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  1. Thanks Seto Kaiba for your review. About art quality, it makes me feel sources and materials they had access to were pretty bad... and we can add a bad use of image processing software... So more i see this mook, more this idea appears : print my own personal artbook, with good sources, good materials, like a doujin... But it's just a wish...
  2. Yes, thanks... There are some official artworks unseen before... I've just skimmed through this book one time quickly... I'll talk about settings's part: Book's size is good, like this we can appreciate model sheets, settei in fair size.... But if there's one complaint to say, just one...: Documents's quality. Former Mospeada artbook, 11 years ago, was too small. Pictures are numerous but too reduced, tiny to estimate drawings's "finesse". Now, about this new artbook, dimensions are great but documents are unfit for an official relea
  3. Hi, Some others comments about this new Mospeada artbook ? Your opinion ?
  4. Same thing for HLJ Thanks Shawn
  5. Thanks Shawn, so long time i didn't use HLJ.... About this famous Legioss Well, i don't have BR but i've got that It could help..
  6. About New Mospeada artbook from Neko, do someone has received it from HLJ ? Do we still have to wait for a long time ?
  7. Thanks Shawn for this share !! Real treasures !! Beautiful !! @TheLoneWolf: White-out on SDF artwork is white correction fluid... Usually used on old original felt pen art
  8. So Amazon JP can sell and send Mospeada toys (in US and Europe) but not Mospeada book... Am I wrong ? About Mospeada event this week, so much goodies appear.. Mospeada goodiesgoodies I'd like to obtain t-shirt or the bag...
  9. Hi Shawn, Thanks for your help. I appreciate If i can't buy it, i'll ask you So It was a pleasure to help you in the past I know they are in good hands Bests regards
  10. Great news Shawn ! Thanks I don't know too but the cover is different...Amazon link Mospeada book Cover link Which webstore do you use for an european customer? Amiami, hlj, hmv....?
  11. Oops!! Sincerely sorry !! I use mobile phone...what can i do to cancel/erase that ?
  12. Just put this link Below.. Mospeada unseen artworks explanation It gives explanation for Legioss missile pod and Legioss first strike missile unseen in Mospeada anime. Thanks for all !
  13. Hi Sketchley, You're right.. Usually, most of settei seen in Market are reproductions... Most of them are A4 size... But according to anime series/movies, original setting/settei's dimensions are different ...and sometimes reproductions settei given to staff respect settei's size... About Mospeada anime, I found several settei copies in B4 size...like original settei... Missile strike missile picture is B4 and is an original artwork... I don't have all Mospeada artworks but what i've got are all B4 On the contrary, some of original Macro
  14. A Big Thanks for Seto! Finally we've got explanation for these sheets: missile pod ans first strike missile !! First strike missile settei's picture
  15. Hi Shawn, Thanks you for your comment ! But this time, this sheet comes from Carl's documents. Unfortunately, i can't help...i just own some artworks...and share them... It remembers me Legioss missile underbreast discussion... Anyways, talking about Mospeada lineart and settei is pleasant.
  16. About Legioss missile...in japanese
  17. Settei, storyboard, scripts Beautiful!! Strangely, some of these settei copy are familiar... I thought it came from a peculiar settei set but maybe i was wrong... Nice to see all these copy in big size
  18. These artworks are beautiful ! Especially the lower sketch... I really can't find it.... Where do they come from ? I'm very curious! Thanks for all ! Sincerely akim
  19. Congratulations to the new owner! Mospeada copy settei
  20. eager link (But in my personal papers, there is one who says 3meters for Eager...not seen here...) Other pic for 2,50m...
  21. Hi, you're right... Strange..lineart talks about episode 12 (at 9min20) but it's not really exactly same thing in the anime: top hatch Grab opened
  22. akim

    Macross Books

    Arii catalog 1998, MAT Information vol.2...
  23. akim

    Macross Books

    Hi, Long time i didn't post here^^ Just for completion, seen in gallery, an old doujin (to complete informations in MW books doujinshi section...) Bests regards. akim.
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