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Macross/Animation Cel Collection Thread


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Hi Everyone,

Beautiful cels as usual, its great to see everyone's collection growing. I'm a relatively new collector, specifically Millia/Miriya cels and in my search for her I occasionally come across other Macross gems. I just thought I would share some links to these Macross cels for sale. Now I have no affiliation with any of these sites, in fact I've never even ordered anything from them, I just came across them and thought I would share the info. :)

I hope they help someone here find a little joy.




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Here is my only framed cel so far - Mospeada hanken cel from the laser dic box art...



This is a good one. I think I saw this one or another Mospeada hanken at Anime-Link once.

I have these 3 Dangaioh cels I would also like to frame in that same style. I photoshopped the frame on to see how it would look...





I saw someone with a similar setup once. I can't remember if it was at a gallery of some kind or at Disney World. But it's a cool setup.

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