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  1. Ok, I'm having trouble browsing this forum now (I'm using both IE7 and Firefox 3.0), each time I view a thread the cookie reset itself and I'm forced to login again. The cookie reset is always appear when I: - Replying a thread or starting a new topic - viewing a thread And sometimes after I login, it threw me to the non-macross board which is very annoying. I've already tried several thing like deleting all the cookie to witchcraft and still doesn't work, anyone can give me a hand here?
  2. Wrong, they are PPB sabers. Even Quarter could shape its PPB into an energy bayonet on the tip of its Macross Cannon/Rifle, why can't valks do the same thing with their gunpods.
  3. Ehem, so whats the cruisers line in NUNS? I was thinking like this: Haruma Stealth Cruiser -> Algenicus Special Ops Cruiser -> Unnamed Stealth Cruiser in MF.
  4. People are watching them on the computer screen....after they downloaded the proper codex......and after they downloaded them.......assuming they know the rips are out there
  5. I always wonders at the construction capability in SDF:M, the civilian rebuilt their city inside a storage room(?) with raw materials recovered from the remains of the island. But what bothered me is that they put the city in the leg/engine section, it probably like making a camp near a boiler room, I'm amazed at the environmental control there, since the city is free from the engine noises. BTW, how long does it take to walk from NyanNyan restaurant to the bridge?
  6. IMO, Exedol is a Librarian type Zentran, so he decide to have bigger brain to store information, I don't know whether he still have the tentacle arms, I fear what might happened to Battle 7 bridge bunnies when Max is not in the bridge .
  7. Not sure want to watch it, I better wait until one of the member reports in with massive nosebleed. Another reason is my current internet connection suck..
  8. Currently watching: - GunXsword - TsubasaChronicle season 2 Next list - LOGH (This going to take months for me to finish...)
  9. - When the hero transform his plane for the first time and crash into a girl's room. - When SDF-1 transform into a "that's one huge fricking robot" and blast an entire Zentraedi flotila into dust - When they perform Maross Missile Massacre
  10. For me it would be like an endless dream sequence with Shinji from Evangelion.
  11. - Macross, the fact that I'm here state the reasons. - Escaflowne, classic fantasy story with giant armor as cavalry. - LOGH, the most epic anime ever.
  12. Wow, now I need to find a way to get my hand on Chronicles now. Any new information on the VF-11 page?
  13. I blame the Hypno Toad for this mass panic.....
  14. I know the basic idea is to make the frame with less radar signature and also as aerodynamic as possible, but somehow the current Stealth Technology means ugly air frame, well some stealth design are good like the VF-22 raptor and the B2 Spirit.
  15. What about Grace? In MF last episode, she literally mind controlled the entire Vajra Hive, I don't know whether her collective consciousness also in command of Galaxy armed forces or not. PS: During the entire MF series, we only see three people from Galaxy (Grace, SHeryl and Brera), so we don't know whether the fodder FV-27 are controlled by A.I. or by human, or probably the entire Galaxy army is a implant-controlled human...
  16. 2. Triangler in a Cave Hmm, sounds kinky and dirty, threesome in a cave? 3. Sheryl's Heart-Thumping First Experience Related with the above? 1. Drama: Luca and the Three Ghosts WHO do you gonna call? GhostRammer aka Guld.
  17. The wrong evolution of a mecha-motorcycle...
  18. You can scan it from an unsacred source, however the blasphemy and curse will be yours to bear ---My avatar confused at your avatar, why did she speaks soo much----
  19. Wow that's rather cool, I wonder how that thing walk as it seems like it would tipped over each time it tries to
  20. OMG, goodbye childhood, welcome violence.... I won't let my child see this one, ever.....
  21. --Plugs eye out with rusty shovel, and burying it under thick cement--
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