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  1. Anyone managed to get the pic of Reborns Gundam from 4chan? It appears there's a Gundam under that Guncannon look-alike....
  2. If the movie is terrible, there will be a parade of Man-Faye......
  3. Graham, the Man in Black Valkyrie (MiBV)
  4. Behold, the nightmare that will ruined your childhood: Mighty orbot Robotix
  5. Find the answer in the upcoming 00 Movie "Mr.Bushido Kabuki Attack:with Za Powa from Jupiter"
  6. Somehow being plugged into a socket to drain human bioelectricity while your mind is wandering in the Matrix offer a better pension plan.....
  7. I once had an ISD, until it decided to jump into the stairs below and became one of my expensive piece of garbage Since then I learned not to put model on display on the cabinet on the upper stair.
  8. Is that some Gurren Lagann parody? The boss got drills.... And where is Random Blitzwing when we need one.
  9. WTF Miss Macross F . . 3> Alto Saotome :lol: :lol: For the first time a triangle harem entered the big 3 in Miss Macross
  10. Wow, now I know what kind of firepower that hit Macross 5 fleet.....
  11. Morpheus

    SCOOP thread!

    Is this new news?
  12. [Yoda voice over] Quantity over quality I can see, Bring clones they have made.
  13. I thought it was a toy line or something, never expected it came from a comic . I want a toy of it lol
  14. I nominated Devastator from the upcoming Transformer movie.
  15. Anyone know what version of Shockwave is this? Steam Punk Transformer?
  16. Natural resurrection plan? Could it be mass cloning or mass necromancy?
  17. Oh, my bad, better check the toy store later at Friday..
  18. Is that a Crusader? A Crusader figure? Don't tell me that will be the secret hard to get valk......
  19. Hmm, probably would be better with Mylene, Ranka and mini Klan decals to got with your Red Comet valk Wow, I just realized that I'm a Gundam (same anniversary, I'll be 30 at April)
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