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  1. I think the planet collision disaster movie are quite the trend now, anyone else watch "Melancholia" trailer? Melancholia (2011), "Two sisters find their relationship challenged as a nearby planet threatens to collide into the Earth. " Maybe it got something to do with the creep at Zeta Talk which predict planetary collision between Earth and supposed stray planet (planet X or Nibiru).
  2. Battleship the movie? Quick, get Samuel L. Jackson to cast on this one, "Mother*** sunk my **** battleship!!!" would be awesome.
  3. Read the manga, but my best guess is Just finished with both season of "To aru majutsu no Index" and "To aru kagaku no railgun", awesome series and I love how both anime shows cameo characters from each series. Can't wait for the next season of Index.
  4. Agree with Noriko. However if this is converted into a fictional action style, I say the movie will end up with Earth no.2 being nuclear bombarded with the rule "there's not enough room for two Earth in this Universe".
  5. Watching "To aru majutsu no index" season 1 and 2 now, and maybe followed by "To aru kagaku no railgun".
  6. Is this book for real? Fictional Technology: Ansible, Cloaking Device, Kardashev Scale, Ghostbusters, List of Macross Frontier Terminology, Atlas Shrugged
  7. So the new Alien movie will be Alien: The Space Jockey Chronicle? :mellow: :mellow: Anyway, looking forward for this Promotheus thingy....
  8. Watching Fafner TV series now (I ignored the fact that all the character are the same like Gundam SEED due to it having the same character design). I got a bad feeling that all those kids are going to die......
  9. I'm in shock, I don't know whether I should laugh or cry.....
  10. I'm going to search for this book this weekend, any tip on where I could find this book easily? Akihabara perhaps?
  11. Got to agree with this one, I still consider anything outside UC as Gundam Wannabe. Now where's my MS IGLOO the series? Or at least make a series based on Advance of Zeta, they got several nice MS there.
  12. Hmm, looks like Gundams kidnapped into Digimon Universe. I don't if I'm going to watch this, I think i stick with Unicorn for now.
  13. I need some help with locating a certain G1 toys here in Tokyo. My oldest son has a recent weird obsession with the cassette transforming minions from Soundwave, and I know there's a G1 reissue Hasbro Soundwave, however anyone know where I can found one in Tokyo. And I prefer to buy it directly instead of mail-posted.
  14. I just finished watching Infinite stratos and Freezing......and I swear I saw it for the mecha actions (although I doubt about the mecha part in "freezing").
  15. Thanks for the info Tochiro, I'll also be probably be back in Tokyo around February so I might catch up with this. I'm back everyone (I got cut off from MW forum due to jobs and the the office admin block this site)
  16. Leave the classic alone. I prefer a new Macross series in the next 3-5 years.
  17. My god that was an epic scans. Seeing Ranka wearing a VF suit remind me that Ranka is once a FAST pack And yes, Minmay in shower
  18. Kawamori and Miyatake got my vote. you mean character design? Then my vote goes to Miyata....I mean Mikimoto.
  19. Can we have the back cover please? --insert drooling emoticon here--
  20. Na, probably she just another clone from Miriya genetic pool...........
  21. I want a highres version of it, its time for a new poster.
  22. All hail the glorious ace pilot Gamlin Kizaki. Let see his record, in Mac7 he piloted : VF-17D, Miriya red VF-1, VF-11C and VF-22. And I say he beat the rest of Macross pilot in term of piloted valk (besides M&M).
  23. I think there are several scans of the ships lineart somewhere in my HD, I'll post them here if you want, I got them from 4chan few months ago. You mention the Rio grande and Brunhilde, did you forget Yang flagship, the Hyperion?
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