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Countdown until the Shogakukun Macross Package Art Collection Book is released! 

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  1. The VT and VF-1D need to be released like NOW!!! Seriously whats the hold up?
  2. Sandman

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    No i don't have a yeti stand and not likely to unless he opens up again. As for screwing the peg, i'm not sure how to do that. You can't come in from underneath. The peg is hollow so maybe can go in through the top but you'd have to use a really small screw. So small that i doubt it would hold the weight. My hope is there someone who made a shapeways replacement for that piece.
  3. Sandman

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    So I’ve had my Arcadia YF-19 on the Arcadia clear stand since whenever the stand was released. The other day I took it off to wish around. I went to put it back on the stand and I couldn’t get it to balence. I finally got it to a satisfactory spot and then the call fell off the stand. Looking at it I see the peg has sheared off from the stand. So beware guys.
  4. What do you guys do to keep the canopy from getting scratched in batteries mode.
  5. This annoyed me. I was waiting for the andromeda since it's like impossible to get the old one. They even released the gamilas ship.
  6. I got an ex-gokin Garland for 24000 yen. I patting myself on the back for scoring a great deal on a new garland. Then the invoice came in. The shipping is over 10000yen EMS. Id this correct? Anyone else who bought the ex gokin? If so how much did you pay for shipping?
  7. Is the color right on Black Wing? The blue doesn't seem right.
  8. Any new developments in the KO scene. I lost track of the news. Anything new announced.
  9. Awesome photo. You are a lot braver than me. My OD is cringing at the valk sitting in dirt.
  10. You got to put a deposit? I had to pay all up front.
  11. I agree. I actually don't like them using any bold or bright colours on fed ships like the red on shenzhou. It doesn't jive with me on a federation design.
  12. Sandman

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    The 0D is my last item from them. It feels good to be free. Over the last 10 years I’ve Always had over 2 pages of active orders consistently. This is the result of bad customer service.
  13. Wow! They went straight to 35000 yen without any increments.
  14. Those rotating turrents are the only thing i like bout this Arcadia? The movie was disappointing to me.
  15. Over a week in "Preparation in progress". Has anyone had it shipped after this stage and if so how long after getting the notice did it take?
  16. I've had that issue with the yamato VF-1S hikaru 1/48. But only that one. My other copy of the same valk doesn't have that issue. Mind you i haven't checked in a couple of years. I'll have to recheck all my valks. I wasn't even aware it was an issue with the yf-21 1/60.
  17. Was any thing other than the tv super parts announced at the event?
  18. I've been waiting for this one since they released the other arcadia years ago. But damn... that price.
  19. Sandman

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    This is been my experience as well. I live in western Canada. I recently had two shipments which i chose Fedex and DHL because they were actually cheaper than EMS. I got greedy on the quicker shipping times but i ended up getting fined customs $48 for each. I had to call them to pay by credit card too. Cost me an extra day or two thus eliminating the shipping time advantage. Never again. EMS all the way.
  20. That site's payment plan is crazy. First payment of $75 and 2 payments of $212. That adds up more than their list price.
  21. OMG! Actually got one at Amiami. First time i've gotten a preorder since they updated the websites back in Jan 2019.
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