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  1. I used Gunze (GSI) Mr.color. First, I paint the primer (Mr.SURFACER 1000),then a layer of Mr.WHITE SURFACER 1000 and then a mix of flesh (51), gloss white (1), flat white (62) and gloss clear orange (49).
  2. Replacing earrings. The original earring was a not clear resin part,so I rebuilded using clear plastic from Gundam kit.
  3. Making transparent eyes. I usually use clear resin,but this time I used Wave parts to make eyes lens.
  4. She is still in stock on Hobbyfan. http://www.hobbyfan.com/product_info.php?c...+-+G-System+kit
  5. Starting to build a 1/4 scale Minmay kit. - First stage: puttying - fortunatelly this is a good quality casting kit,so I finished this stage easily. - Second stage : pinning - I'm using 2mm brass rod.
  6. now I only have to finish her mech feet.
  7. copied useful mech parts from plastic models.
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