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  1. Personally I always like opened stuff, especially if they are cheaper than MISB ones. Takes the guilt and hesitation away when attempting to open the package and reach for the figure inside.
  2. I had that feeling once...... told myself it will never happen again. It was approximately a US$110 lesson to learn.
  3. On a slightly happier note, I finally managed to get the YF-30 I missed earlier, at CDJ
  4. This is not the 1st time ordering fro Amiami and based from past experiences... being not able to order one is perfectly normal and expected, though not to say I am happy about it at all, just that i don't rage about it like the 1st couple of times i tried
  5. Good luck to everyone! I haven't got lucky as far as i remember, and honestly i am not expecting any different, but one can always hope...
  6. Thanks for the heads up! Got one finally! Still waiting to get the YF-29 Ozma and YF-30 at reasonable prices.
  7. A little late to the party, but YES!!! Finally a new Macross series!!! Can't wait for the new toys!
  8. Awesome customs! Thank you for sharing this beautiful work of love!
  9. While I am doubtful that the licensing mess would make this pass the review for an international release, I am still hoping for a Japan only release. LEGO Cuusoo has shown that Japan targetted releases do work, like the Hayabusa, which also happens to the the very 1st set to come out from this platform.
  10. I would very much love to have a 1/60 VF-1 in Enigma scheme too
  11. 1. VF-1 series 2. VF-171 series 3. VF-11 series
  12. Since this thread is resurrected, i would like to point out that the Cuusoo as stated in the initial post of this thread has reached 10000 supporters a couple of months, which means LEGO will actually review to see if it can become a viable set. However, seeing the issues with the Macross license, it seems very unlikely. However, assuming it even passes the review and makes it into product stage, it should be a Japan only release, no thanks to HG, again.
  13. Watched it in the theaters 2 days back, must say I enjoyed it much more than the 1st movie, and for Tom Hiddleston/ Loki fans, Loki definitely gets the best lines in the film. Less Midgard (Earth) and more Asgard is always good
  14. Hi, by shipping included, do you include the rest of the world or only in the US?
  15. More white-ish is good.... as we all know they will eventually yellow into the shade that is actually correct.
  16. BlueMax


    Nice low-vis custom. Always wanted to have one like it
  17. What he said, (with Franck substituted as Murphy) with more emphasis on the 1st para. This new "Robocop" feels like he is still fully "Alex Murphy" despite the cybernetics
  18. Just caught it today, though not a perfect film, I must say I enjoyed it a lot , though wifey complained about the sound being louder than it should ( she had her fingers in her ears almost the whole time) I thought the ship the Mk III used as a club was exceptionally sturdy! LOL gotta find out the manufacturer. No way in hell it could remain intact after the 1st strike!
  19. i had the same password problem... not sure if it was chrome or the password auto savin feature of chrome...
  20. Just got my shipping notice today, shipping from the "warehouse". HLJ asked for payment on the 20th, which I did on the same day, and it took them 9 days to get them out of the door. I'm personally not in a rush to get them, so that is still not too bad for me, but I can totally understand why some people are so miffed about how long it takes to ship anything out... especially when we are talking about having to pay premium for shipping via EMS or FEDex to get their items fast.
  21. I have my display wall right at my living room, and people who visit my place will see it right after they enter the door. For me, I proudly display them and like to show them off. Even if they don't appreciate it the way I'd like them to, they still generally make a good ice breaker and a conversation topic to talk about.... though it won't be as interesting as studying a nude model suspended in the air....
  22. Looks like too big a stand for too little a valk. If the stand was more proportionate to the valk, I would be more tempted to go for another copy of the Roy Focke VF-1S.
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