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  1. Ok, so I am looking to get into a new box set. What is the concencus on Heros so far? I have not read this thread because of possible spoilers so please don't slam me for mot reading I like shows like: X files Millennium The Shield Rescue Me Battlestar Galactica Invasion 4400 Do you think I will like Heros?
  2. Holy sweeeeeet. Can you pop a few more pics? I may just have to track this combination down and park it next to my Ducati's
  3. It would have that Ferrari/Ducati Corse (race) look. That would be cool.
  4. I got the YF-19A finaly. Now where is a bronze one! Help a brotha out
  5. I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want! ! ! ! !
  6. Thats what I thought. I seem to remember in SDFM that the first time the Fastpacks were shown Hikaru was flying Skull 1 as fast as he could to help Max out when the transport ship with Misa was attacked on the way to UN headquarters. I have a few episodes left in SDFM and I was wondering if Hikaru ever flre a VF-1J with Fastpacks. I guess not. So you seem to have the most accurate representation. You have a replica of what Hikaru flew the first time fastpacks were shown. I can do this, I have three Fokkers one in each mode. Maybe I need another so I can set it up with the TV fastpacks. I can't remember, did Hikaru every fly a VF-1J with red accents? I'm guessing when he got Max and Kazakaki (sp) as wingmen he upgraded from the A to the J. Is that correct? So if I were to have a correct Hikaru Mech "timeline" I would need - What was the first mech he piloted, the one he crashed into Macross city? It was a two seater trainer of some sort. Is there an example of that for sale somewhere? -Then he would have gotten a VF-1A with red strips -Next would be a VF-1J with red stripes when he became wing commander -And after Fokker dies he got "Skull One" -And last he got "Skull One" with TV fastpacks. Is the above correct?
  7. I had the stealth and I traded it away. I do agree it looked outstanding, but it didn't display well. From ten feet away it was just a black Valk shaped thing. Only when very close did the detail pop out at you. What did I expect right; it is stealth after all. I should have considered myself lucky to see it at all Compared to the dramatic Anime colors that can be found on most models the stealth was a bit underwhelming. A low vis would be cool, but I am having a hard time justifying the $300+ price for one. It's just speculation but I'll bet that the value of these is at its peak right now, not exactly a great time to buy. At least that’s what they taught me in economics I doubt I will get another Hikaru. I have two now with this TV version, one more that is slightly different, is not setting of the buying alarm bells in my head. I wouldn't mind a woodland camo jobbie if I could find a lot of 1/48 support equipment and then make a diorama of it hanging out in the trees getting a service done or something. That would be a pretty cool setup. The big problem being the diorama, everything I have found are models and I just don’t have the time/talent to paint them up to something I would consider acceptable. film at
  8. This will be my desktop background until I get my Nora, then she will be posed like this! I may just need two of these
  9. I have never pre-ordered through HLJ. Whats the process? Whats the timimg like? This seems like the popular option over lets say waiting for them to pop up on feeBay, why is that? When the Ivanof came out I simply jumped on feeBay, ordered one for $195 shipped and it was at my door 5 days later. I seemed to have mine a bit before the people that were waiting for theirs from HLJ. Is there an advantage I am not privvy too? Help a brotha out
  10. Yeah, I got one from the Valk Exchange. I just wanted to make sure I was getting something "Special". Not just any ol VF-1J and a random set of "different" packs. I am not interested in stacking VF-1's up to the roof just because they are different colors. But, I do want an excuse to get more VF-1's I have three VF-1S's with FP's. Thats because it's my favorite paint job of them all. So there is my excuse for that. I have one VF-1J with GBP armor, that is kind of "special", so there is my excuse for that. I now have a VF1-J Hikaru with TV fastpacks on the way and that one is sold as a limited kit, so there is my excuse for that one. I need a few more excuses I think Any ideas?
  11. Can someone fill me in on what a 1/48 Yamato Hikaru with TV fastpacks is? Was it some sort of limited release? Is it a “A” or “J” configuration Were they boxed as one, or were they sold separately? Anyone have an y pics to show me? Is a MISB one worth $225 plus shipping? Thanks Jason
  12. I have a mint VF-11B without FP's and I need a box to go with it. Anyone got one on the cheap? thanks
  13. Just got a VF-11B with FP's from aaajin in perfect shape and fatst! Thanks for the killer deal and service!
  14. Where can I get Max fastpacks at? I want to do an Angle Blue!
  15. I don't know why I want this, but it seems rather rare and coolio. Something in near perfect shape wanted, can be loose though. lemme know if you have me covered. thanks
  16. Maybe not hard for you, but when it comes to searching I am like Christopher Columbus. I find stuff, but not what I am looking for Would you be so kind as to direct me toward an applicable link my good man?
  17. The Angle in blue is sweet
  18. I am looking for the followig books. The book or scans are ok by me, thanks MOSPEADA: Animedia Mospeada Graffiti Artmic Design Works Entertainment Bible 19: Artmic 1
  19. Hell yeah! I want the Machanical one though, that sucker is sweeeeeeeeet!
  20. You think those are cool, check this out. It's the biggest Lego kit ever made (the Death Star was before this) 5195 pieces! I have mie on the way. I have kit number 9! Ad yeah, thy have instrutions. Everythig is grey! I sort them ito bins before I start buildig. If I didn't they would never get done
  21. Another score for Chowser. He sold me a VF-IJ Hikaru with GBP armor and it was missing two greades/missels which I kew about and was no big deal. Well, after I got it and the transaction was over he found the missels and set them right off. He didn't need to do it. I had already placed him o the list. Chowser is the finest kind of stand up guy! Now if he would only sell me his Doyusha YF-19 Bronze........
  22. Added a new toy to the mix today. Everyone settle down......or there will be...Trouble.
  23. Ah ha, that makes sense. I have never trasnformed my FP 21. It's still in fighter mode. I need to pull that gupod out of there and give it to the other guy. He can't be walkin' around unarmed! thanks
  24. That Diorama is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!
  25. Yeah I am, but thanks for the time you put in posting the links. I screwed around a bit the other night looking for stuff and couldn't come up with much. I did find some 1/72 stuff, but that's not quite going to cut it because I will be using 1/48's and maybe a 1/60. The search continues! thanks
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