3 1/48 VF-1s (Stealth, Roy's S and Hikaru's S) have all followed in rapid succession... I'm hooked.
  24. I;m excited. Ihave to thank all those people that I thought were crazy (for spending so much on 1/48s) that I've seen on the Transformers boards that I frequent for getting me interested. Then the figures themselves for really hooking me. Oh... and Robotech for sucking...
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