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  1. They posted just that 3 pictures - it was a thread about hentai images of Macross.
  2. ohhh... That's great!!
  3. Actually I don't know who made that illustration - I got that image on 4chan... So, I didn't ask permition to use the image as reference - but, if had some problem, I will remove.
  4. I have no idea of who made that Minmay figure - I got these images on 4chan /h/
  5. someone already made...
  6. scale: 1/6 used kits: I used legs,panty and part of sweater of this Mizuho http://www.hobbyfan.com/product_info.php?c...+yellow+sweater torso from http://www.hobbyfan.com/product_info.php?c...ho+-+Black+Boot and head, hair and arms from http://www.hobbyfan.com/product_info.php?c...+version+WF2005
  7. interesting video of how to make canopy and take "realistics" photos
  8. Thanks for these images,but probably my next project will be her mother Miria. http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?...ic=18105&hl
  9. part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTokLAJc9Oo part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fU4W0ncGWxw
  10. Thanks for images,but now my priority is finish more 2 commission Minmay.
  11. Good to know the kit arrived safely and you liked.
  12. I stoped the production of Komillia because the mold is already damaged and I'm not sure if worth to make a new one... about her sisters...do you have their teen/adult version images? I only have an image of kid version (Millene was just a baby)
  13. FINISHED!! (....the first one ) ...now I have to finish other 8.
  14. well, the problem is everything I have to make x 9 and that is taking more time than I was expected...
  15. Masking. (I REALLY HATE this part... )
  16. Yes. The efect is much better than just painting.
  17. Base. ** If you want change some detail in the label contact me.
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