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  1. Its been like almost a year since the Yamato's 1/48 first came out and i can't believe that nobody has posted any pics of these babies side by side giving a comparison of the 2. I think it will be rather cool to see them side by side with FPs on, doncha think? B)
  2. Agreed! Now i want these babaies in 1/48!!
  3. Nope, it doesn't come with the arm armor. The old bandais came with them, but as far as the anime DYRL is concerned, there is no arm armor, Yamato is just being accurate to athe anime. but having said that, it does feel kinda wierd to have no arm arm armor.
  4. I was wondering about that as well..... so far all the other boosters have got the tou-gou-gun symbol tampo printed on... what makes this different?
  5. Actually Leposeur, the side antaenas dun fall off easily, you just have to make sure that they are pushed all the way in into the holes. Thats what i did for mine and it stays on very well.
  6. I just can't stop lookin' at those pictures....... they are soooo beautiful........ Aaaahhhhhhh.................. *drools all over my lap.....*
  7. Leposeur, Can the super valks do a barrel roll in fighter mode without the back pack and boosters being floopy?
  8. As at 29th August 2003 1/72=0 1/60=8 1/48=2
  9. I think you are toking abt the ones with the Hesegawa battroids, not the yamato ones. here's a pic to see if i'm correct.
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