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  1. Finally watched RO yesterday, and I enjoyed it very much, much much better than TFA! A few things that i really liked: - it is nice to have something rather than following the main characters from the main story all the time. - Everyday people with no super powers (force skills) makes for more relatable characters - Storm troopers actually show themselves to be able to aim AND hit their target! - Vader was actually menacing in his combat scene. - Rebels and their actions are many times less noble than perceived from main films. Some were even openly being cowards. - The fact that the volunteer rebels were willing to, and actually gave up their lives for a cause they believed was beautiful. (For too long have films state how little chance of survival their characters have, but yet have plot armor thicker and more durable than any pinpoint/ omni directional barrier.) Of course, it is far from perfect, but it turned out far better than i had expected.
  2. BlueMax

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Think I got lucky this time at amiami after many failures over the past few years
  3. Got my HLJ confirmation... phew!
  4. Negative. As an episode, it was maybe just OK. However, it wasn't any episode. It was a series finale and as a series finale, it was very disappointing. Bottomline: it ended the series, but other than the (somewhat forced) love triangle and that Chuck's sister was alive, pretty much everything else was left hanging. Eg. Regarding the protoculture. Other than than the questionable claim that songs was always meant to be a weapon by Berger, what else did we learn about the protoculture that was new?
  5. Excellent podcast for 24. Mike's awesomeness seems to be directly proportional to the amount of screen/ action time/ intensity of Makina.... Don't worry Mike, I'm sure they'll pull through! I don't agree that the shot should have come from the front.... since you cited "padding"... lol. They still need her Hope and Dreams to anchor the fanboys!
  6. Negative What happened was basically very lazy writing. if this show did not have "Macross" in its title, I would have totally written it off and refused to watch anymore episodes, and something tells me I'm not alone in this.
  7. I really wonder if the speaker podcast crew think it is worth their time and effort in discussing the last 3-4 episodes. I have the greatest respect for you guys and i really love to listen to you guys banter. I mean, as a normal viewer, it left a pretty sour taste just watching it. Having to watch it and spend at least an hour discussing what are probably lame episodes, then editing it before posting it? I can't imagine what a chore it could be for you (unless you really enjoyed the episodes).
  8. Just saw the Chinese subs. Very disappointed with this and the last few episodes. I used to be looking forward to what the next episode had to offer and hit the forums to see what kind of insight there are from others and perhaps join in the discussion. At this point, I seriously don't care about this series anymore. There isn't anything really new to discuss besides lamenting about how the producers are squandering the series (I think it is pretty much unanimous). What a shame too, since we only get a new Macross series/ OVA maybe once for every 2 Olympics summer games. Perhaps the last few episodes will be different. Maybe, but I remember ourselves saying that a few episodes ago too, so, like I said, i don't really care at this point. Even through the rose tinted glasses as a Macross fan, this series had effectively jumped the shark since episode 13.
  9. Neutral vote, bordering on negative. If I were a new comer to the series, the last 3-4 episodes would have put me off the series altogether. I'm only still in this because I am a a Macross fan. I'm in it for the Valkyries, I'm in it for VF combat, i'm in it for good songs, and a good story. So far, after episode 13, we haven't have had much of these: The VFs were barely there, they were mostly sitting in their hangers, the songs don't really do it for me, and although there might be a good story, the pacing absolutely kills it. The episode sees too much moping around, and by the time something exciting actually happens, sorry, time's up. Grrr! I'm not even going to put spoiler tags because there is nothing much to spoil: 1/2 the people are moping around because of last episodes reveal, and pretty much the other 1/2 of the people are trying to reach Mikumo in the Hospital ship late in the episode. That is all the episode is all about. Plain boring and Chaos as a PMC is a poorly run entity where members have little sense of work ethics and professionalism. IE. they do things when they feel like it and have basically little discipline when it comes to their emotions.
  10. Looking forward to it. Most war movies so far have been pretty much from the view of the United States (not that it is bad, just that there was more than just American troops being the Allied Army). Finally we have something from the POV of the British/ Commonwealth troops and by a director who has 1/2 his roots on British soil. Hopefully it will be educational and entertaining.
  11. I like to think of Ernest Johnson as someone like Kambei Shimada from <7 Samurai>, rather than an totally incompetent commander. I quote this excerpt from this blog : Sounds like it can describe Ernest Johnson too.
  12. Macross 7: The episode where civillian VF-1s (and de-militarised Destroids) make appearances Macross Dynamite 7: VF-1 Whale Hunting Valks Possibly VA-3s used by the whale poachers
  13. Agree the music is coming together, from the past 2-3 episodes. At the very least, the music is now able to flow with and amplify the action and emotions..... or in Delta's terms, "resonate" with the audience, echoing the "resonance" in the protoculture ruins. Wait a minute...... Is Kawamori trolling us by suggesting we, the audience (likely in our mid 30s and up) are like relics?!
  14. Sounds plausible actually. On a separate note, it has been noted by many that there has been a lack of non-plane mode combat. Flying is Messer's and Aerial knights' (specifically Keith's) forte. This we know. But how would they perform in Battroid mode, even Keith? Til date, the only combat scenes we have seen in battroid mode come from Hayate and Arad (as far as key characters are concerned of course). Trying to fight the Aerial Knights in the air(especially without Messer) gives Delta / Chaos/ NUNS a distinct disadvantage, they've got to take away that advantage either by, as many have said, the remainder of Delta Squadron better step up their game, or try to force the Knights to fight on the ground or at least out of their preferred mode. Maybe the 2nd tranche of episodes will see CHAOs trying to shift their strategy somewhat
  15. Thanks guys for the podcasts, especially for this episode (10) it was carthartic listening to you guys for this episode. Really enjoy it when there are more people offering different viewpoints, and makes for more humorous banter.
  16. This should probably be part of episode 8, but I was just thinking: The planet Voldor, and perhaps their liberators (I'm assuming they were liberated) NUNS should have a captured, albeit damaged/ legless Drakken, courtesy of Bogue. Bogue didn't seem to have destroyed the aircraft after walking out from it. If this is true, we'll have the in-world assessment of the capabilities of the Drakken soon.
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