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  1. I was with a friend today, admiring the VE-1. We were totally blown away by the VE-1 A question came out, how do you land the VE-1 in fighter mode, the pilot must be exceptionally good not to damage the electronic panels below the undercarriage when landing !
  2. If you can strengthen with cement, the stands are not wasted. Just be careful though, I understand from a friend some super glue does "eat" away some plastic.
  3. I am just glad we have someone like Graham to channel our recommendations /criticism to Yamato. We may have some disappointments with some of Yamato's earlier products but their latest products are with better QCs. This I believe is due partly to Graham help in passing Yamato our feedbacks/recommendations and also competition from Bandai’s DX and 1/72 line ! Now if we can get someone here as liaison with Bandai ?
  4. Thank you Bandai, been hoping you come out with the DX VF-27, now if you could now plan the DX VF-171 !
  5. Oh dear I can hear my poor wallet crying again
  6. sheryl seems a bit dazed, don't think I like this rendition of her
  7. Hey can the super dild...err Super Fold Booster light up ? Batteries included ?
  8. Anyone willing to sell his ticket to me ?
  9. anyone can translate Mari's interview in macross ace vol 2 ?
  10. .........or the Thunder Hammer !
  11. I am just glad Maxmillian Jenius came out tops again !
  12. Manning the booth was fun, but as a added bonus the maid cafe was next to our booth here are some eye candies !
  13. ha ha sorry about that, most of the time they are in Fighter mode but on several times, VF-25S Ozma was in battaloid mode w/ super packs
  14. A short video clip on the Macross exhibition booth http://vimeo.com/5560080
  15. Many thanks A bunch of us contributed to the event, but carrying so many toys and setting up the exhibition booth was a logistic nightmare ! The number of Macross fans are fewer compared to the Gundam and Transformers fans in Malaysia, we are trying to spread the Macross fandom here. We hope to do it better the next round. Good luck to your Con.
  16. Wolf-x and D'Only, Many thanks for your help during the event. Tiring but fun!
  17. Hi Hakim, The map is here. http://www.daiconnews.com/gethere.php If you have problems getting here from Penang let me know
  18. Yamato just reissue the 1/60 YF-19 this month, how do we know whether this is the version with the fixed gunpod ? Would there be any differences in the packaging ?
  19. Another one ? And its this month !
  20. The Resistance should create more EMP based weapons if they want to finish off the machines. Anyway one thing that really disturbs me, how did Skynet know that Kyle Resse would be the future father of John Connor and thus make him the number one target in the assassination list ?
  21. Thanks dude, it looked cool
  22. Hey guys any pixs yet ? Can't wait to see them
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