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  1. Yeah, I got one from the Valk Exchange. I just wanted to make sure I was getting something "Special". Not just any ol VF-1J and a random set of "different" packs. I am not interested in stacking VF-1's up to the roof just because they are different colors. But, I do want an excuse to get more VF-1's I have three VF-1S's with FP's. Thats because it's my favorite paint job of them all. So there is my excuse for that. I have one VF-1J with GBP armor, that is kind of "special", so there is my excuse for that. I now have a VF1-J Hikaru with TV fastpacks on the way and that one is sold as a limited kit, so there is my excuse for that one. I need a few more excuses I think Any ideas?
  2. Can someone fill me in on what a 1/48 Yamato Hikaru with TV fastpacks is? Was it some sort of limited release? Is it a ā€œAā€ or ā€œJā€ configuration Were they boxed as one, or were they sold separately? Anyone have an y pics to show me? Is a MISB one worth $225 plus shipping? Thanks Jason
  3. I have a mint VF-11B without FP's and I need a box to go with it. Anyone got one on the cheap? thanks
  4. Just got a VF-11B with FP's from aaajin in perfect shape and fatst! Thanks for the killer deal and service!
  5. Where can I get Max fastpacks at? I want to do an Angle Blue!
  6. I don't know why I want this, but it seems rather rare and coolio. Something in near perfect shape wanted, can be loose though. lemme know if you have me covered. thanks
  7. Maybe not hard for you, but when it comes to searching I am like Christopher Columbus. I find stuff, but not what I am looking for Would you be so kind as to direct me toward an applicable link my good man?
  8. The Angle in blue is sweet
  9. I am looking for the followig books. The book or scans are ok by me, thanks MOSPEADA: Animedia Mospeada Graffiti Artmic Design Works Entertainment Bible 19: Artmic 1
  10. Hell yeah! I want the Machanical one though, that sucker is sweeeeeeeeet!
  11. You think those are cool, check this out. It's the biggest Lego kit ever made (the Death Star was before this) 5195 pieces! I have mie on the way. I have kit number 9! Ad yeah, thy have instrutions. Everythig is grey! I sort them ito bins before I start buildig. If I didn't they would never get done
  12. Another score for Chowser. He sold me a VF-IJ Hikaru with GBP armor and it was missing two greades/missels which I kew about and was no big deal. Well, after I got it and the transaction was over he found the missels and set them right off. He didn't need to do it. I had already placed him o the list. Chowser is the finest kind of stand up guy! Now if he would only sell me his Doyusha YF-19 Bronze........
  13. Added a new toy to the mix today. Everyone settle down......or there will be...Trouble.
  14. Ah ha, that makes sense. I have never trasnformed my FP 21. It's still in fighter mode. I need to pull that gupod out of there and give it to the other guy. He can't be walkin' around unarmed! thanks
  15. That Diorama is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!
  16. Yeah I am, but thanks for the time you put in posting the links. I screwed around a bit the other night looking for stuff and couldn't come up with much. I did find some 1/72 stuff, but that's not quite going to cut it because I will be using 1/48's and maybe a 1/60. The search continues! thanks
  17. I have two 1/72 Yamato 21's, one with FP's, one without. I got both used. Are they supposed to have guns? All of these pics show them with guns. Did the Yamato's have them? thanks jason
  18. I set some more lights up and moved some stuf around today. Took a while to wire all the lights in the shelving unit and make the aluminum shields, but it turned out pretty good. I think I am going to add a lot more metal to the bookcase and paint it white. It will have that sudo industrial look then. Looks good for now though me thinks. Macross goodies Random Goodies Lego goodies (Ferrari stuff will come later )
  19. I have seen your reply at least 10 times and I still think it's about the funniest thing I have EVER heard! I laugh out loud every time. I would like to say thanks, I like laughing
  20. I agree, the rant is most certainly warranted. It's all part of the process
  21. IMHO they should have gone with the full blown TV colors. I have the "purple" one already, I don't need another one that isn't the right color
  22. Tried my local ones, all they have is RC cars I need something online I can click on I like clicking
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