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Countdown until the Shogakukun Macross Package Art Collection Book is released! 

The countdown has finished!


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  1. The sad thing is someone will pay this.
  2. That was it. Can't believe i missed it. Thanks so much.
  3. So I was transforming my yf-19 the other day and this little triangle piece fell out from somewhere. I can’t figure out where it’s from. I hoping someone here knows.
  4. Hmm i tried to do the 4 payment thing but i didn't see any way to select that option. It only allows me to pay all upfront.
  5. I totally missed out on this preorder. Was the combo pack released or just the amour? And if the combo was, is it still available? Can't find any listings.
  6. I tried pre-ordering at anime-export but the pay later option doesn't co me up, only the pay now. Edit: Did some playing around and it seems the web exclusive stuff doesn't allow the pay later. It also seems you pay extra for the pay later option.
  7. The HLJ link is showing as 404 missing. edit: did a search and it showed up.
  8. I never had a friend that would gift me a valk. Can you be my friend?
  9. Maybe Nippon-Yassen will carry the pf? JK! Couldn't hold in my laughter typing that.
  10. Finally! Been waiting for a pf yf-19 to get the intake warnings tampooed. Though it should've been on the regular release to begin with.
  11. Is the 1D still being offered through the tamashi site?
  12. Considering how all of valkyrie factory's offerings have sold out. I'm surprised they haven't pumped up the releases. They should be at least doing VF-1 reissues and new paint schemes.
  13. So are every valk of this release have the shoulders issue? Or is it only a few of them?
  14. Really don't want to use DHL since they also add another 50-70 dollars of customs fees.
  15. Damn just got this from Amiami in regards to Canada: We are contacting you to inform that your order has been placed on hold for shipment. This is due to a temporary shipping suspension to your country/region, and your order will be shipped once shipping resumes. The suspension is affecting the following shipping methods: EMS, Air and all SAL shipping methods. There are currently no available shipping methods that you can select for this order. Please note that suspended shipping methods will be shipped when shipping resumes to your country/region. Looks like i'm not getting my Roy 1/48 and SOC Arcadia anytime soon.
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