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  1. DapperMan

    Macross CG Fan Art

    Various images featuring Macross Valkyries and non-canon Macross characters. Mostly my own 3D models. Please use common decency and don't claim it as your own work on some other forum (it's silly that I have to say this now).
  2. Yep, I like what you've done here. Is that a dome you've added there? I would guess yes since the title says something about the Megaroad.
  3. Looking forward to that. Kim is my favorite Bridge Bunny!
  4. For anyone with a GearVR or an Oculus Rift, I took my very old Macross Valkyrie cockpit and rendered it in a 360-degree 3D view. The viewer sits in Hikaru’s VF-1J, and wingmen are visible to the left and right. This was a quickie, and there are issues with this old cockpit model that I only noticed once I was “sitting” in it. Some panels are definitely wrong. I had to make stuff up, or interpret things from screencaps of the show back then. Quick hacks were made for visibility purposes, and the front instrument monitors have yet to be textured. But it’s an interesting, if slightly incomplete, experience. Also, I've never sat in a fighter cockpit, so is it natural for the nosecone to obstruct the view so much? I cheated and moved it down out of view because it kinda bugged me.
  5. Nicely done! I always enjoy seeing Misa and Millia *ahem* out of uniform.
  6. Ha, in the year or so that it will take me to build a VF-4, yeah maybe! Although, since the VF-4 is mostly a space fighter, it might be fun work on an outer space Valk scene as well. I have yet to try one of those.
  7. Agreed. I ordered the VF-4 Master File book last week, and can't wait to see it. There's something about those 80's anime aircraft designs. The Vf-4 and the others mentioned above, and the aircraft in Crusher Joe and other shows of that era (which shows my age, too) have a certain aesthetic that's always appealed to me. I look forward to the redos of the the VF-9 and VF-3000, but they already looked pretty awesome already to me.
  8. Thanks so much! I'd love to put my pilots and Valks in hangar scenes if I could ever figure out the references for Prometheus' hangar. I have the upper deck roughly built, but might just have to try to copy some Nimitz photos to make hangar scenes. BTW, I've quite enjoyed the VF-4s, -3000s, and -9s that you've posted, despite lurking and not commenting. Other than the VF-1, those 3 happen to be my favorite Valkyries.
  9. Thanks!! Ha, cool! I'd love to see what you did with it.
  10. So, I've lurked forever and have admired a lot of the work here. I'm in awe of many of the 3D modellers here. The other VF-1's I've seen in the forum, the VF-4's, the VF-3000's, they're just amazing. I'm more of a hobbyist-level modeler, and make scenes with my own VF-1 and various bits of Macross clothing. That said, I've got a little Macross artwork at DeviantArt, and I'm posting my favorite so far from that gallery: For an exercise, I copied the composition of a photograph of a fighter on a carrier deck surrounded in catapult steam, and recreated it in 3D. Valkyrie fighter and clothes modeled or extensively morphed in 3ds max and ZBrush. Inspired by a photo from Reuters/Corbis. Hope you enjoy it!
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