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Macross/Animation Cel Collection Thread


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Here is a cel from Macross Flashback. I have to repost it again, because it's

too much of a close up. Minmay's head lookattachicon.gifCEL6.jpgs small

Here is some other cels

Really like the cel of Hick and Minmay in the park - with the background - NICE!

Just picked up this scopedog firing for only $40 - hope its not stuck to the sketch . . .


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jvmacross, any chance of scanning your nice cells?

Would like to do that someday...but currently my time is monopolized mostly with changing and disposing of diapers for a 3 month old and watching Disney movies with my 2 year old.... ^_^

For now...I can post some quick shots of my cels taken with my cell phone...... ;)

Had to get this



....as it goes well with my Sivil.....


....the hunt for more Protodeviln continues.....

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Wow! Talk about a rare cel right there. That's from the film version of Macross Plus, right? Lucy McMillan waking up with Isamu.

I believe so...I do not recall the scene in any of the episodes......I skipped the Film version recently (bought the BD) as I prefer the OVA......but I guess it deserves another viewing on BD as soon as I get a chance....someday...maybe.... :unsure:

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That's one heck of a cel! You really have them all jvmacross!

Thanks Marzan....however, my collection is currently devoid of even one cel from the series represented by your avatar..... -_-

I'd like to get a few nice MII cels...would like a VF-22S cel or a nice one of Ishtar.....

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