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  1. There goes AmiAmi's reputation
  2. bowman

    YF-21 WIP

    Will you model the VF-11B and X-9 as well?
  3. jvmacross, any chance of scanning your nice cells?
  4. Anyone know what those 2 little squares on the inner side of the lower legs are for?
  5. pretty expensive, looking forward to photos from our fellow members once they get their hands on this toy. Especially comparison photos with the Yamato one in battroid/fighter mode.
  6. bowman

    YF-21 WIP

    Great stuff, I would like to add a tiny critique if you don't mind. The pentagon shaped areas should be transparent as the bubble canopy. If you have modeled the inside of the cockpit just as Dan's VF-1 that would be awesome.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIYYMIWssyU go to 03:44 , that's what i meant with the hatch
  8. bowman

    YF-21 WIP

    I've compared the version you are using with the the ones from the art books and double checked with the anime. It turns out that both versions is not exactly accurate to the anime. But one thing is clear the area i circled should be as flat as the blueprint i used for reference. The 4 black hexagons close to the fuselage are also not present in the anime.
  9. Arcadia The previous version of the YF-19 had quite some issues which are now being addressed with this version and it looks awesome. For the YF-21 i wonder how much could be improved or whether it's possible to add some extra features to it just like this new toy. Swappable legs was mentioned earlier for the battroid/gerwalk mode, floppy wing fix, improved Guld pilot sculpt. Fastpack with opening hatch for the gunpods in fighter mode.
  10. bowman

    YF-21 WIP

    Nice job, you missed the red sensor behind the head laser i believe, i have encircled the area where it looks a bit different comparing with and Keep it up, looking forward seeing you finish this beauty
  11. Have been wishing for the x-9 a long time, there's still hope. Speaking of hardpoints, would they interfere with the high speed mode?
  12. Too bad, i'm looking for photos on how to solve the floppy wing issue.
  13. If you can take the photo of the toy in the Mojave desert combining it with that background it would look even better. The indoor photo makes the plane a bit too bright compared with the background, solved this issue and you got one realistic photo that's hard to be distinguished from a real photo.
  14. That's some pretty glass portraits. Also a pity that one of these artwork had to end up in pieces.
  15. If this bird is gonna sell like hotcakes Yamato should consider producing VF-X-4 as well
  16. Great stuff, hope to see more of it.
  17. no x-9 yet? , i pass this ghost
  18. \Well excuse me for mentioning the VF-2SS i suppose you also have a problem with Sandman's and Desty Nova's post then?
  19. Now that Yamato have decided to release the VF-4 as an assembled toy, we might see the VF-2SS in the near future. As for the question from Archer whether the VF-4 has a gun, according to macross2.net there's an optional gun pod. I wonder where the gun pod would fit under the belly in fighter mode.
  20. The matte finish looks way better than the glossy bandai version.
  21. bowman

    YF-19 leg cracking

    The YF-19 is one piece of junk with exploding and cracking parts. Better luck with the next generation which might come out in 2014 celebrating it's 20th anniversary. I'm curious how the VF-19s will hold out in a few years from now.
  22. I hope he will think about you the next time he wants to throw away his toys.
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