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    Hi-Metal R

    Non tv-accurate arm armor
  2. Maybe it'll grow on me after I listen to it a few more times, but right now it isn't doing very much for me. It took me a while before Ikenai borderline grew on me. In contrast, most of Kanno's songs(musical tunes at the very least)for frontier were "insta-buys"
  3. If this one is the better ones they've got, then I would have to say that that Delta's music is seriously lack lustre. Except for Ikenai borderline, non of the songs's tunes have made it enough an impression that I am able to recall the tune. Kanno is seriously missed here.
  4. Successful, but did not escape the blast radius, which logically should be fatal
  5. Note that Hayate basically got chewed out a little. There wasn't even any form of NJP against him!
  6. While that is true in real life, in-universe, its a pretty small world as each character seems to know or related to one another somehow, some way.
  7. Watched with Subs. Absolutely enjoyed the episode. I wasn't sold by the pop idol group singing and taking part in the battle thing, but after the last 2 episodes, I must say, I am convinced(so far) that Kawamori made it work, and *gasp* I cheer when I see Hayate doing his little dances in mecha! I thought what Messer did was totally necessary. No rookie should get ahead of themselves, not even after such a win. Hayate needed to be taken down a notch or 2. Hayate is spoilt and arrogant.He needed to realise he can't always do things his own way. Messer is the Sergeant Major (or equivalent) of the squadron
  8. I'm also of the opinion that there is something fishy about those apples from Windemere
  9. Just finally got to watching the full episode 1 (had watched the preview earlier)! The last few minutes, as mentioned, was absolutely classic Macross moments. I wasn't sure if I would like this new series, but those added few minutes at the end, sold it for me. I will watch with interest Hayate's career as the series progresses. The action went well with Ikenai Borderline.
  10. BlueMax

    Hi-Metal R

    Ah.... 2009 was the absolute golden age for Yamato 1/60 VF-1 fans.... they were pumping out releases every month back then! (Which eventually led to their downfall, me thinks)
  11. BlueMax

    Hi-Metal R

    So I just got my GBP and after opening it up and attaching the armor (haven't transformed it yet) these are my thoughts (this is my 1st Hi-metal/ VF-100... etc): Likes: Nice heft for the size GBP Armor looks nice and well proportioned Grey 1J visors Dislikes Too many parts backpack sits a little too low and too far out from the body Removal of part (tip of nose cone) necessary for application or GBP armor Armored hips unposeable Easily dislodged waist attachment/ missles red- band markings at wrong angles Conclusion: I would not trade my 1/60 collection for the 1/100 Hi Metal-Rs. These things are great for display and the occasional fiddling on your desk though.
  12. Hydrogen Peroxide works, but you need to use a sealant to "lock-in" the new found whiteness, else the effect will be temporary. The peroxide causes minute cavities and this means a larger surface area, and the net result is faster and angrier yellowing if no sealant is used. Exposed diecast and metals would have a reaction to the peroxide too.
  13. Use a paintbrush (slightly stiff type) for the hard to reach areas, and for the smaller and even harder to reach areas, a toothpick lined with cloth.
  14. Yamato 1/60 strike VF-1S Roy Focker special. Non Macross has to be Maketoys Green Giant ( not Devastator)
  15. Just came out of a meeting (damn the meeting!) and thankfully CDJ is still up! Thanks for the link and (almost realtime) updates!
  16. 3 + years ago in Late 2011,was the initial release of the Bandai Renewal VF-25S. At that time, it was still not difficult to pre-order it locally (Singapore), though the asking price made me decide to forgo a pre-order and since I was making a trip to Osaka, i thought it was a good strategy to get it there instead. Afterall, it had worked for the Alto VF-25F, except that I went to HK instead and it was waaaay cheaper than PO-ing it in my own country. I combed basically the whole of Den-Den town, and to my horror, there wasn't a single one for sale. I actually found one, but the shop refused to sell it to me, saying that the whole unopened box is for display only. We all know how long we had to wait for the VF-25S after that, and taht to me actually was the start of the PO nightmare for just about any other Bandai valk since. However, it is only for Bandais. Yamato's (then) and other stuff were pretty plentiful.
  17. HLJ! GO Go GO! http://www.hlj.com/product/BAN992012/Act
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