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  1. I´m still building figure models - just not Macross related, so not posting here. My last figure was Ann Gora from Swatkats http://celsoryuji.deviantart.com/gallery/54187377/Ann-Gora and Jakuzure Nonon from Kill la Kill. http://celsoryuji.deviantart.com/gallery/49846899/Kill-la-Kill I built a VF-22 and posted here. http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=42240
  2. Thanks! The blue paint I used is Gunze medium blue (Mr color 72).
  3. Hasegawa plastic model of VF22 from "Macross 7" - Max version.
  4. Finished pin up version. (fan service)
  5. Yes I know US$600 is VERY cheap for this kind of work, but it´s for a private collection of Deviantart site member - not a prototype for toy industry. For most of members (even here) is a bit high price for a commission.
  6. Painted parts. Painted cockpit.
  7. Thanks for comments! Finished seat. Finished panel. Ready for paint!
  8. I charged US$600 for this commission.
  9. He wants Misa wearing Macross jacket, micro skirt and... nothing more. and sorry, no copy.
  10. Starting to build clothes with epoxy putty.
  11. Thanks! I was building models not related to Macross world, so I not posted here. Sorry, the first Misa is out of production and this commission is for a unique figure - no copy will be made.
  12. Starting a commission work : Misa Hayase in pin up style (reference) on VF-1 cockpit. I will build a new cockpit from scratch - the resin parts are just for reference.
  13. Maybe she can help http://mumbojumbo.deviantart.com/ (I don't have skill to sculp anime version of real people... )
  14. Starting to build the kit. First, I scribed the panel lines.
  15. pre order: http://macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=25059
  16. This is the failed parts...
  17. Sorry, I will not build extra parts - it's necessary special tools / skills for that and I don't have it. But if someone else want to build an upgrade / detail up sets for this kit, please feel free to produce and sell ! I think will be interesting...
  18. Finished molds - total: 15 molds... I made the first test and some parts failed still needs some adjusts...
  19. Actually I'm considering this figure as failed/ dead project... I was planning to build a polyester resin version for myself and made the mold but failed in some parts - that was OK because that version was not for sale. Then I cast the parts and started to build and pin, but I made the pin holes wrong and damaged the parts. When lots of things starts to go wrong in a project, it's time to abandom so, the kit is abandonded for months...
  20. Detail up with photo etching and finished seat. * I builded 1 "tank" in the seat back and will make a copy for the second.
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