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  1. EDIT: Don't know why i didn't look in the Hall of Super Topics for the old "Display Your Collection" thread, but i just found it and thought i'd link it finally: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=18562&hl Enjoy more collection pics!! ORIGINAL POST: I did some searching for a thread dedicated to just showing off entire Macross collections and displays and there were only a few threads with individuals posting only their collection. Or there were collection pics hidden in other threads about display cases or toy pictures. I love to see how people display their toys so here's a new thread where everyone can participate to share their collections. This is a new dedicated thread for people to show off ONLY pictures of their Macross Collection Displays. You can post pictures of how you display them whether it's in a cabinet, glass displays, book cases, whole rooms, etc. NO pictures of individual toys since there is already a thread for that. Lets see all our Macross collections in 1 place! I'll start by showing off a section of my rearranged Macross toys in my custom detolf cabinet displays. I'm still working on rearranging the rest of the room so i'll post those later. 1/48 displays I also recently purchased mini acrylic display signs so i can label my collection for fun. need to make them for the rest of my displays and i'll post them later. This was my old display room circa summer 2009, but i'll post updated pics soon
  2. Hi All, I'm working on the Model Graphix decal sheet variant along with the flight deck kit. Here’s some progress shots: The resin panels of the deck need to be squared up. I compressed the oleo on the front gear. Added brass barrels to the GU-11. Mounted pylons for a bomb payload.
  3. First off: I usually don't engage in fandoms of any kind due to reason. Second: I usually do _not_ get my hands on official source material, as this stuff is hard to come by in my area for reasons we all know. So I may have some details wrong. Feel free to point them out in a constructive manner! What you see is a glorified DIY joystick controller with a LCD ('MFD') and plenty of RGB. It's design is based on a VF-1 (DYRL) and was modelled by me in Wings3D using source material from the Macross Mecha Manual (Kudos to whoever made this instrument drawing - had a good chuckle reading the inscriptions): http://www.macross2.net/m3/macrossdyrl/vf-1s-strike.htm http://www.macross2.net/m3/macrossdyrl/vf-1a-fastpack/vf1-dyrl-cockpit-instrumentpanel.png I say based because this is not an exact replica. The goal is to use it for playing PC games. Really any game so I'm keeping that part as stupid as possible. This is "just" another joystick for the PC - and am additional display connected via HDMI cable. Using all of it's features requires additional software, of course, but this is the basic design so any game could be played on the built in display OR next to it. I use it mainly to play Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen, X4: Foundations and plenty of other Space Pew Pew. I'm not aware of any Macross specific game for PC and never owned a PS 🤷 Anyway, after designing that I didn't do much with it for months. My previous version (own design) made of cardboard did the trick for quite a while. One of the final bumps to make me go was the 3D models of @Olitech Industries in the end, that I found during researching for that design. The rest is history ☺️ Important: This is still Work In Progress. I'm _still_ moving buttons around because I'm still not yet sure what I'll need but I do have a very good idea by now. This is to explain why some areas are still empty. I eventually started the build by exporting my model to STL. Inkscape made the scaling a breeze and after printing out 8 A4 papers I got the first impression how huge this would going to be in the end - and I almost stopped right there again. Next was preparing a lot of mock-up panels made from cardboard - something I have good experience with from my first version, that used my own design. When I was happy with the mock-ups I switched to wood. For this I sourced mostly from the local hardware store. Stuff they had available so I wouldn't have to pay for cutting services. The rest was done with the help of a jig saw, wood glue and staples. Wiring everything was quite a task. I did spend many evenings and sunk over 250 connectors into this - can totally recommend crimping pliers for this. I won't bore you with the details here. Next was the software part. The core of the contraption is an Arduino Mega that runs some custom code I wrote. It also controls the status indicators so whenever I get ship telemetry from games I can control individual RGB LEDs on a Neopixel string. The LEDs are not yet built on this picture but are sitting on the top as I used to have them on my first version. They eventually moved to the very retro styled orange housings. Kinda liked my own hexagonal housings too but what can I say… I'm a child of the 80s 🤷 The next step is a never-ending one as I'm tweaking and adjusting the HUD application as I go. Most of this I had figured out for version 1 already but decided to rewrite everything for the VF-1 variant mostly due to more "screen estate". The idea is to interface with games that allow that by parsing their ship telemetry data and logs and cram everything into a plumbing pipeline unifying the data format in a way that the HUD can understand without having to roll different versions of the HUD based on the games I play. This is the most custom part as interfacing with games is _hard_ - and most don't let the player do that and have to be… persuaded. Spent e.g. _weeks_ on hacking my way into X4 but I got it working in the end. So what's left to do? Well obviously building a complete cockpit around this 🤓 I may eventually go there but for now I just enjoy my Pew Pew gaming with what I have. I'm also still working on the finishing touches like deciding on the icons for the buttons: I'm still working on a walk-through demo video explaining what which part of the panel does. So… QnA time maybe? 😅 Is this a finished product? NO. Will it ever be? As well: NO. Can I build you one? NO. It's a project of passion. I'm not interested or qualified in making this my job. If you are inspired though (and I hope you are) and want to roll your own: Be my guest. I started a project page where I'm explaining all this in more detail: https://SimPit.dev - it's slow af, because it's hosted in my backyard, but ads and tracking free. I'm also steadily expanding this. Various demo videos exist also on YouTube or my PeerTube account and I foster a project page on Hackaday so pick your poison. My material is usually CC BY-SA 4.0 - I believe in fair sharing and adapting! I'm also available for questions or advice, of course, but implementing something like this to fit _your_ needs _will_ be up to you.
  4. Anyone here has an OOB build pic of Hasegawa's VF-1 Battroid? It would be appreciated because i wanna see how the kit looks with only the waterslides decals applied on and without any further modifications like painting, seamline removal, etc. Thanks. *box art design incase anyone needs it
  5. Urashiman

    Fun with KSP

    Hey everyone, I was a bit bored today and had some fun in KSP. Everything was done without mods. Doesn't transform, flight model only VF-1 VF-9
  6. VF1_construction_2002251800A.mp4 VF1_construction_2002222100_1.mp4 VF1_construction_200220.mp4
  7. DapperMan

    Upgraded Valks

    From the album: Macross CG Fan Art

    Made some quick upgrades to my Valkyrie fighter 3D model; added some missiles.
  8. From the album: Macross CG Fan Art

    Testing missile and exhaust effects. Probably need to tone down the brightness of the flames, but definitely sticking to the Macross-Blue exhaust colors.
  9. A little bit demotivated by the big build that was my yf-19, I tried this time with a more pocket sized valk, so I did an SD vf-1s currently working on instructions on stud.io
  10. Hello, When was the first or last time you've seen a Macross resin variable kit built? (10) or more years ago perhaps. Personally, I've never seen anyone build the Yellow Submarine 1/100 VF-1S Strike variable. So, I figured it would make a nice challenging and very rare entry to the RTFK BITComp! Blue Roses Strike full variable resin kit built by Tom Kleban and assisted by yours truly. Decals custom made by Anasazi37 with much appreciation. Joints recently strengthened to permit better posing, etc. Please enjoy and let me know what you think. By the way, I'm looking for pictures of Macross variable kits built by MW members, so if you have any links please let me know. I'll be adding them to my Macross Complete Model List project. Sincerely, Christopher
  11. Somehow I lost the ventral fin for the Vf-1s. Is there anyway to get a replacement via 3d printing or a spare someone has?
  12. From the album: Macross CG Fan Art

    Reverse angle of the previous pic: The revision of one of the Enigma paint schemes for Burning Bushes team, previously shown as a Battroid, this time in Fighter mode. 3ds max and a bit of Photoshop; Vue background.
  13. G'day lads, just thought I'd pop in and let you guys know that we are are looking at producing a line of canopy masks for the Hasegawa 1/72 and 1/48 Valks (at least to start with). Personally I could never get those decals they give you work without looking like a huge mess, so I always masked and painted by canopies which is a huge PITA. While prototyping I can say that masking up now only takes a few minutes before you're back in action. Anyway let me know if you are interested or if you have any input/suggestions or goo and bad experience with canopy masking sets. EDIT: These are starting to become available now so I'll list details here in the first post so they are easy to find. So far we have the following sets available (or will be soon): 1/48 scale VF-1A/J/S DYRL(Hasegawa canopy part N -1) - AUD$8.25 each. 1/72 scale VF-1A/J/S (Hasegawa) - AUD$5.50each. All orders include postage within Australia. International orders add a flat AUD $3.00 for postage. I can be PM'd here or via email here. Cheers, Brett
  14. I decided to try out the technique in a bigger model, a friend may want me to build and paint his 1/20 planax, but I declined as I think I need practice and I am a really bad builder
  15. I wanted to display my 1/12 figures in a cockpit so I did my best to recreate it in scale with nanoblock building blocks
  16. Hello guys, I am a robot collector, new in this forum and I do not know if I am at right place. I want to sell this very rare Valkyrie. It has been made by Lansay with the Bandai Mold. (So technically it is possible to say it is a KO). The problem is that I do not have an idea of what price will be fair because it is very rare. According to what I read it is the rarest version for Valkyrie. Mine is in good shape but unfortunately on loose... if you can help on it it will be great !!
  17. DapperMan

    Fire Walkers

    From the album: Macross CG Fan Art

    Karif Qureshi, team leader of Fire Walkers, and his squad mates Chloe and Laelea happily chat away after a routine flight. Male flight suit is a WIP and will have a wrinkle morph like the women’s suits. Suits, props, figure morphs made in Max and ZBrush. Custom Valkyrie paint schemes shamelessly appropriated and adapted from a scheme in the book Variable Fighter Master File VF-1 Valkyrie. Rendered in Poser and Photoshop.
  18. Does anyone have a screen shot of the VF - 1 with nose art and Misa sitting in the back? Alternatively, when does it appear on screen? I have tried the search function without any luck.
  19. http://www.macrossworld.com/4799/macross-the-museum-11-vf-1s-cockpit-planned/
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