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  1. Watching Seiken no Blacksmith now, interesting fantasy anime series with a heroine who has a very distracting breast plate.
  2. Another hard evidence that I addicted to Macross: I just had a Psychological test today, they asked me to draw a female picture, and I draw Minmay in her DYRL concert dress...........
  3. The gerwalk mode for me. First time I saw it when I was around 8, and I tought it was a robot chicken
  4. I'm sleepy, tired and hungry, so I start to confess here. I'm a Macross addict since I: - Started to hum "Planet Dance" even when I hated that song - Ordered a Tuna head on a Chinese restaurant - Succesfully converted Robo**** fan into a pure Macross fan - Minmay and Misa poster on the bedroom wall I'll add more when I regain more consciousness
  5. Actually Shin threatened Sara with a love stick.............wait.....(stop imagining things)
  6. Macross II pro: - VF-2SS - VF-2J - Macross Cannon - Wendy Ryder Macross II con: - everything not mentioned above
  7. My recommendations: Eureka 7, Escafowne, LoGH for the long run
  8. Well, Microns are known for their ability to repair things, if they can rebuilt SDF-1 and Battle-5, why can't they rebuilt Battle-13? What ibterest me more is the fact that Battle-13 is the only Macross class with a female as her captain. Misa is a Megaroad-1 captain, but Megaroad is not a Macross class vessel.
  9. Don't forget the VA-3 which can transform into a submarine (VFX-2).
  10. You mean Macross:Reimagined series? The main plot will be Zentraedi invading Earth so they can start making babies
  11. :lol: Anyway I vote for Misa for passenger/co-pilot, besides she's the only passenger/co-pilot ever to be kissed by the pilot while inside the plane (before the bitchslap, see DYRL) BTW, who is Pedro? . . . . . . Arghhh, not that Chibi-Basara-Worshipper-Pedro :ph34r:
  12. Same problem here, I constatly need to re-login in my office (probably due to dynamic IP), but I got no problem with the login from home. I curse my office Admins for stealing my MW access
  13. I would pick a Gubaba for a passenger, it will be usefull when I ran out of food rations, altought it would be a bit "furry"
  14. Next Macross series? OVA: Macross VFX the Animation Movie:Macross Frontier, Do You Remember Kabuki Series: Macross 50 (with new VF-50 and Macross 50 and a 50 year old idol singer......yuck)
  15. That Nanase pic is off-scale, you guys are responsible for my massive nose bleeding here, and I'm late for a meeting.
  16. You know something went terribly wrong when someone converted a mp3 into an ape an expecting it to sing without feeding it with bananas......
  17. Wasn't rumored that it will be Klang that became the main heroine? Personally I prefer the movie revolved around Ozma and Cathy IMO, Cathy beats both Misa and Claudia since Cathy got a badass (but not drunken) Skull Leader and Daedalus II attack, I wish she could give Leon a better bitchslap....
  18. - Battlefield Earth 2: Rise of the Scientology - Any sequel about Robo**** - Star Wars, I have enough of it same with - Indiana Jones, don"t even think trying to make Indiana Jones Jr Movie.... - The Mummy IV, let the dead folks rest ok....
  19. I guess being a UN top ace pilot could contribute to something, not to mention he is the first human ever to wed a Meltrandi. If Mac 7 fleet ever encountered a rogue Zentraedi fleet, Max only need to get Milia and kiss her in the front of the Zentran,and if anything else fail, he could demonstrate his skill in a valk or Battle-7.
  20. Hmm, I prefer watching the movie like: 1. DYRL 2. Macross Plus the Movie 3. Macross II the movie (yes, I like it cuz of Wendy Ryder lol) For TV series, I prefer MF episode 7 and 25.
  21. I thought Saratoga II was an Uraga variant . Macross 13 fleet carrier? I supposed these carriers form the bulk of the ill-fated Macross 13 colonization fleet.
  22. To add to the discussion, Battle 25 are built on Earth while Battle Galaxy are built on Eden, and also both fleet got their escort fleet in a completely different class and design. It seems like Galaxy Fleet are focusing toward an aggressive colonization (with massive warships and strike craft) and also it was sponsored by a private organization.
  23. My new office use proxy server, and yes, it got dynamic IP. I wish I could bypass that IP changing thingy....
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