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  1. I want animated Omega Supreme toy And also animated Swindle, he's like an Autobot version of Megatron (hint; arm cannon and transform into a humvee)
  2. You mean Mirai, Sayla and Lalah decals right I'm kinda disappointed that they released it as a PS3 game, not everyone own them you know.
  3. Wow, so can someone tell me which one is worst, this movie or Battlefield Earth? If its worst, I'll go and
  4. Hmm, movie...I just want to see more action from Ray and his wife and less seven swell orgasm....
  5. OMG, I remember that one, the one which make a man dream into a crushing nightmare...... To anime52k8, sanity will become a decaying substance once you read those doujin....
  6. Ninja Warrior, IIRC one of the winner from that show participated in Mr.Sasuke tournament in Japan, and won big time.
  7. I guess we know who will win the Most Retarded Strategy in 2009 now. Those new kamikaze MS, I wonder if this is all Bandai idea for promoting future Gunpla. Bring MS Kamikaze squad, 5 unit in one package, may exploded when thrown.
  8. You need my service? And going back to topic, my current list of mecha I want to pilot: Macross: VF-171EX Gundam: V2 Gundam Super Robot: Shin Getter God-like Robot: Xenogear Real Robot: Metal Gear
  9. What about adding a faction of humanity who became a cult which are worshiping the Protoculture and trying to bring back the protoculture order, eg: making Zentraedi slave to humanity.
  10. But it was piloted by Ratchet, unless I piloted a headmaster who taken control of Ratchet....... . I love flying/piloting transformable vehicle mecha like the Valks, Zeta series from UC. And also included on the list are variable warship like the Yggdrasil IV, Battle class from Macross and Iron Gear. But Spaceball-1 is excluded from the list...it just doesn't feel right to pilot a......variable maid with a giant vacuum cleaner
  11. Blurr is cool, who else could RUN from the other side of the galaxy back to Cybertron . So are we going to see Metroplex vs hijacked Omega Supreme this season?
  12. Err,,,Raven, I think you should skipped the newest episode.....I could barely watched it due to
  13. OMG, its a killing field.....I let Azrael explain the rest.....
  14. I just start watching this series via streaming sites....so what happened to StarScream clones? I lol when one of his clone is a female, Starscream got a girly side?
  15. In SK design work there are concept of two valkyrie performing gattai, IIRC the name are valkyrie alpha & valkyrie beta.
  16. Lest the speculation begin. What is the name of Ozma VF-171 Squadron during SDF-4 Global disaster? My pick: Bomba Squadron....
  17. Not a Gundam, but close, see Victory Gundam for the Motorad fleet (motorcycle base battleship) and this thing:
  18. I prefer 1:1 SDF-1... Anyway, is it true that the 30th Anniversary Gundam will be a manga and not a TV series?
  19. Mecha tech thread...from Super Pack to naked Misa...I'm impressed.
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