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  1. Changed uniform back (used Claudia's uniform as reference)
  2. Now she have 5 pre orders. I will keep this figure in pre order until i get 8. BTW, I started a new pre order for Komillia. http://macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=17583
  3. Thanks for advices! I will try these modifications, but first i will make a "backup copy" So, in case of disaster (a made a lot in some projects in the past ) I can try again in a new copy.
  4. I thought the back of her uniform was like " \/\/ " but after see the reference is more like "_/\_ " ...
  5. Thanks for comments and references! Made basic strip, finished hands,hair detail up and testing face paint. Something is wrong in her face and still needs some retouch to looks like Misa...
  6. Yes, i think the same... but that detail is her trademark too.
  7. Now I'm waiting to get enough pre orders to decide if this figure worth to produce and finish. She only received 2 pre orders ( I will not make the mold just to sell 2 copies ) I will wait until Sunday - if don't receive more pre order (at least I will just abandom this prototype and cancel the orders.
  8. It's hard to say what is Misa's "trademark" because if you compare tv/movie/Mikimoto illustration version, she looks completly different, but we still recognize her... IMO it's her front and brown hair.
  9. I made that kit. http://macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?show...&hl=komilia
  10. Prototype ready! - started : Jul / 06 / 2007 - finished : Oct / 07 / 2007 - kit parts : 9 - pre order : http://macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=23816
  11. changed arms pose and uniform/hair detail up.
  12. Thanks for help (and sorry for my bad english ) so, I will build the 3 red stripes version.
  13. In her uniform in the chest in some illustration there is one green bar and in others 3 red bars... which one is correct?
  14. Thanks for comments and support! I just started this project, so it's hard to say when I will finish... about the right arm pose : no problem - I can change
  15. 1/6 scale cockpit is too big for me ...
  16. comparing the size with Hasegawa 1/72 cockpit parts.
  17. - scale : 1/8 - material : plastic sheet and polyester resin I used Minmay illustration as reference but I will replace the head and build Misa Hayase.
  18. Finished arms and testing hair parts.
  19. After several weeks finally I finished to rebuild her body...
  20. removing shirt and checking body proportion. (I not decided yet about new shirt )
  21. I was using these images as reference of her shirt , but looks like nobody liked... so, I will make some modification.
  22. An update : - finished legs (and panty ) - changed face and paint test - changing shirt
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