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  1. This happened to just about all of my Milia 639 figures I had purchased, with the exception of one set that I received from Japan about 3 months ago. Maybe that set was in a cooler shop, but the ones that I opened in my closet, which usually stays quite cool, had signs of sweating oils out. Again, these I have only seen in those Yamato figures, and they aren't made of the same plastic that the Yamato/Arcadia valkyries are made of, as is with the DX valkyries. I think you should be OK.
  2. I bought a micro hand drill and a number of 1mm drill bits that I use to get through them. Those, if you buy more of these or even the 3D printed versions, are crucial to getting pins and screw holes lined up and clean. I would suggest, again if you're going to do other projects that are home designed, to get several micro drills in different sizes. I use the 1mm, but at times for larger 1.5 or 1.8mm holes, using those exact same drill bit.
  3. Jasonc

    Macross figures

    I am feeling the exact same way. I've received several preorder items I wanted this year, but this is the one item I have really been wanting in hand just based on the detail and beauty of it. To wait until end of October, possibly November based on release date, kinda bums me out, but maybe absence makes the heart grow fonder?
  4. Jasonc

    Macross figures

    It appears that a notice came out stating that the Sheryl Nome Gorgeous outfit figure has been pushed back to lat October.
  5. Was the stand for this kit only available through subscription?
  6. Yes, the orange peeling leveled out a lot. I put a clear coat over it, and it now looks uniform. As for the other project down there, it is Xigfrid's Macross Delta Wrokroid, also under construction.
  7. Looking at my own pic, it looks kinda crappy, but in person, it looks so much better, LOL. I can't top coat it and clean it until decals are done, but the weathering process came out well, too. I'll post up more pictures once I get more time to paint up the other parts.
  8. I never thought I'd be designing a chair with hearts on the legs in Macross forums either. I think a wood grain would work better as well. Ive gotten suggestions of doing the seat in a cream color, so the ideas are coming. It definitely iss good thing to see creations come to the doorstep, LOL. I remember being here, when everything had to be scratch built from wood, styrene, and any house materials. Things have definitely changed.
  9. 1st coats of candy red over chrome silver. I did a light weathering. The picture makes it look a little strange, but once I put a final gloss coat over it, it should really stand out.
  10. Jasonc

    Macross figures

    Out of curiosity, I wonder why they thought it would be cool to have that in clear blue? It's not in a scale I care for, so I'm not interested in it despite, but I wonder if there was any thought process to clear blue other than just thinking it'd be cool?
  11. To add, if you have a 3D printer, I can also sell the file if anybody wants it.
  12. Looks great. I can't wait to start on mine, especially since I've finished a couple projects that were taking up space.
  13. I finally got my hands on the chair I designed about 4 weeks ago, and I must say, I'm quite happy with all the measurements and the overall design. The chair is meant to style with the EXQ Sheryl Nome sitting figure, with a bit of a retro design that meets some flashy contemporary accents. In the pictures, you can see that the left foot lightly touches the ground, and does not alter her sitting down. the sitting space of the figure is measured to end right at where the sculpt has the flat portion sitting, allowing an accurate pose. I just need to figure out what colors to paint mine, but I may do a gold for the trim, or a wood like look, with the seat colored in her upper dark purplish color. Anyways, after designing it the first time, I decided to add a curved rail onto it, and unfortunately, that made it very difficult to recast. I could, but it'd take a lot of time. Anyways, if anyone is interested in one, I did put it on my Shapeways store here: http://shpws.me/SaOe
  14. I was able to fix the other right leg that may have accidentally been glued inside (which is why the feet wouldn't come out. To anchor the piece that holds the two feet prongs, I used A LOT of a glue that dries as a plastic, after sanding off the black paint. The glue was able to anchor into the holes where the fasteners used to be, and what is left is now a proper right leg that works. So now I have 2 good right legs now. I think it depends on how much you really want it. I'm very happy with mine since it is now fixed and works as it should. It looks much better than the Yamato version IMO, and it is stiffer. If you do go with the Yamato though, in places where it is loose, you can brush in future floor polish where it needs to be stiffer, and wait literally 24 hours before you start moving it again. It could take time and be a bit of a hassle, but at least it may not cost as much to fix. Good luck on that. Hopefully they can get one for you.
  15. This is what I was referring to. With HG's philosophy of blocking Macross, thinking it is as a competitor to their franchise and so on, getting a license from them would mean burning a bridge with said competitor in a way. I mean, that isn't always the case, but I don't see why BW would want to deal with a company playing both sides of the fence here. That's all the detail I really want to give on that. As I stated before, a license holder that hasn't given any manufacturer, professional or a garage kit maker, permission to use their license is subject to C&D from their lawyers, and in some cases where it is on the level of what has happened in China, raids and arrests. Neither one of them, in those examples, has permission, but the main difference is whether or not the license holder finds out, and if it's worth it to go after that party. For the garage kit maker, if they sell 20 of a kit, I haven't seen too many companies go after something that small. They could shut them down, certainly, but it's usually a guy in a garage. Is the time spent going after that person worth the money spent? Probably not. However, a professional company is different. If they release a toy in this case, using an license without permit, it is released, and they don't do anything about an advertised item, in essence, the court can see it as the license holder granting permission. Anyone remember how Macross Plus and II came over here to the U.S.?
  16. I have a feeling this will not happen. I don't blame BW at all for it, either. It has nothing to do with BW dropping the ball. They didn't respond to CW because CW tried to burn them before, and I doubt when you deal with a business that tries to screw you over, you're going to grant licenses to them. While people do small kits here and there, I think most companies will look the other way. That has been a common thing for all sorts of franchises. That said, when it gets to the point where supposedly "professional companies" start to make stuff that they have not been granted a license to do, that becomes a problem that has to be addressed by the license holder. It's also the same when mass production of bootleg products of something already produced are made. It is the license holder's right to protect their property as much as they desire. They may be able to do it by getting rid of the pilot names, changing the tails, and maybe keeping the kite, but they would need to get HG's approval from it I assume, and I don't know if that will fly. If it does, then it won't be the M0 version. I have no interest in CW products. They look OK and all, but 1/72 isn't really a scale I collect a lot of stuff of. That said, there are kits of the F-14 that I am interested in buying, and making my own custom of this someday.
  17. I've read of some people complaining about them still being a little loose, and not too many enhancements from the original design, but as I was sitting here, comparing the old and new, the new one is much more stiffer than the original, with more locking areas to give it a pretty solid feel. The feet were an issue, but I haven't heard of any of the new ones having the wrong feet in them. I don't know if my problem is just one out there that's random, but I got it from a reputable place (Amiami) and they took care of it.
  18. Xigfrid made the arm and leg fast pack and boosters, along with the nose vernier. I used the Frameout original head, and made the verniers for the wings. Decals are also of the Frameout kit. I figure she's from a fleet past 2012, where they are familiar with culture and all the good stuff. She serves her commander, kicks ass, and has a big smile on her face.
  19. I ended up getting one of the newer ones, and while both feet were on the correct sides, the right foot would not come out, to the point where the glue and the fasteners didn't hold, and the two-pronged broke off. Luckily, I was able to submit a claim, and they sent out another right leg. So far, it transforms perfectly now, and the leg is better than "new".
  20. So, I decided to create a posable Meltran figure with a 3D printed gun (originally designed by Darrin, but modified to fit this figure). It's a kitbash of a Yamato Milia 639 figure, and a Wave Movable kit. I did cut a few pieces to make her as an action figure, and im quite happy with the end result.
  21. I am waiting on a couple back issues that I have sitting at a friend's house in Japan, so once I get those, I'll get caught up. Not missing any issues, thankfully.
  22. It is Candy Apple red (1st gen) from House Of Kolor.
  23. I just bought a 12oz. can of this paint. From what I was reading, while the cans are expensive, the cans are top quality and cover very well. I think this apple red is about as dark as I want it to be, and while I have the major parts done, once I paint these parts, I will need to let this paint fully cure for quite some time. I'm expecting to wait about a week before touching them again.
  24. stupid auto correct.
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